How much of your monthly salary/allowance do you save?

Do you spend all of your monthly salary/allowance or do you save a part of it? Tell us by posting in the "How much of your monthly salary/allowance do you save?" thread in the forum.

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rma2003 says:

I try to at least save mga 10% of whatever I make every month.
Sometimes, hindi makuha dahil I have to dip into it for some urgent
and pressing needs.

Amaranth says:

50-75% and its because i'm single. I make it a habit when I put money in the bank I neither touch the principal nor its interest, I keep rolling it over of course it will change when someone has a family to feed but I make it a rule at least the principal will not be touched.

bea_gabrielle says:

ako, swerte na kung makapagsave ng 5% of my monthly salary. dami kasing household expenses. kaya nga tambay ako dito PMT para makakuha ng maraming ideas on how to earn online eh!

yellowminded says:

i make sure that i save at least 10% of my gross monthly salary.

right now, annually, i save about 12% of my salary. another 2.5% of my gross annual salary goes to paying off long term debt (Pagibig housing loan) on top of the monthly payments that is part of my monthly expense budget.

20% of "sideline" income is split between savings (10%) and paying off debt (10%). So the higher my extra income, the faster i will pay off my debt and the more i save. it's a pretty good motivation for me to look for more income on the side (Go PMTFC! hehehe).

spiderman says:

I am trying to follow… (trying hard really) the formula given by Dr. Andrew Liuson (President of Cityland Corporation).

Its 10/20/70 formula.

10% goes to my Tithes (kelangan on top ito.. mahirap.. sobra, pero ito ang sekreto para continous ang provision ng langit)

20% goes to my savings.. which currently divided by 2. So Half of this 20% goes to my father and mother in the province (lahat kaming may work na promised to give at least 10% of our monthly earnings for our parents). kasi wala silang mapagkukunan ngayon dahil sinalanta ng bagyo ang maliit na pinagkukunan nila.

70% alam nyo na.. hehehe bills, bills, bills.. rentals, etc… food, gimicks.. most of the time hindi umaabot kaya ung 20% na napupunta sa ATM account, nawiwithdraw ko din! 

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5 thoughts on “How much of your monthly salary/allowance do you save?”

  1. since i am married, i try to save at least 5% of my salary. but sometimes, because of many financial commitments and needs, i try to place at least 500 pesos into my account. small but at least you saved. (“,)

  2. i earn at least PhP 8,500 each other week and i save atleast 35% directly on the saving account just across my workplace. then the rest are for my expenses. before the next payday comes i withdraw all the amount what is left on my salary account and add it to the next deposit to my savings! Therefore i save more than 35%!

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