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About Pancake House

Pancake House was originally established in 1970 by Milagros Basa, Leticia Zamora, and Carmen Zaragosa, three ladies who had a vision of introducing pancakes and waffles to a market that had been used to rice-based meals.

The first Pancake House restaurant opened in 1970 in Magallanes, beside the old Magallanes Theater. This history of locating beside a movie theater is the reason why the interior decor of the restaurant has featured, until now, popular movie posters that appeal to the A, B, and upper C crowd that frequented the cinema.

Through the years, Pancake House continued to grow with the expansion of company-owned and franchised restaurants around the country. The vigorous push for increased growth came in 2000 when a new investor group led by Martin Lorenzo acquired the Pancake House chain.

From a total of 22 outlets at the time of acquisition, Pancake House expanded to almost 100. The Pancake House Group operates not just Pancake House but other restaurants as well, such as:

  • Dencio’s
  • Kabisera ni Dencio
  • Teriyaki Boy
  • Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak
  • Singkit
  • Le Coeur de France

In January 2014, Pancake House was bought from the Lorenzo group for P3.5 billion and was sold to the Max’s Group, owner of Max’s Fried Chicken. At present, all Pancake House brands are managed under the Max’s Group.

Franchise Fee and Package Inclusions

The franchise fee and total investment for Pancake House ranges from P9 million to P12 million.

This includes store construction, equipment, furniture and fixtures, manpower hiring and training, and pre-opening marketing activities. The investment cost varies based on floor area and locations, that is, whether the store site will be in the provincial areas or in Metro Manila.

Here are more specific questions and answers related to the Pancake House franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I apply for a franchise even if I don’t have a site or location yet?

Yes. Once qualified as a franchisee, Max’s Group can offer available locations.

What’s the floor area requirement of the stores?

The required floor area ranges from 100sqm to 120sqm.

Can a corporation apply for a franchise?

Yes, but Max’s will retain majority ownership and will act as Managing Director of the franchise.

How long is the franchise term?

The franchise term for a Pancake House store is ten (10) years and renewable for another five (5) years.

Is there a standard store design?

Yes, Pancake House provides, through an accredited architect, the standard store design, layout, equipment and facilities requirement.

Does Pancake House provide any training program?

A training program is provided to the franchisee, management team, and dining staff who must successfully complete the program. The training fee is already included in the initial investment.

Does the company provide continuing services?

Yes, aside from the system-wide level promotions and advertising, Pancake House supports local marketing efforts of the store.

Franchisee Eligibility

Pancake House requires franchisees to have the following qualifications:

  • Preferably with experience in food and retail business
  • Financial capability
  • Has a good network in the trade area of the proposed store
  • Will dedicate time and has the infrastructure to manage the store

Contact Details

For inquiries and clarifications, contact:

Kerwin P. Esteve

Franchise Development and Relationship Manager

Email Address:,

Telephone Number: (02) 7849000

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Information and Image Sources: Pancake House website, Max’s Group website

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