How to Franchise: Bayad Center in the Philippines

In the past years, the Bayad Center has made bills payment convenient for most Filipinos. There’s no need to line up for hours at several service providers. Because with hundreds of Bayad Center outlets nationwide, it has now become easier and hassle-free to pay your Meralco bill, cable, internet, or other utility bills, and even your credit card bill in just one Bayad Center!

With this in mind, are you considering to franchise your own Meralco Bayad Center outlet soon?

Read below to find out how much the franchise fee is, your potential earnings commission, payback period and return on investment, and who you should contact to be able to start your own Bayad Center franchise in the Philippines.

Franchise Highlights: Bayad Center

Overview of Bayad CenterThe biggest and most well-known payment processor in the country. Now a subsidiary of Meralco and the MVP Group.
Bayad Center franchise feePhp 350,000 plus 12% VAT
Franchise inclusionsTraining, constant feedback, marketing. Does not include equipment, site renovation costs, and cash bond.
Advantages of franchising Bayad CenterBiggest and most well-known bills payment processor in the Philippines. Can process 300+ types of bills. Not just bills payment processor anymore; has expanded into 7 other services including remittance and even insurance.
Disadvantages of franchising Bayad CenterMore and more Filipinos are paying their bills online and not at physical locations. Total capital outlay will likely exceed P1 million.

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Best franchise business in the Philippines

About Bayad Center

About Bayad Center franchise

The Bayad Center is a pioneer in the Philippines in the industry of Outsourced Payment Collections. It was established in May 1997 and was originally known as the Payment Collection Service, a division of Corporate Information Solutions (CIS).

In 2006, Bayad Center has spun-off from CIS to become the CIS Bayad Center, Inc. A year later, as part of its mission to expand nationwide, CBCI transitioned into a franchising organization.

At present, Bayad Center is owned by Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) and is part of the Metro Pacific Investments (MPI) group of companies under Manny V. Pangilinan.

It is recognized as a leading player in the global outsourced payment collection, money remittance, e-loading, and application acceptance.

Main Services Offered

While many have long associated Bayad Center simply with bills payment services, did you know that bills payment is just one of eight (8) main services that a Bayad Center offers?

See all these services below:

  1. Bills Payment: As it is the brand that most companies trust when it comes to payment collections, Filipinos can now pay 300+ types of bills at their local Bayad Center!
  2. Insurance: Bayad Center has partnered with FPG Insurance Co. to offer customers vehicle, accident, and health insurance.
  3. Remittance: Whether from OFWs or relatives in various provinces in the Philippines, you can now accept remittances at selected Bayad Center Branches.
  4. Loading: At Bayad Center, you can load many of your accounts such as: Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk N’ Text, Touch Mobile, Cignal Prepaid, Meralco Kuryente Load, prepaid PLDT landline, Easytrip, Beep, GCash, Smart Money, PayMaya.
  5. ATM/Bank Deposit and Withdrawal: While paying your bills at Bayad Center, you can also withdraw funds from your ATM! Just enter your PIN at the POS System to initiate your cash withdrawal.
  6. Loan Payout: If you have been approved a cash loan from Bayad Center’s partner lending companies, you can claim your loan proceeds at select Bayad Center Branches. You can do this not just on weekdays, but also on weekends and holidays!
  7. Airline Ticketing: If you want to fulfill your travel goals, Bayad Center has got you covered. Whether for local or international destinations, you can buy airline tickets at your local Bayad Center!
  8. Hospital Reimbursement: If you were confined in a hospital due to dengue, you can claim your reimbursement of all your medical expenses at your local Bayad Center.

Truly, a Bayad Center franchise offers a wide plethora of helpful services for the Filipino people!

Companies Accepted for Bills Payment in Bayad Center

You can now pay over 300 types of bills at your local Bayad Center!

Here are examples of some of those bills:

  • Meralco (and other regional power companies such as Visayan Electric Co., PANELCO, Beneco, Davao Light, APEC, etc.)
  • Maynilad, Manila Water and other water companies (Laguna Water, Subic Water, Silang Water, BP Water Works, etc.)
  • Smart Communications, Sun Cellular, and PLDT
  • Globe Telecom
  • Digitel, PilTel, BayanTel, Subic Telecom, PT&T
  • PhilHealth
  • Pagibig
  • Social Security System (SSS)
  • National Statistics Office (NSO)
  • Land Transportation Office (LTO)
  • Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia
  • SkyCable, Cignal, Global Destiny, MyCATV
  • PhilamLife, Manulife, SunLife Financial, PruLife, CocoLife, etc.

And many more!

Bayad Center Franchising Details

Bayad Center Franchise Fee

Bayad Center franchise fee

The franchise fee for a Bayad Center is P350,000 pesos for a term of five (5) years, plus 12% VAT.

But there are other investment costs the franchise owner also has to pay, including equipment (around P120,000), site renovation costs (P150,000), and cash bond (P600,000).

The franchise fee already includes support from Head Office such as training, constant feedback, and marketing activities.

All in all, be prepared to shell out around P1.2 million for a Bayad Center Franchise.

Bayad Center requires the minimum floor space to be 15 sq. m.

Pay for Performance / Return on Investment

At this point, you might be asking yourself: “How do I earn from my Bayad Center franchise?”

The answer is simple. Franchisees earn a fixed amount per transaction processed in the Bayad Center.

For example:

  • When processing bills payments, Bayad Center franchisees get P5.00 to P7.50 per paid bill.
  • For credit card applications, Bayad Center franchisees get P200.00 per approved application.
  • And for remittances, Bayad Center franchisees get P55.00 per transaction.

Other transactions are charged a different fixed commission amount.

According to Bayad Center, the payback period or return of investment period of their Pay for Performance model is two (2) years.

How to Franchise Bayad Center

Interested in franchising a Bayad Center outlet? All you’ll have to do is reach out and contact Bayad Center, per the Bayad Center Franchising Contact Details here.

Their representatives will share with you all the requirements, as well as all pertinent information, to be able to franchise your very own Bayad Center.

But before you do that, make sure you read our Pros and Cons analysis of franchising Bayad Center below.

How to Franchise Bayad Center

Pros of Franchising Bayad Center

Here’s our analysis on why franchising a Bayad Center might be a good business deal for you.

  1. Of all bills payment processors in the Philippines, Bayad Center is undoubtedly the biggest and most well-known. As it is a trusted, household name, you can be sure that locals in your area will have no hesitations in availing of the services your Bayad Center franchise offers.
  2. Bayad Center can process over 300 types of bills payments… and counting! The more bills it can process, the more sources of revenues for you as a franchisee.
  3. As paying bills is a monthly recurring activity, this ensures that you will have a regular, monthly stream of customers patronizing and paying for your services.
  4. Bayad Center is not just a bills payment processor. It has seven (7) other services you can earn from, including remittance, loading of prepaid accounts, loan payouts, and more. Offering more services gives you more revenue opportunities.

Cons of Franchising Bayad Center

On the other hand, here are things to consider about the issues and challenges with a Bayad Center franchise.

  1. While the franchise fee is at P350,000, incidental expenses will likely ensure that your capital outlay will exceed P1 million. This makes Bayad Center one of the more expensive franchises available.
  2. As a franchise will only earn P5.00 to P7.50 per paid bill (and because bills payment is still the primary service availed of by Filipinos in Bayad Centers), a Bayad Center will need to have a substantial local market to ensure profitability.
  3. The undeniable global trend points to services moving online. More and more people are paying their bills online through online banking apps, GCash, Paymaya, and other online services. While all Filipinos will not suddenly learn to pay bills overnight, the trend points in that direction and thus, franchising a Bayad Center outlet might not be a future-proof investment. In fact, even Bayad Center is aware of this trend, which is why they have even developed their very own Bayad Center mobile app so customers can pay using the app!

Don’t believe us? Watch a video about the Bayad Center app below:

Franchising Contact Details

  • Email:
  • Telephone Number: (02) 8672-5700 loc. 5040
  • Mobile / Cellphone Number: 0917-8363000 / 0920-9663000
Franchise Fee in the Philippines

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Information and Photo Sources: Bayad Center company website

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  1. June Philippines

    ano ibig sabihin ng franchise fee for 5 years? – 350,000 payable within 5 years and lifetime ownership na ng bayad center outlet na un? or 350,000 for 5 years contract and after that, i need to pay another 350,000 for the next 5 years and so on?

  2. hat is the difference of bayad center from other company offering the same Bills payment services? I found online like Trip Option aside from Bills Pay they also have Ticketing Office,Tor Packages, Eloading and money remittance for only P6OK buy 1 take 1 franchise package wow! Take a look at their website

  3. Jovenal Jr Gonzalez

    Few queries;
    1. What are the cost involve upon renewal?
    2. Is there opening within 5 meter radius from Novaliches Proper?
    3. Send me sample computation showing 2 years payback period.
    4. Is the bond returnable after contract expiry?
    5. What will happen to the 120k worth of equipment after contract expiry?
    6. Who shoulder the cost in upgrading the computer system? And how much?

    Appreciate your feedback.

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    good day.. i’m interested to invest. i want to more about this business. my contact no. is 09087237959. thanks

  5. hi im interested to franchise a bayad center,, pls msge me moe details, what are the computations/cost. thank you.

  6. Hi. My name si Arjay Co. I very interested to know how much will it cost to have an lbc franchise. And the acceptable smallest size of the building required.? Thank you!


    Good day!
    I’m very much interested to franchise this Bayad Center. Please send me complete details on how to?
    1. What are the cost involve upon renewal if there’s a renewal after 5 years?
    2. Is there opening within SM Fairview, Robinson Nova or Ayala Terreces?
    3. Send me sample computation showing 2 years payback period.
    4. Is the bond returnable after contract expiry?
    5. What will happen to the 120k worth of equipment after contract expiry?
    6. Who shoulder the cost in upgrading the computer system? And how much?
    7. Who will shoulder the salary of my staff?

    Appreciate your feedback.

  8. For those who are planning to start a BC outlet. Please do not hesitate because it is not profitable. Here is the breakdown, we collect around 2M / month and we only get around 3K. For the expenses, we need to go to the city to deposit the money, which means fare is at least 200/day + internet + electricity + water + teller salary + rent. Aside from the expenses, we can never ignore the dangers around us.

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