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About Reyes Barbecue

Mr. Francisco “Frank” Reyes, an alumnus of De La Salle University, established the first Reyes Barbecue Restaurant in 2002. The restaurant business is not really new for Frank. He is a grandson of Engracia Cruz Reyes, the founder and owner of The Aristocrat restaurant. During his teenage years, Frank would work at his Lola’s restaurant.

The idea for a barbecue business came to Frank while he was traveling on his bike around Metro Manila trying out and tasting different barbecues sold on the street. He wanted a restaurant serving his own style of barbecue and decided to match it with a cozy ambiance and reasonably priced dishes, while providing a fast casual dining experience.

Today, there are more than 40 branches of Reyes Barbecue in the Philippines.

When it comes to the menu, one of its popular items is the Boneless Barbecue Chicken with Java rice & peanut sauce and atsara or eggplant salad served on the side. The menu has a wide array of choices, including:

  • Appetizers like Grilled Asparagus Pork Wrap & Grilled Chicken Gizzard
  • Main dishes like Beef Salpicao Barbecue, Boneless Chicken, & Grilled Salmon/ Tuna Belly
  • Snacks like Banana Caramel Ala Mode & Choco Meringue
  • Soups and Sides like Sotanghon Soup & Sitaw at Kalabasa
  • Noodles like Palabok & Garlic Sotanghon

Franchise Fee & Total Investment

To franchise Reyes Barbecue, you will need to shell out a Franchise Fee of P300,000. This is a one-time payment that will be payable upon signing the franchise agreement.

There is also a continuing Royalty Fee of 5% of Gross Sales once the business is in operation.

The Total Investment can reach around P1,500,000 to P2,500,000 (inclusive of the franchise fee) and will depend on the store size and set up costs. Freestanding or dine-in outlets are required to have a minimum of 30 to 100 sqm.

According to Reyes Barbecue, the Return on Investment (ROI) is around 1 to 2 years but will ultimately depend on several factors such as the franchisee’s diligent day-to-day supervision.

Franchise Package Inclusions

Included in the Franchise package are the following benefits:

  • The Reyes Barbecue Business Model
  • Brand Trademark and Goodwill
  • Commissary System (Standardized Products)
  • Unified Visual Merchandising Design and Look
  • On The Job Training Program
  • Operations System Manual
  • Franchisee Support by the Management and Operations Team

Franchising Application Steps

Here are the steps you should follow if you want to franchise Reyes Barbecue:

1. Download and answer the Reyes Barbecue Self Assessment Sheet from the company’s website. If you scored higher than 600 points, proceed with the application. If you scored 600 points and below, Reyes Barbecue, unfortunately, advises you not to proceed with the application.

2. Completely fill out the Franchise Application form & Franchise Applicant Aptitude Essay and send it to the Reyes Barbecue email. The essay is for them to get to know you and your ideas better before the actual interview.

3. Wait a couple days for a response from the management. Once they contact you, you will be asked to provide additional details such as your proposed store location.

4. Once your application has been approved you will be scheduled an interview with the founder, Mr. Frank Reyes himself.

5. After settling all the necessary details, you will sign the franchise agreement and start setting up your own Reyes Barbecue Restaurant.

Contact Details

If you have any questions and additional inquiries, you can contact Reyes Barbecue at:


  • 135 F. Manalo cor. Col. Ver Streets, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines



Facebook Page:


Twitter Page:




Phone Nos:

  • (02) 721-2244
  • (02) 748-7691
  • (02)726-9725
  • (02)724-7626

Mobile No.: 0906-578-1264

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Information and Image Source: Reyes Barbecue Company Website

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