How to Franchise: Lots’a Pizza

Craving for pizza today? Do you want Pepperoni, Hawaiian, or Roast Beef and Cheese pizza? Hmm.. maybe you want to run your own pizza business franchise instead?

One of the well-known brands in the Philippine pizza industry is Lots’a Pizza. Continue reading  to learn more details about the Lots’a Pizza franchise.

About Lots’a Pizza

Lots’a Pizza started during the 1980s. The owner began simply by selling snack items like ice cream, gums, peanuts, banana cue, and candies.

Market opportunity arose, because back then, pizza was outpacing hamburgers in terms of the market demand worldwide. That’s when the owner had the idea of putting up a pizza parlor. Lots’a Pizza grew and expanded when they started franchising in the year 2000. 

Pizza Flavors and Variants

The following are the pizza varieties offered by Lots’a Pizza:

  1. Pure Beef Special

2. Pepperoni N’ Mushroom

3. Chicken Pepperoni

4. Roast Beef N Cheese

5. Great Manhattan

6. Double wHAMmy

7. Bacon Blaze

8. Purely Pepperoni

9. Beef Honcho

Franchise Fee and Store Type

Depending on the budget, aspiring franchisees may choose from various franchise models below:

1. Starter Cart

Franchise Fee: Starts at P350,000

This package is for aspiring franchisee with limited resources. The product lines offered in a starter cart are sliced pizza, and best seller pizzas at Large and Extra Large sizes.

2. Starter Depot

Franchise Fee: Starts at P450,000

If the franchisee’s target place of business is in front of commercial buildings, like a supermarket, or other retail business and the store is with a minimum area of 4 sqm, then this store type is recommended. This model is collapsible, which means it can be deployed.

3. Full Service Cart

Franchise Fee: Starts at P500,000

This versatile full-service cart system offers the complete product lines of Lotsa Pizza.

4. Stall

Franchise Fee: Starts at P550,000

This model is ideal for mall-based locations and supermarkets and is geared to generate high sales at a lower set-up expense.

5. Depot

Franchise Fee: Starts at P600,000

This model caters to its immediate market via delivery and pass-thru window system.

6. Full Store

Franchise Fee: Starts at P950,000

The Full Store with Dine-in generates the highest sales of all the other franchise models.

Standard Package Inclusions

A standard Lots’a Pizza franchise includes the following:

  1. Franchise Fee

2. Security Deposit

3. Omnibus Advertising Fee

4. Financial Analysis and Site Evaluation

5. Training Support

6. Construction, Renovation and Fit Out

7. Mobular© Systems Components , Equipment and Fixtures

8. Trademarks and Branding

9. Utensils, Uniform Add-Ons and Other Line Items

10. Motorcycle and Delivery Box (for Depot Only)

11. Marketing Support

12. Research and Development

13. Pre-Opening Support

Franchise Application Procedure

Below are the steps to have your own franchise of Lotsa Pizza:

  1. Contact or email the Head Office. They will send you the Letter of Intent (LOI) and Application Form which you will have to complete.

2. Complete the LOI, Franchise Application Form, together with exact address of the prospective site and photos of the site.

3. Send all documents to the Head Office for approval.

Franchise Contact Information

For more details about the Lots’a Pizza franchise, contact them at:

LOTS’A PIZZA Franchise Systems, Inc.

LOTS’A PIZZA Bldg., #28 Capricorn St. Pamplona Park, Las Pinas City

Contact person: Sarah Cabacang

Telephone number: (02) 873-8435

Fax number: (02) 873-8414


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Information and Image Credits: Official Company Website, BPI Family Ka-Negosyo, and Lots’A Pizza Facebook Page

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