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Spot the Difference: New P5-Peso Coin vs. P1-Peso Coin

The new P5-peso Philippine coin is currently in circulation, and some people are saying they’re confusing it with the existing P1-peso coin.

In response, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has released guidelines to help Filipinos easily differentiate the two coins.

Here’s a summary of the differences between the P5-peso and P1-peso coins, as explained by the BSP.

Spot the Difference: New P5.00 coin vs. P1.00 coin

The coin designs are “distinctly different,” according to the BSP.

The new P5.00 coin features Katipunan revolutionary group founder Andres Bonifacio, with the Tayabak plant on the obverse. The tayabak is an endemic plant in the Philippines that climbs forest trees.

The P1.00 coin, meanwhile, features Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero. The obverse design shows the old logo of the BSP.

In terms of color, both coins are nickel-plated sporting similar silver colors. But the P5.00 coin has smooth sides, while the P1.00 coin has ridges.

The P5.00 coin is slightly heavier and larger, weighing 7.4 grams versus the P1 coin which weighs 6 grams. The P5.00 coin is also one millimeter (mm) wider, at 25 mm, versus the P1.00 coin which is 24 mm wide.

In short, the basic difference between the two is that the P5 coin is heavier, thicker, and slightly larger than the current P1 coin.

Now you know!

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