7 Surefire Ways to Make Money Online

Can you actually make money online?

Are there legitimate ways to earn a living online? The simple answer: Yes.

Continue reading below as we count the ways.

1. Advertisements on your own Blog or Website

The most basic way to make money online is to create a website or blog and monetize it by having advertising networks serve ads to the site.

Learn how to start a blog here then pepper it with content. The more content, the better. But make sure you optimize your site as well to attract more visitors who use search engines.

Once you have a decent number of posts, join any of the popular advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing, and other ad networks. They will give you snippets of codes that you have to add to your sites in order to show ads. When visitors click on the ads on your site, you get paid.

2. Selling Ad Space Directly to Advertisers

Some website owners offer advertising space directly to advertisers. You need to have valuable and frequently updated content, however, and consistent traffic in order to attract potential advertisers. This also includes crafting customized ad packages that would appeal to advertisers.

3. Paid Blogging

Rather than writing mushy, self-centric, or showbiz-crazed stuff, several writer-bloggers use their creative juices to publish short reviews of a product, website, or service. Of course, they get paid in the process.

4. Paid Outsourced Service

Example: Content writing, programming, web design, SEO services

Several online earners hang out in sites like Freelancer, Upwork, etc.to offer programming, content writing, web design, or search engine optimization (SEO) services for a fee. Competition among fellow for-hires, though, is tough but once you’ve built a good track record and reputation, clients will surely follow.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Sell someone else’s products and earn commissions for every lead or sale. That’s what affiliate marketing is about. Several online money-makers have found luck earning regular income as affiliates of Rakuten, CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction), ShareaSale, and Clickbank, among others.

6. Online Selling and Dropshipping

The bustling activity in Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Alibaba, and the like is a testament to the lucrative opportunities provided by online marketplaces. Have your own virtual store by sell your products directly to customers using these marketplaces.

You may even choose to do “Dropshipping” instead, wherein you sell a product but do not hold it in stock. When you make a sale, that’s when you purchase the item from a third party and instruct it to ship directly to the customer. As a result, you never see or handle the product making it less risky and more efficient for you.

7. Get-paid-to (GPT) Programs

Not a lot of income can be expected here, but absolutely no cash outlay is needed either. Earn a few cents just by clicking ad links, surfing websites, or reading advertisement emails.

How do YOU make money online? Share your experiences by posting a comment below!

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95 thoughts on “7 Surefire Ways to Make Money Online”

  1. Hello, i have been looking for other ways to earn money online through my blog. I am so glad that you listed three advertisers that i have no idea about(crispads, grokads and tagwords) but unfortunately they only pay though paypal which as i understand, does not currently allow its members from the Philippines to accept payment from advertisers or any other paypal members.

    I have ask this once to their support staff and they have sent me an email stating that paypal members from our country is only allowed to send money and not allowed to accept payments which disappoints me so much since most of the advertisers only pay their publisher through paypal.

    As i browse your site i noticed a paypal button which struck me =). Are you based in the Philippines or elsewhere? Do you know any other advertisers that could pay us in e-gold instead =) coz if im not mistaken, thats the current payment system widely used by Filipinos.

    I just hope that someday paypal would include our country in their list of countries who could accept payment from other paypal members. Best of Luck to us All, BTW i love your blog, class A content, must read for all pinoys.

  2. Hi unfathomedpsyche, yes PayPal Philippines accounts remain to be send-only accounts until now. Hopefully this will change in the near future. For now, though, we can only hope and wait until PayPal offers the full functionalities.

    I am not aware of advertising networks that pay via egold. You can still earn from those who pay through PayPal, just accumulate them for the meantime and hopefully it won’t be soon enough until PayPal can let Philippine accounts receive payments and then you can withdraw your funds. You can also try other networks that pay via check or direct deposit like Text Link Ads, BlogToProfit, etc.

  3. Interesting so to say, the opportunities with the Web2 are increasing and therefore a lot more money can be made. I am at Makati from sunday 4.11.07 and having a bunch of good projects where Money can be made without Money to bring in.

  4. hi i made almost 1.3 million pesos from the month of july to november. you can really make money thru the internet. the key? finding the right job that fits for you and finding a good and well-trusted company online.

  5. Hi ^.^ Searching if there;s more earning online method that I didn’t know about. Do you know that there’s a new site where you can earn money too? A networking site just like Friendster and Myspace. And I blog about it.

  6. This is a great article and has been one of those “lightbulb” moments that you get occassionaly. I’m not sure if the blog bubble though will burst much like the dotcom boom of the mid nineties, interesting views and ideas though.

  7. hello my friend can u teach me how to earn online in making a blog.i think your the right person that can help me.i think u earn a lot in your blog..

  8. wow..i found your blog on the first page of google ranking. amazing. i am dreaming for that also and i guess it entails so much effort and hardwork.. i was inspired knowing u earned 1.3 million in less than months..wow.. i only earned 200usd for 10months.. now i wonder what should i put in my blog just to have high rankings.. i am truly inspired..

  9. Hi weng, I think it’s kendimann who mentioned that he has earned millions in just a few months. It’s indeed possible, I personally know a few people who are already earning a lot from online opportunities. They key is just to find the right opportunity that fits you.

    renan, the first step to earn from blogging is to set up one first. We’ve already made a primer on how to start a blog. We’ll release Part 2 soon and that’s about monetizing a blog. Watch out for it.

  10. tanx 4 d very useful information…
    cheers to pinoymoneytalk.com…
    to jokobuls 4got clicking those ads…
    its a waste of time…
    i’m not degrading you…
    i’ve tried that b4…
    try other stuffs…

  11. I read your tips but i don’t encourage tip number 7. It might be true that you can earn money online in HYIP but in the long run you will only hurt yourself so better not take the first step than be bitter in the end.

  12. @rags to riches online, i fully agree. those HYIPs are 99.9% scam. I just added it above not because we are endorsing it but because a lot of people do think it is an online earning opportunity. But again, we stressed in the article that most of these HYIPs are scam so prospective investors should beware.

  13. True, there are lots of scam sites out there. I tried pay-to-click or PTC sites because of a friend, who lucky for me, taught me the sites to avoid and sites worth visiting.

    If you want to earn dollars online, you got to have a lot of time and patience to surf sites. But it pays after a month or so, really.

  14. Hi James,
    Thanks for this post though I guess there are even more ways available now to make money online than the time you wrote this. Will link back to this article on my site.

  15. Many many years back, I was browsing the net and saw an ad about clicking links and getting paid. I was of course enticed and joined. And yeah, it was a hoax.

    Crap I was gullible enough to believe hehe..

    and then those obtrusive popping ads coming from different “companies” keep showing still and believe it or not, I at times still tried it out with the belief that it’s real. My view point was that, it won’t take too much of my time anyway. I was online most of the time during my school days and so why not give it a shot. Imagine, being paid to do minimal things, how cool can that be. It was unfortunate however that I often register but to no avail.

    My view on getting paid online wasn’t so positive then, not until I came across amazon affiliate program. I thought that hey, it’s amazon so it must be a real deal.

    Yes, it was. I made an Amazon astore and advertised it to my relatives and friends. Ate, being so supportive as she is, often buy from my astore so I get a percentage from every item she buys online. Yehey, at long last, something real!

    And then another success story. Kuya’s fond of Foreign Exchange Trading and made a blog on that, he joined Google Adsense and after a few months, he’s getting checks from Google already. It’s real, it’s really real!

  16. #6 worked for me. I have put up a multiply site and placed my services and sample works. )

    #8 Also worked for me. If you want a list of PTC sites, click on the link below to see my list and how to earn from them.

  17. There are lots of ways to earn money online, but of course, determination and hard-work should always be included along with patience.

    I guess PinoyMoneyTalk is a great example to that 😉


  18. Good post. There are loads of ways to earn online, my personal favourite is CPALead. It works like this: you put some code on your site and it locks down the site. The visitors must complete a survey to unlock the page and access your content. For each survey/offer completed you earn money. It can range from $0.26 to $20 for each one completed…

    I use it and have earned $800 in a short amount of time. Some people earn $3000 per month and a few guys earn $30,000+ per month! One dude earns $100,000 per month… how, I don’t know. 😛

    EVERYONE is welcome, doesn’t matter which country you’re from… and they allow all sorts of sites. Only 2 things they don’t allow is porn and fake content. So just think about it… if you get 100 visitors to your site (easy to do, I get way more) and 50 of them do the survey ($1/per survey on average, for example) you’d get $50. Sweet! Imagine if they all did $10 surveys… that’s $500! Crazy amount!

  19. stumbled on your site since i was looking for a way to earn money via online.
    thanks so much for the information you have shared. Great work!

  20. It is a really informative article. Not many articles describe this many ways of earning money online. Well done author! I really appreciate your effort.

  21. I was paid 7 dollars for it. I was very happy for being paid 7 dollars because the maximum one gets through that program is only 10 dollar however matured the blogger is.
    Beware of scams…..Some may not pay !!
    Read before you signup for any programs online !!

  22. The surest way? I registered with GlobalTestMarket Surveys over a year ago and participated in most of their surveys, and lo, I got a Php 2,024.29 check from them just recently after I claimed my points. This just show that they are legit.

    • I joined global test market, but until now haven’t received surveys..but i heard they’re one of the trusted survey panels..

      I tried PTC also for almost three months, but i realized it’s difficult to earn without direct referrals, which is difficult to have for someone like me who is just starting, and doesn’t know about much about promoting..

  23. Other than those that are mentioned on the post. Forex trading also offers a good opportunity in trying to make money online.

  24. Hi! I’m looking for a job that requires Typist/Data Entry Online would that be possible, my typing speed is at least 50 wpm. I’m been trying resume writing but still unsuccesful and PTCs but still not enough, just enough to pay my electricity bills. I use paypal and alertpay as my payment processor…

  25. You forgot to add get paid to upload or upload on youtube. You can make money also by downloading but i did’nt recommend that.

  26. The article are talking about how can we make money for sure. Those 8 tips are very useful, for the sake of the readers of Pinoy Money Talk, FYI, we can make money online in many ways…we can do it by being a freelancer (there are freelancing jobs online over te internet), such jobs are, website developer, article writer, posting advertisements in craiglist and many more…

    We can make this website (Pinoy Money Talk) as a great solution to earn money, you know how the owner of this website make money, follow their footsteps, through blogging but writing useful article – just like what they are doing. PMT is the number one source of ideas to make money.

  27. There are many ways to make money online. What I appreciate most about
    this article is that you don’t try to make it sound easy. No matter what
    anyone tries it will take work. However, you did point out a very
    important reason why many don’t succeed….they quit too soon.

  28. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I will learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  29. i am about to receive my first check from Amazon but i am worried because the only way to receive the check is through mail. Safe po ba ang mga postal office natin dito sa Pinas? ang dami ko kasi nababasa na nawawalang mga checks. 

  30. we earn by selling shampoos and lotion, using our website, and facebook. 2weeks of selling weve earned around P9000, thats low considering we just recently started. We accept resellers. Garantisadong may kita kang malaki kase para kaming intsik pag nagpatong ng presyo and we may discount ka pa pag bulk orders.

    Again, P9000 in two weeks, benta ka lang sa kakilala, focus ka sa shampoo, dahil yun ang mabenta samen. compared sa mall price, anlayo ng price difference. sure win ka. laway lang ang katapat.

  31. The best way to earn money online on my experience is freelancing among others. If you have skills you can start working immediately.

  32. I indeed agree that online selling like on eBay is a great way to earn money on the online. Ebay is an online store where you can sell or buy things you desire. Working in a paid outsourced service is one of the greatest works online where you can earn as much as you want as long as you do tasks on different clients. Paid outsource service (freelancer) are mostly can be found on different freelancing sites like Guru.com, Fiverr.com and Staff.com for full time workers. It can help you look for possible clients to work with.

  33. Hello! gusto ko lang sabihin nagtry ako mag join pero sinasabi na email already used. nagtry ako ng ibang email. same lang din ng sinasabi. bakit ganun? bakit ayaw magwork?

  34. gayahin sana ng pinas ang japan. Kahit ang mga matatanda, pinag bibigyan png magtrabaho. At lahat ng mamamayan ay binibigyan ng pagkakataon na magtrabaho. Inilalagay sa mga factory ang mga mahihirap. Dito kasi sa pinas puro palakasan!!!

  35. sa ptc po ba? mabilis lang ba ang kita/ i already register sa twodollarclick.. panu namn sa ptc? diko kasi naiintindhan masyado…

  36. Maganda nga talaga gamitin ang internet ,specially for MLM business.
    Pero sa tingin nyo paano kaya kung gamit ang cellphone nyo, kikita tayo? Wala ng mas ikagaganda pa doon di ba?

  37. thanks for this. kelangan ko muna ayusin yung internet access ko then il get back to your options 🙂 . gusto ko sana yung pmtforum pero hindi ako confident sa banking and finance e may alam k bang forum din pero politics and government naman? 🙂

  38. I just submit an application with Google and they said they’re still reviewing my site. Canyou tell some tips on how to get accepted there immediately.

  39. Thank you for this wonderful post. I have always been searching for opportunities in making money online. I have used a wonderful platform which lets me earn money online.

  40. Hi, I do think this is an excellent blog. I stumbledupon it 😉
    I will revisit once again since I book marked it. Money and
    freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich
    and continue to help others.

  41. Thanks for this post.. It gave me more ideas how you can basically earn income online. 🙂 I really love blogging and social media marketing. 🙂 Even though the online industry is somewhat new here in the Philippines, it is rapidly growing.


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