Is FrancSwiss a scam?

It seems the newest craze in town is not anymore Koreanovelas, Pinoy Big Brother, or celebrity video scandals, but an HYIP “pretending to be a genuine investment program” called FrancSwiss.

The buzz is that even actors like Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto and TV broadcaster Korina Sanchez have “invested” in the program. With a 4.5% promised return per day, who could resist this kind of offer?

Without a doubt, hundreds of investors have already made big profits during the past months. But would thousands cry and wail once the program is gone and has stopped paying?

First, let’s understand what an HYIP is. HYIP stands for High-Yield Investment Programs, supposed investment programs that offer high returns with a corresponding high level of risk. These programs promise a return so high even the best investment banking companies would not dare offer.

But HYIPs disappear so quickly and, in most cases, do so without a trace. One day the site’s up and the program’s paying, but the next day you get a “Page Not Displayed” error when accessing the site. Payments from the program would have also stopped by then. You cannot run after the program owners because, in the first place, you don’t know who they are or where they live. The names and addresses, if ever given, are usually fake.

HYIPs are not new. In 1919, Charles Ponzi started an “investment” program that paid investors 100% of their investment in just 3 months (1.11% return per day). What investors did not know, however, was that recent investments were used to pay off older investments.

When less and less people invested, newer cash were not anymore enough to pay off older investments. Consequently, the pyramid scheme collapsed and thousands of people lost money in the process. Charles Ponzi was jailed and from then on the name Ponzi stuck and became synonymous with pyramid scams.

In recent years, hundreds of HYIPs that are actually pyramid schemes have sprung up on the internet every day. There’s StudioTraffic, the so-called “big daddy” of autosurf programs, that paid 1% a day and was able to last for around 2 years. There’s PIPS, PhoenixSurf, 12DailyPro, and a plethora of other “investment” programs that paid consistently for a period of time but in the end also folded up and scammed thousands of people.

(For a list of online investment programs that are now considered scams, visit our Online Investment Scams page)

FrancSwiss, we believe, is no different from other online investment programs that flourished in the past. Regardless of the consistency of payments, SEC registration, or a brick-and-mortar office, these programs eventually end up as a non-paying scam.

So Is FrancSwiss a scam? Not yet, but it will be. Soon.

Don’t be a victim. Don’t fall for these scams.

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  1. Hi, I have paid for 2 months of letters and have not received any yet. How do I get that fixed?thanks

  2. hey to everyone!

    I just wanted to say that beware of investments like this, even from big names. If you don’t know what I am talking about, google the name “Bernard Madoff”. That will give you an idea of what I am talking about.

    Good Luck with your investments…

  3. Hey Ridge Bradley Demetriu,

    Although your sermon was way too long I read everything and see what you are trying to say. But your approach has one fundamental flaw – you cannot change people by telling them to change. This is proven by the history of humanity, you may become blue in the face screaming at people not to do this or not to do that but it is all futile.

    Rather you change people by embodying the change you wish to be. In other words start with your-self. When you become that person you wish to be – even without saying a word people will notice and emulate you.

  4. Ridge Bradley Demetriu

    How unfortunate! Tsk. Tsk. Once more, the foul colors and natures of Pinoys become very apparent. Instead of keeping ourselves busy developing our skills and contributing something truly worthy and helpful for all the world to benefit from, the Pinoy would busy himself/herself concocting and formulating schemes and plans to defraud another Pinoy, who, like him/her, is also in need of money and self-development. (I am not a bit surprised why money is so difficult for others to come-by and earn righteously.)

    The basis of making money is that it may help us live…and by being alive, be able to contribute more to the preservation of Life.

    If making money should nullify the ultimate goal, that is to preserve Life and help others live comfortably too, then the pursuit of money becomes EVIL and would in fact consume and destroy the Self and those around him/her.

    Money is symbolic of one’s work (labor) and worth of service and/or ideas and/or contributions to Life. Those who gamble (sa iba naman: steal, cheat, and defraud others)…those who gamble to quickly earn cash only betray to themselves that they aren’t truly worthy of money (that is, their services, worth as a person, and contributions to life) are below excellent standards and are not worth any centavo, because they have to resort to negative and counterproductive ways to earn money as in the case of gambling, quick pyramid investments, stealing/cheating, defrauding others, usurious lending, political enterprises (that is, joining politics to make it a good source of easily corruptible money), and by producing mediocre service/goods.

    A truly worthy individual continues to exist on the sheer motivation that he/she would continue to develop her skills and increase her contributions to Life…to make life itself better for himself and for those around him.

    He/she does not enrich himself sheerly on the basis of becoming rich, but rather, contributes something good for all. Because by being excellent or by making significant contributions (either in the form of goods, ideas or services), one’s services would naturally increase in value and thus he/she becomes rich or wealthy.

    Wealth is the amount of value that is within us. Not the money that surrounds us. A truly wealthy man, is the person who resides in Excellence and continues to make his/her work truly breathtaking for the world to learn from or enjoy or benefit from.

    No Pinoy is truly wealthy because of the debilitating culture that was espoused all these years (centuries)…and was honed from all the colonizations it underwent. Instead of evolving and becoming better, the majority of its population chose to be “Indiyo’s” (as the Spaniards so aptly labeled us)…The Pinoy chose to be Mediocre, both in ideology, principle, end-goals, actions and results. And for the same reason, The Pinoy is poor. (Not even on Fortune’s Top 500 list)

    Yes, POOR. Materially and fundamentally. The prevailing culture itself is flawed. Even the concept of what is rich and what is not is flawed. Basta may magandang bahay lang at kotse at malakas sa “chicks.” rich na yun…Pero kung tatanungin kung ano ang na-icontribute sa mundo para hangaan ng lahat o nakatulong sa pagpapabuti ng buhay…walang masabi…basta makakain lang o maka-porma o may pera…pagdating sa Substance…wala

    Yung mga “feeling” rich naman, yumaman lang dahil pinagtripan yung mga kawawa niyang mga kababayan…na feeling niya ay uto-uto at bobo rin tulad niya. Pinagbentahan niya ito ng mga bagay na di naman nila kailangan. 2nd-class pa or third-grade quality para mas malaki ang profit niya. Yung workers niya pinasahod niya ng mura lang para pati ang labor nila ay matipid niya…anyway Pilipino lang naman ang mga ito. Every weekend, magsa-shopping siya at pag napadaan sa Lotto ay tataya para mas kumita pa ng mabilis na pera. Yung kapatid niya pinapasok sa pulitika para mas madaling magnegosyo ng pera ng taong-bayan…anyway madali namang ma-uto ang Pinoy at madaling lusutan ang audit. Ok na yun na nasa gobyerno siya, aabsenan niya na lang ito ng araw-araw…at least, “permanent” at kahit bobo at walang kwenta ang serbisyo ay ok naman ito sa government service kasi permanente ang trabaho…kung sa Private firm eh sesante na siya kaagad.

    Yung isa namang kapatid ginawang church-leader. mas ok kasi yun, madasalin ang Pinoy. Madaling lokohin pagdating sa relihiyon. Malaki ang kita du’n sa church collection. Siyempre, dahil last resort ni Juan dela Cruz ang magdasal dahil wala siyang makain…so madaling lokohin ang mga ito pagdating sa relihiyon. Anyway, pera lang naman ang habol niya dito. At dahil marami na siya ngayong pera ay feeling niya mas magaling siya kesa sa iba…at imbis na tulungan niya nag iba na lumago din at mapalawak ang kaalaman, sinolo niya ito at sinira ang iba para pilit na siya ang “rich” kuno.

    Noong, marami-rami na ang pera niya, aba! naging siga at hambog. Bili dito, bili du’n…pilit talagang ipinapakita sa lahat na mayaman siya “kuno.” Signs of insecurity. Kasi alam niya sa sarili niya…he is poor and mediocre…dahil kung titingnan ang lahat ng mga ginawa niya, wala ni isa man rito ang tunay na kahanga-hanga sa mundo at makakatulong sa pagpapahaba o pagpapabuti ng buhay.

    Mali ang konsepto ng Pinoy sa Pera at Yaman na tinatawag. True wealth is the value of our worth as a person because of the excellence of our work and the significance of our contributions. If you think your work is not excellent vis-a-vis world standards, then by all means, YOU ARE MEDIOCRE. The first step is to realize this. The second is to do something about it to make your work or service or goods excellent. Money itself is just a piece of linen-paper. It has no true value unless it is attached to a truly worthy person. This is the karma of money or other forms of currency (such as gold and silver)… In the hands of an unworthy creature, it would provide destruction and death: IT WOULD consume him and curse all of his children and descendants. (As in the case of Judas with the 30 pieces of silver or all the tyrants, monarchs, tycoons, politicians, oligarchs who walked this earth and thought they were rich and yet…they were not! Simply because the money or wealth they held is undeserved…thus, they died in terrible and sad scenarios…history forever cursed their names and descendants…their grandchildren turned out to be useless inutils and inherited the same cycle of corruption and negative karma from their parents and I dread to think what the afterlife has in store for them).

    True Wealth is your value as a person…in thought, actions, ideologies, principles, daily habits, attitudes to issues, objectivity, sharpness, fortitude in handling conflicts/situations, wisdom, discoveries, techniques, scientific advancement, technology, soundness of mind, self-discipline, relationship with God or whatever Supreme Being you believe in, love of life, kindness to others, value of time…and the positive and productive results they bring. THIS IS TRUE WEALTH. And yes, they would make you rich: materially and on a lasting and reliable basis…minus the controversy and bad karma that other “shady” sources of cash would bring. A well-deserved cash goes a long long way, and has True Value, is well enjoyed without guilt, brings good health and inner peace.

    It develops you truly into a better person, and those around you. Be inspired!–Ridge Bradley

  5. i am looking for information on singapore , i heard that they planning singapore to be the monte carlo of the east – anyway i wish you all the best on your post

  6. R.I.P Chris Irabon. I have met this fellow a few times when he was one of the top leaders in LoadXtreme. My sister was his downline and I spoke to him a few times. I even watched some of his very convincing MLM presentation in the Galleria corporate center.

    I don’t know what kind of wake he left behind but what I saw was a hardworking, earnest, talented and ambitious person young man. When I watched him work in LoadXtreme I told to myself “This kid will become very rich someday.” Too bad his involvement in a shady scam became his undoing costing him his life and his dreams.

    God forgive whatever wrong doing he has done in the past. God bless his soul and may he rest in peace.

  7. can anybody describe the physical attributes of this Cris Irabon? i happen to know a Christopher Irabon. In fact, weve been looking for him. he loaned some money and failed to pay us back. this occurred before the francswiss scam pa. he worked as a leader in firstquadrant in la union. magaling sya mambola. ma P.R. his members liked him coz of his pleasing personality. evetually, he left la union with his members in firstquadrant ranting. un pala he failed to remit money to the members.

    we tracked him in quezon city. he was doing business with foodcarts. its a networking company pa rin. i knew this kasi he did market his products to us. that was our last news from us until the incident i saw in gma news.

    anyway, is this christopher irabon maputi or somewhat maputla, has round eyes, has braces/ retainers. mejo kahawig ni joe d mango.

    if you have any info, share naman.


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