How to Franchise: Turk’s

Are you craving to eat a shawarma or pita doner today? Or perhaps you’re more interested to own a franchise of Turk’s food cart instead?

Turk’s is currently one of the fast-growing franchises in the country and if you’re interested to know how you can operate your Turk’s franchise, continue reading below.

About Turk’s

The business started with just a single stall in 2007. In less than 10 years, the business has expanded and now has over 300 outlets nationwide.

In 2017, Turk’s decided to tap actor Piolo Pascual and his son Inigo Pascual as brand endorsers. We don’t know if Turk’s paid millions of pesos to Piolo and Inigo Pascual but this decision proved to be a worthwhile investment, with Piolo’s celebrity endorsement helping catapult Turk’s as a recognized name among food stalls in the Philippines.

In terms of menu, the franchise takes pride in its distinct recipe of Turkish cuisine adapted to satisfy the Filipino palate, and currently their food offerings include:

  • Beef and Chicken Pita Doner
  • Kebab Wrap
  • Beef and Chicken Doner on Rice
  • Kebab on Rice
  • Quesadilla
  • Doner Platter
  • Doner Steak

Shawarma vs. Doner vs. Gyros

Wait, did you notice that Turks is actually not offering “shawarma” in its menu?

That’s because shawarma is different from doner and also from gyros but, interestingly, these three items are also similar in a way.

The concept of meat being grilled using a spit or rotisserie is said to have originated from Turkey. They called this food item doner kebab, which means “rotating grilled meat.”

When the food was introduced to Greece, Greeks called it gyros, their word for “turning.” Popularity of the doner further spread throughout the Middle East and it was then called shawarma, the Arabic term for “turning.”

Whether it’s a doner or a gyros or a shawarma, the food item is the same — it’s beef, chicken, or lamb grilled on its own juice and the shaved meat becomes the main ingredient of the wrap.

These differences in terms also explain why Turk’s has recently dropped the word Shawarma in its brand name. They just go by Turks at present and since they associate themselves with Turkish cuisine, they sell doners, instead of shawarma.

Now that we know the food’s history, let’s find out how to franchise Turks in the Philippines.

Franchise Fee and Investment Cost

Turk’s offers various stores for franchise — from food kiosks to a full store — and the store size and franchise fee will depend on the type of franchise the applicant wishes to operate. The available store types are:

  • Food Cart: approx. 4 square meters
  • Kiosk: 8 to 10 square meters
  • Take-out:  11 to 15 square meters
  • Food Stall: 15 to 30 square meters
  • In Line: minimum of 20 square meters

Currently, the franchise fee of Turks ranges from P1 million to P1.4 million, but this doesn’t include other costs of franchising yet.

According to Turks, the total franchise investment can range from P1.6 million for a food cart / stall to around P3.4 million for a full store.

Contact Information

If you’re interested to franchise Turks, contact them at:

Telephone Number: (02) 990-99-92


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Information and Image Sources: Official Company website ( and Facebook page

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