PointShareXtreme admin responds to scam accusation

Pinoy Money Talk recently received an email purportedly from PointShareGold / PointShareXtreme (PSG/PSX) admin Henry James Banayat, in response to an article we posted reporting his arrest and the growing criticism of investors against his programs.

In the email, Banayat explains why PointShareXtreme (PSX) is not and should not be called a scam.

Full text of the (unedited) letter after the jump.

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To: Pinoy Money Talk

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to hear or at least get the other side of the coin. To date we only have 11,753 members worldwide. And less than a hundred have been posting negatively in the forum due to several changes in the program.

This program is and will continue to pay. Unlike any other program, we have been paying members with prepaid load credits that can be converted into cash in several ways. This is the only program that has combined powerful concepts in the Philippines such as the prepaid industry, internet marketing/online advertising and e-Shopping. Only PSX funds can be used to purchase these e-products and avail our e-services. We are never a High Yield Investment Program or a get-rich-quick scheme. Our business plan had always been focused on sales and marketing, provision of jobs for people (working as Independent Internet Marketing Associates) and ensuring growth of small and medium enterprises. However, I am sad that the forum feels neglected just for the fact that our company are making things possible and are focused on ensuring that with the tremendous growth of this program, all members should have been trained and educated on our business plan and why our program will work and benefit a lot of people.

What was seen in negative forums are pointless allegations. Our company is well aware of the fact that the National Bureau of Investigation is indeed trying to pull this program down by hitting me as the founder of Compumatrix and our company manages PSX and other websites that are envisioned to assist people from every walk of life. If you were to search online, you would notice that the agent they are dealing with have had a reputation of "selective prosecution."

It saddens me that our members stopped promoting this program since they thought and always seem to think that it is a High Yield Investment Program. We are not. We sell prepaid load packages for online advertising, which should allow members to increase their leads, contacts and customer base. That is why we need millions of members worldwide. As of the recent statistics, there are over 1.1 Billion internet users worldwide and our goal is to open up their eyes to the various business opportunities on the internet today and to let them showcase their skills and enhance their knowledge by letting PSX as a venue of informative materials which can be purchased if they have our PSX funds.

We have set our value. But we are continuously educating members to respect the value of our funds. It is used to purchase our e-products and e-services. And we will place more goods and services that can be availed in our system especially upon launching our merchant program.

Everyone should think deeper into our long-term vision and be aware that this is a revolutionary system that would eventually change everyones lives, hopes and dreams.

Our company shall remain to stay on this path towards that vision of changing the world through caring and sharing. And I hope members realizes that this is not a one-sided program. We need each others support in this venture. We need to fight towards achieving each and everyones goals.

Our company is determined that our program will work for each and everyone. Every available balance are attainable if they (our members) only start to value it and think of the things that the funds are good for first so that they'd know how to market it properly.

Henry James Banayat
Compumatrix and Networks Interactive, Inc.
(managing PointShareXtreme.com)

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Any reaction to Banayat's email? Post a comment below or drop by the HYIP: Point Share Gold / PointShareXtreme thread in the PMT Forum.

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65 thoughts on “PointShareXtreme admin responds to scam accusation”

  1. I have invested with this program (Pointshare Gold) since April 1, ’06. When I bought into this program I was supposed to be paid 2x in 20 days $350 per month for 12 months and $1,000 on the 13th month. Nowhere was it mentioned that I was buying an education on how to market Pointsharextreme. This is a classic case of bait and switch.

    Before a week was up payment stopped, then the site went offline for Easter, at which time I was told that due to hackers I will not be paid with e-currencies, a debit card will be issued of which 300 was sent, however they could not be delivered because members had signed up with incorrect addresses. the membership were then asked to furnish ID documents for a different set of debit cards. (Nowhere was it mentioned that we were supposed to be promoting the program in order to be paid.)

    Then we were offered shares in Compumatrix the parent company because it was a required by the bank in order for them to release the funds so that we can be paid. (Nowhere was it mentioned that we were supposed to be promoting the program in order to be paid.)

    The site came back online with a Refund and Withdrawal button. We were allowed to request withdrawal maximum $1,000 per day and we would be paid all that was requested on or before Dec. 21, ’06. As the deadline was drawing near we were informed of a change of plan, we will be paid with a corporate cheque and if a fee (Fastlane) was paid the payment would be expedited.(Nowhere was it mentioned that we were supposed to be promoting the program in order to be paid.)

    March ’07 the program was restructured, in that for all members to have a level playing field our balances were wiped out and reset as determined by the Admin/CEO.(Nowhere was it mentioned that we were supposed to be promoting the program in order to be paid.)

    Then came the All EC-Echange. All members since Oct ’06 the cut-off date would get a free prepaid credit card. There is a membership fee and extra credit cards can be purchased. That’s when the Members Application Form surfaced with the indemnity clause along with the surprise clause that we are to bring in new members and promote the program in order to be paid.

    Those of us that point to the irregularities and inconsistencies are penalised with our accounts being suspended. Talk about caring and sharing.

  2. Further to Lloyd’s foregoing comments, I have been a member of PSX since beginning April 2006.

    To-date, I have not received any payments whatsoever …just a succession of empty promises.

    Henry’s statement that this program is paying is misleading to say the least. What we get is a virtual payment, to a virtual credit balance. Withdrawing any of these ‘virtual’ funds has proven impossible …so it is all just ‘virtual’ money – none of it has proved real for 99.9% of members!!

    Henry also conveniently neglected to mention that he has been very quick to take (actual) payments from the more trusting members, for ‘fastlane fees’, currency exchanger subscriptions, prepaid debit cards?!!

    At least twice that I can think of (it’s early here so please bear with me) these cards have failed to be delivered to the vast majority of requestors.

    The exchange site does absolutely nothing (no functionality) except take money.

    The main PSX site has been revamped at least twice since I’ve been around – frequently being taken offline to make whatever latest amendements are thought of to prevent members actually being paid in real money!!

    There has always been an unofficial forum where members have gone in desparate search of some news that would maintain their hopes and beliefs in this system.

    Henry has been repeatedly implored to post their and offer this tiny sliver of hope that is so often requested. (I used to understand that he did read the forum.)

    His absence from this forum and the contempt with which he treats people is more than enough to cast this individual in a very poor light.

    The vast majority of what he states publicly appears to be pure fantasy and has no grounding in reality whatsoever.

    Regretfully, I can no longer believe a word he says and my hopes for this program have now dissolved completely.

    I joined in the belief that the man behind this was some sort of ‘trader’ who could – through his skills and connections – generate enough profits to make this a totally passive income generator for the members. How naive am I ??

    Now I hear he’s actually a computer expert. Well, I’ve worked with computers for a long time and I wouldn’t dream of expecting the people I’ve dealt with in this industry to suddenly double as investment gurus etc. That’s unrealistic to say the least!!

    I can only pray that Henry fails to mislead others into this sorry business and that the law, and his God, are waiting for him soon!!!

  3. Henry is a bunch of bullcrap, he is a disgrace to his people(pinoys). Always claiming that PSX is paying, its paying us already, its paying us a bunch of numbers on the screen which is worth beans. Terms are always changing, i’ve been through PSX from the start, i never received one single payout. All his claims are unsustainable. Its excuse after excuses, i dont know how he sleeps at night. He will be getting his soon, w/ international and local authorities. He will be charged w/ attempt to scam and attempted identity theft. Dont believe anything this loser says. It’s all lies, we’ve all heard it since day one. It’s either this or that, PSX is nothing more than just a website scamming people. I just hope the authorities will take down PSX,compumatrix and allexchange all together. And dont believe it when Henry says he is just managing PSX, he is indeed the owner. Payments, fees has been paid to him w/ online currencies and also through western union transfers. He’ll be hated all over the world, what a good way to huh Henry? now you’ve made henry james banyat a household name, you’re right next to james ponzi. Both losers!

    Bottom line, forget psx, forget compumatrix. It’s all a hoax and nothing run by henry is legit.

  4. I also have been a member since April ’06 and have never gotten paid. I can also confirm the initial payment plans, doubling our money within 20 days, and then receive a monthly residual bonus. Initially, this bonus was per plan you purchased, and would last a year. That later got reduced to 6 months. After a long wait (over a year) of not receiving payments, Henry allowed us to make a $500/wk withdrawal. We put in for the withdrawal, but no one actually got it. As a matter of fact, no one was able to even put the 2nd week request for withdrawal, because, even to this day, the 1st one is pending!!

    THEN came the changes… after all the griping and members getting frustrated with the situation, Henry hits us with the bombshell after changing the terms of service. Since he had no money to begin with to pay us what he promised, now we were forced to promote the program. We then had numerous conditions that must now be met for A CHANCE to get paid. That was stated directly. Gotta love that… A CHANCE!!

    Any newbies out there.. beware. Do not invest a dime in this program. For those of us that have already been duped by this conman, it is our job to make everyone else aware of who this man really is. He has lied for 1 1/2 yrs. He has not paid for 1 1/2 years (real cash that is…. only fake numbers on a screen)..

    After all this, he expects us to “promote PSX”, again, for a Chance to get paid. I gladly forfeit what I put in in order to save any unsuspecting person from losing theirs. To me, anyone that does promote this for a CHANCE to get paid, is as bad as HENRY himself. Those of us that have been in it, know it’s a scam. To promote a scam… well, need I say more.

    Henry has a way to try to sugar coat everything, but trust me.. the truth will come out soon enough, and this man will enjoy his time behind bars.

    DO NOT TRUST THIS LIAR AND THIEF. That’s the bottom line.

  5. Just so you can see that we actually tried to withdraw from our accounts and have never been paid, allow me to show you my transactions page from December, 2006. There’s a lot of money there, but nothing was received. And guess what?? We could make those withdrawals without promoting the program at that time!!

    Transactions List
    No. Purpose Amount Date Balance
    1 EG- Acc Matured Earnings $1600.00 2006-11-28 04:02:08 $1600.00
    2 EG- Acc Monthly Premiums $14000.00 2006-11-28 04:03:40 $15600.00
    3 Purchased PSX Gold Plan 100 ID:85799 $100.00 2006-11-28 11:00:23 $15500.00
    4 Purchased PSX Gold Plan 100 ID:85801 $100.00 2006-11-28 11:00:36 $15400.00
    5 Purchased PSX Gold Plan 100 ID:85802 $100.00 2006-11-28 11:00:45 $15300.00
    6 Purchased PSX Gold Plan 100 ID:85804 $100.00 2006-11-28 11:00:54 $15200.00
    7 Purchased PSX Plan 500 ID:85854 $500.00 2006-11-28 11:34:57 $14700.00
    8 Withdrawal Processed $200.00 2006-12-02 00:15:31 $14500.00
    9 Withdrawal Processed $200.00 2006-12-03 01:38:49 $14300.00
    10 Withdrawal Processed $200.00 2006-12-04 01:39:22 $14100.00
    11 Withdrawal Processed $200.00 2006-12-05 01:43:09 $13900.00
    12 Withdrawal Processed $800.00 2006-12-05 15:39:33 $13100.00
    13 Withdrawal Processed $200.00 2006-12-06 01:52:07 $12900.00
    14 Withdrawal Processed $1000.00 2006-12-07 01:57:12 $11900.00
    15 Withdrawal Processed $1000.00 2006-12-08 01:57:24 $10900.00
    16 Withdrawal Processed $2000.00 2006-12-09 01:57:47 $8900.00
    17 Withdrawal Processed $2000.00 2006-12-10 01:57:54 $6900.00
    18 Withdrawal Processed $2000.00 2006-12-11 01:58:03 $4900.00
    19 Withdrawal Processed $2000.00 2006-12-12 01:59:44 $2900.00
    20 Withdrawal Processed $2000.00 2006-12-13 02:00:03 $900.00
    21 Withdrawal Processed $200.00 2006-12-14 02:05:19 $700.00
    22 Withdrawal Processed $200.00 2006-12-15 03:02:51 $500.00
    23 Withdrawal Processed $200.00 2006-12-16 06:22:30 $300.00
    24 Position ID:85799 matured $200.00 2006-12-19 05:00:06 $500.00
    25 Position ID:85801 matured $200.00 2006-12-19 05:00:07 $700.00

  6. As you can also see at the top of that, we have “Matured Earnings” and “Monthly Premiums”, as were part of the plans we purchased. These were both accomplished without any member having to do a thing… never once did we have to promote this program. As you can imagine, each of those withdrawals made, nothing was ever actually received. Later on, everyone’s requests got reversed. Unfortunate for Henry that some of us were actually smart enough to save our old information huh?

  7. One last thing… here’s the quote from Henry in his above post:

    “We are never a High Yield Investment Program or a get-rich-quick scheme. Our business plan had always been focused on sales and marketing”

    Along that lines, my initial investment was $800 in April, 2006, which as you can see above, grew to $15,600 in Dec. ’06. Not a bad rate of interest for not doing any sales or marketing, wouldn’t you say? Looks like a classic HYIP, don’t ya think? Especially since Henry kept all the money!!

  8. Henry is a con-artist. He has scammed thousands of PSX members for more than a year and a half.

    I have been a member of this PSX program since March of 2006. Not one person I know has ever been paid by this thief. He never had any problems taking our millions of dollars, but he had excuse after excuse as to why he could not pay any of us.

    The only place for this Henry guy is a jail cell. He has been arrested for other scams he pulled in 2002 and he is out on bail now. May he serve a very long jail term, so he will never be able to hurt another person as long as his sorry butt lives.

    He only cared about himself and did not ever think about the members of his program. He is the greediest and lowest form of life there is.

  9. I am going to make this simple for everyone. Henry James is a liar and a thief. He has taken millions of dollars and no one is getting paid except for his “INFLUENTIAL” Friends in the Phillipines who are protecting him from the authorities. I personally have contacted the SEC, FBI and IRS in the U.S. but we need Filipino citizens to lead the way. It’s your countryman and your authorities protecting him. You must begin calling radio and tv stations and writing to newspapers. You must mind honest politicians and demand their help. HJB must be punished.

  10. Henry is a big liar and master crook, took our money and ran away, he should be in jail right now. With all the money he stole from us, he is laughing at us right now, if he is an honest man he should refund us the money from the plan, Fastlane fee, debit cards fee, and ALLEC fee, and he can go to hell after that.

    He should be prosecuted, there is no doubt about that.

  11. Does anybody of you know the business plan of PSX? As far as I know most people are selling an e-service package with huge rewards. Most of the members that are actually complaining in this program are those that didn’t do anything but they should have earned a lot if they only made an extra effort. I earn by selling the advertising credits and placing Adsense codes on my site and blogs.

    For Mr. Lloyd Williams, I was surprised that you are a shareholder but you are against the program where you have placed your interest. The Board and Shareholders dictate the past, present and future of a company. No wonder this program is collapsing, even shareholders doesn’t promote nor respect their products and services.

    Just my two cents.

  12. I really have been done this time… again and again scam after scam im just going off line now iv had the Henrys and the Bobs and the Macs they can all get ripped for all i care.

  13. AJV,

    Nobody is going to promote PSX, its a scam from a third world country. The company itself cannot deliver what it promised therefore why the terms keep on changing. All of us never received a single payout, how can you expect us to promote something that is not paying unless you work side by side w/ Henry which is why you’re not fired up. I do wish henry the best in hell. Shame on you Henry, making pinoy people look bad.

  14. Henry, as well as his partner, Steve, have sold securities in the USA, which are worthless pieces of paper. Nobody has been paid for these shares either. The SEC has been notified, so look for them to come calling at your door, Steve.

    AS for you Henry, you are a real piece of work. You have stolen so much money from so many, and your day will come to pay the price. It’s just a matter of time before your ass gets thrown in jail. You are a liar and a cheater.

  15. I am not going to say for one second that I doubt you personally however please you have to see that it is time now for this whole terrible game to stop it is hurting people to keep this HOPE of payment going on and on. Henry James Banayat has not kept one single promise of payments EVER since payments stopped in March of 2006. Also he has not delivered any of the cards he promised not even the one free one us who have been in from early days were meant to receive. I have personally communicated with the bank in the Philippines that he said was issuing those cards and for which he charged everyone $20. That bank has been in business for 55 years there and I have the emails they sent me informing me that they have never heard of HJB or the taboo or Allecx or Computermatrix? Also they informed me that they never gave authority to anyone to charge for their PPCC and never would and that they were aware of the people being promised cards from them and they had reported this to the authorities in their juristiction.

    Now all of that combined with money taken for fastlane, 3 or 4 cthousand corporate checks that were delivered to the post office but not one single check was received by anyone anywhere in the world then the membership and fees for cards on the Allecx and promised bank wires of which 4 were reported as received. Now do you still want to stand by HJB and state that you think he is telling the truth about paying us $100 a day from yet another new web site with glitches when all he had to do was use the exchange site to process the payments to EBullion there is no plausible explnation for yet another new site the third in less than a year??

    Please read the quote above and list the ones that you have recieved personally.

  16. AJV, come here with proof of what you say!
    Show us proof of payments to members, and get them here to tell us about what you say here.
    Or shut up and do your destructive Non-DueDiligence nonsense elsewhere!
    This HJBanayat-sucker has sucked up many payments for services promised and NOT delivered, and thousands of members KNOW this from their own experiences, so what are you blabbing about!?

  17. Hey! Hey! Hey! Guys, what is wrong with my question? This is supposed to be for comments on the current update on PSX here and not on me.

    Am I not right when I said that this program is destined to fail because even those shareholders wants it to fail?

    I was only talking about Google Adsense and advertising credits and the importance of exerting some effort in every business offline or online. I apologize if I have offended anyone.

  18. And Miranda. AJV is not equal to HJB. You have one hell of an imagination there. Why would powerful politicians protect Henry if he doesn’t have millions? Why do they protect him so much? Maybe they are getting paid because they are supporting him in this business. What if you were the politican? Would you do the same if you were being paid for supporting him? What if all members support him? Won’t that mean that they too will be paid?

    Alex, you seem to hate third world countries. We don’t call it that way anymore. They are called developing nations. People here have brilliant minds that even powerful nations seek them for employment.

    For the rest, don’t waste your time and stress your mind just because of this program. If it’s not working for you then find one that works.

    Read the Holy Bible! It doesn’t have PSX in it but it will refresh your mind on a lot of things.

  19. AJV wrote:

    What if all members support him? Won’t that mean that they too will be paid?

    Members have been supporting him by buying CNII shares, Fastlane fees, paying for membership at All-EC Exchange plus buying extra pre-paid debit cards and have not been paid a dime yet. All of the above does not include the original investment. How much more support do you want from us.

  20. Almando, I’ve paid my fastlane fee and all-ec membership fee except for the CNII shares which was offered to his close friends only. I was not paid when I used the fast lane fee so I requested a refund and they placed it in my available balance, for which I know that they may choose to do so. Besides, I could still dispose it using the PIF facility.

    I don’t need to purchase the card since I could avail those myself from the bank. I only need to pay more or less $15 for the bank fees and initial deposit.

  21. Henry James Banayat is a crook, liar and rutless scammer. Do not waste your money on him his PSX or any other scam site he may have. Hopefully he will be in jail very soon, and will sat there for a long time.

    one of many, many unpaid, cheated members of PSX.

  22. This whole thread was started with the purpose of guiding traffic to the PSX site, it is now time to get new money flowing in.

    That’s what a ponzi does, my friend. You just said it yourself – NEW money.
    HJBandit is literally begging members to promote to bring in NEW money. Ponzi=scam.

    The MAF states clearly that we were to register as passive members.

    That’s how we were instructed to apply. We were NEVER asked to promote PSX.

    Now he tells us we have to promote to bring in new members and new money in order to get paid.
    He might as well just admit PSX is a ponzi.
    Has been all along. Henry is a liar and a thief and needs to be put in jail.



  24. Hiya peeps! Don’t be too harsh here. Something’s cookin at PSX. According to an NBI agent I talked with last week, they have found a large amount of cash deposited in various banks offshore and in the U.S. under HJB’s name and not in Compumatrix or PSX. I went to main office of PSX to check what they are doing and saw that most of their staff are rechecking each membership form and placing it on a tabular form. HJB was not around that time since he was in a meeting with some big names… and they are mostly the good ones (businessmen, lawyers, colonels and some governors and members of the congress and senate).

    I asked them what the summary is for and they told me that they were given instructions to summarize all accounts on who has passed each criterion.

    I think they are doing their best to give us what we need. I’ll choose to be patient.

  25. What I am concerned about is all the personal information that was sent to this man. What has he done with it all? Thousands of us sent information that if it fell into the wrong hands could cause identity theft.

    I am also wondering why this man never refunded anyone. Many of us put our own money into this program, like initial investments, fast lane fees and Allec fees. These funds should have been returned if he wasn’t investing the funds for payouts. It DID start out as an HYIP, and over time was changed a few times and then it is supposed to be selling ads? Bait and switch is what I call it. Never did I see where we had to promote, and the MAF instructions specifically stated to tick the “passive” box on the form.

    The only way that HJB is going to recover from this, is to refund all the money owed to the people who paid in good faith.

  26. Mark, I would like to think that HJB is trying to recover and do what he should have done a year ago and that is to pay what he owes. Nothing more, nothing less. Corporate checks, debit cards, all the promises that were not kept. Oh, those who did receive the debit cards can use them as ice scrapers. That is all it is good for without funds loaded onto them.

    I used Paypal back in early Feb 2006, so I do have a record in my history of the payment to PSG. Other program owners are able to pay out by corporate checks, bank wires, EBullion and E-Gold, so why can’t HJB?

    I still am wondering what happened to all the checks that the members were supposed to get before Christmas 2006.

    Communication from HJB was nearly non-existant. He still has yet to come in to the “official” PSX forum and make any kind of statement.

  27. henry helped me when my father in hospital when I called him to help. paid all bills without question. I know that henry is a like a god here and my family will worship him forever. he don’t want to be god but friend.

  28. Well Namaste….YOU are the lucky one. I was trying to keep a positive attitude since my “backroom” has over 40,000euros in it and I too have a $500 request older then my fav T-Shirt…but I am 5 months behind in my rent and 2 months in elec and phone (both being turned off on the 12th)

    He was supposed to HELP people, not drive them into a life never dreamed of.

    Do you think he would help me??? NOT!!

    So I go on and try other things….If he surprises us all by PAYING US, all the better. I’m just not counting on it!


  29. I’ve been very patient with PSG /X.
    It was PSG when I joined and then went over to PSX. Put in $600.00 and got out a big fat Zero!!!
    It was always a passive income type investment.
    I’ve been in many MLM and selling type companies before and lost my shirt, so I never ever join something that asks me to sell anything. HJB changed the terms when it became obvious to everyone that he would NEVER pay out.
    He claims to be a christian, made a big pretense to take time off during the “Holi-days” , I hope he soon finds his home in a very HOT place!

  30. Well Namaste. It looks like you are the only one who has been paid by the cheater. You are probably from the Philippines. Your English is not good. He paid you because you are one of his own people.

    He will rot in hell for what he has done to all of us.

  31. HJB will never pay, I’ve been waiting since April 2006 for my double. When I started checking on this man and his cohorts and found out they were scammers in their own way and HJB was arrested in 2002 for swindling his countryman out of money and a few other things I found out about his US partners scams. lol I lost a lot of friends along the way and got banned from many forums and that’s ok, I can see that they weren’t my friends to begin with. Some even think I work for the US Gov, lol the jokes on him. HJB you are not needed anywhere, there are “REAL PAYING” businesses on the net.

  32. Namaste, you must have cought him on the “good day” when hi felt like charity donation for someone of his nationality. But he didn’t use his money to do so, but ours: PSX unfortunate members.
    He has been living at our expense for quite a while now.Do you still think he is like god?

    Peace to you Namaste

  33. Henry stole our money. He is living the high life because we believed in him and sent him our money. We have heard nothing but lies out of his mouth. I have been in this scam since February of 2006 and I have never gotten the money that Henry promised us. Anyone who joins this program is asking for big trouble.

    He and his cohorts have been reported to the proper authorities. Justice will be served. Ya hear that too Steve?

  34. Here are few facts:
    =>PSX no longer have funds to pay you guys.
    =>It was all spent for vices and fuck dolls of HJB, yes guys HJB is gay and pays guys to fuck, I can prove that.
    =>He does not go to his office anymore because he is hiding from people who are asking him to pay them.
    =>He is also hiding from authorities.
    =>He has a computer shop at Bauang La Union and he frequently goes there, if you want to catch him, catch him there
    =>He is a born fraudster and even his relatives and family members are ashamed of him.
    =>His employees could not take his scamming deeds so they resigned, no one is processing your papers.

  35. That’s impossible PogiSonofBitch. I talked to him last week in CNII main office. His lawyer is also there and employees are very busy summarizing payout requests. They are checking those that meets the criteria based on what is posted on their site.

  36. Looks like PSX is still on fire here. As far as I’m concerned. Nothing will change in this program given this situation. I’ve forgotten how beautiful this program was and how nice this program would have become if they just didn’t open those forums that didn’t help but create a psychological warfare of greed. Only a few PSX members are cool. Most are greedy, power hungry and know-it-all members.

  37. You’re lying. Henry is hiding because the authorities are after his Philippino. ass. He stole money from PSX members and he has to go to jail now to pay for his crimes.

    He’s not going to pay anyone but himself.

  38. I’ve got paid last week on e-bullion. I only made one order. My other friends in Australia, Singapore and Taiwan also received payment.

  39. Does Henry have the Admin of this forum in his pocket too? Why is the PSG/PSX thread deleted. I guess that very soon this thread will be gone?

  40. Yeah right! ebullion heh? I personally know the guy man, I am a member too, I have more than a million converted to pesos in my account, never got paid, did all the requisites necessary to get paid, I can personally call henry in his phone number (mobile) or landline, I know them both (I can publish it here if you request) I know where he lives and I know where I can catch him… tell henry I’ll soon catch his sorry ass and I’ll shoot him in the head!!! that’s a promise, and that’s what we call quick justice! it’s the ilocano guy talking tell him!

    henry james banaYOT only pays you guys because you let him suck your dicks, or the same one way or another! what he is paying you are our hard earned money, I wish you all rot in hell.

    now if you are so proud and very brave to be henry’s followers, just simply tell me who you are and I can guarantee you that I will personally visit you so I can shoot you in the face! publish your freakin’ pictures here assholes!

    oh and one more thing, you know what, henry’s attorney is an ass! he can’t even save his master henry’s ass from being dragged from his office to the NBI’s office last time, so piss off motherfuckers!

    oh yeah! burn baby burn…

  41. @Almando, check again. The PSG / PSX thread in the forum is still there. The only ones deleted are posts that personally attack other members, which are in violation of our Forum Rules. Prior to deleting those posts, our moderators have consistently warned those concerned about their violations.

  42. Why are you lying? The thread is not there…

    “The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.”

  43. We decided to temporarily archive the thread for the following reasons:

    1 – There is an increasing number of people registering and posting using ONLY 1 IP address — which we believe is just a ploy of one person or a few persons to mislead members into believing that there are a lot of personalities pushing for a particular agenda when, in fact, only one or a very few exist.

    2 – The thread is currently being inundated by a slew of personal attacks and name-calling, which is a violation of our Forum Rules.

    The thread is now reinstated. But if the above instances are repeated, we will start banning accounts of same-IP posters or we will simply permanently lock the thread.

    Disagreements are tolerated but we have no choice but to moderate a discussion thread if it starts to become a propaganda outlet for or starts to be abused by a few people.

  44. Every single word of HJ’s initial statement is a total pack of lies , but then he lost his credibility a long time ago .

    He violated many International security laws in the method that the CNII shares were offered for sale . Those that assisted him , namely Steve ( ALLCASHBACK ) are accomplices .

    They both need a new wardrobe , prison issue .

  45. Have been with the program since 1/07 and have a total of $250 invested in plans (which has grown to over €28,000) and another $125 for Exchange site membership and PrePaid Credit Cards. I have fulfilled each requirement as HJB laid out in his latest requirements list, i.e. used all advertising credits for both text and banner ads and have paid it forward with one other and have made repeated requests for payout. (Total of requests to date of over €6000 [supposedly equal to approx. $8,000 – sure, right!!!!] and haven’t seen one penny yet. According to the “Expected Revenues” schedule, this month will post another €8,000 in bonuses (at this point it all looks like monopoly money – wait it couldn’t be that cause you can see monopoly money — LOL)

  46. The PSX money has been frozen by the NBI. Looks like everyone complained about the darn scammer named Henry. Off to jail you go Henry. Have fun with Steve and Bubba

  47. lol Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 September 2007 ) on the CNII site the new update says HJB will be taking a back seat and his Atty. Erriza Dawn Bucu-Narciso and a few others are taking over. ahhhhhhhhh Darn now all our money will be spent on court bills. Wonder if they will use all our euros in our back office?

  48. Thanks Roger, was surprised to get into MMG with your mail – thanks!
    I don’t bother to go into the accounts now to get rid of all the spam I and viruses I get from them.
    Have a nice day

  49. I’ve been a member of PSuX for almost a year now and have’nt been paid. I agree with you LUIGI you’re 101% right. Here are some more facts that I can add to that:
    ==TRUE: PSuX has only 1 office located in La Union, an 8 sq. meter office with few old computers and 3 new employees. He used to have at least 10 employees including programmers who resigned coz HJB havent paid their salaries.
    ==TRUE: HJB is now gone and noone knows where he is.
    ==TRUE; HJB is hiding from individuals he owes money.
    == TRUE: PSuX has no funds to pay us or even return are investments.
    ==TRUE: His corporate bank account and personal account witht he same bank has been closed by his bank coz he issued lots of bouncing checks.
    ==TRUE: HJB is definitely a gay and have lots of fucking dolls where he spend our money.
    == HJB is commonly known as JAMES in the Philippines and not as HENRY.
    ==FALSE: HJB is capable of shutting down forum site that attacks PSX. { Guys,He has no money to do that. lol)
    ==FALSE: HJB had a meeting with influential government officials, senators, lawyers, etc.
    ==FALSE: PSX funds have been freezed by the NBI.
    ==FALSE: Authorities found millions of dollars in different bank accounts OFFSHORE AND IN THE U.S under HJB’s name.
    ==FALSE: HJB has been arrested few months ago. He was arrested coz of lots of swindling cases. He got out on bail borrowed from a rich businessman in their city where HJB owes him more than a million and until now have’nt been paid.
    == CNII office Address: 3rd floor Rudel Bldg. Quezon Ave. cor. Ancheta St. San Fernando City 2500, La Union.
    == CNII office number: (6372) 888-4606
    ==HJB Computer shop in Bauang, La Union is STREAMWAVE MEDIA with only 10 units or less low-end desktop computers.
    == HJB mobile number: +639277180885 ( Sorry guys, its currently OFF. what do you expect from a SCAMMER hiding from people he owed lots of money.)


  50. 12 November 2007:
    Communication is gone again. When he needed us to get referrals and send him more money he was posting answers left and right in the forum. As soon as he got money from over 800 people, the communication went right back to what it was before.
    In his forum’s section about having been paid, many members posted “Not paid”, and only 2 posts were about payment received, out of which 1 was doubted by Henry James himself (so honest!). By far most cheerleaders (and “Sir”-sayers and the 2 allegedly having received payment) are new to the forum and not known tp the old members.
    Now, since many many critical posts appeared and since so many reported “Not paid”, HJB has deleted all of these and locked the forum.

    Same old story: lies and deceit by some subhuman using boys and members’ monies for his games and criminal pleasures.

  51. [quote=”Former PSUX Admin”]I have been watching this thread ever since Cody posted.

    I agree with what he has said. I am also of the same frame of mind as Cody.

    This IS OUR forum and has NOTHING to do with PSX or HJB any more. We have ALL be duped by this guy and he will not ever let go of trying to scam new people out of their money.

    If any new people send him any money, they will eventually get ripped off just the same way as the rest of us were.

    All that I can say is…. If you have posting abilities on his forum, that you post as often as you can to let the unsuspecting newcomers know what will happen to them and their money, just the same way that it happened to all of us guys.

    Christmas is coming and HJB needs cash for his own needs. Don’t let him get cash from unsuspecting ppl that do not know about him.
    This is the worst time of year for scamming. Please keep your money for YOUR own families needs this Christmas time.

    My permission is granted to post this message where you please. [/quote]

  52. The response from Henry above, is simply another cover up. What he is saying about the way the business is run is true, but this new platform was re worded and changed after we initially funded the start up. He forgets to mention that he started 6 different website, and aside from the investment of purchases we made of V-pacs.

    Henry requested extra fees 6 times through different e-currencies as a fee specifically collected to pay of cashout of our funds. Saying they are E-credits is simply a Bait and Switch tactic.

    We never received our Paypal payments back after we were told to send in to get paid from Bank of America.

    I still remember the post in the forumn where he firs described why he was changing the platform to an advertising pack program, it was simply to give a legal front and reason to be able to pay us our monies without it looking like a high yield investment program.

  53. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work.

  54. 3/3/20 The Compumatrix Scam – How they do it and get away with it?

    First they give you points then Compuceeds which you can trade for their (fake) bitcoin for doing stuff for them. Then they turn it into what they call Compumatrix.btc when you pay them more “bts” to “Claim” it to your DEX (personal exchange account) but then tell you you must convert it to real bitcoin using their TradeCeeds company. But Tradeceeds continues to make excuses about things like being blocked by Chinese exchange rules etc.. and have no real address or website. Just some “flunky” developers.
    To convert your coin you must qualify by buying some of their devalued crypto with your good bitcoin and bts (Bitshare’s coin) to do it. Constant fees and stalling because of Beta testing, typhoons in the Philippines and numerous other upgrade and Bitshares update delays has put the few thousand members into silent crazy mode.
    Mad or not they only answer the questions they want to with files of “How tos” and have brainwashed staff running the chats who threaten to kick you out if you get to inquisative and if you misbehave they will bad mouth you and threaten to kick you out.
    And that’s just the overview and doesn’t cover the multiple times they already have promised things like store items for ridiculous prices at the beginning which most people lost their shipping charges, Bitcoin “Fork” earnings, 5 to 1 deals which they stole millions of our crypto and never paid back, investment money in shares of the company, Christmas bitcoin Blessings they promised but oh they can’t send you money, bitcoin or anything but wait you can send them money, Trigger Smart contract deals which you had to buy their BTCPLUS coins by the hundreds which supposedly give returns of millions of dollars, etc..
    Ask any member if they (in over 15 years) have ever withdrawn anything to fiat that would put bread on your table and now after they have driven the coin values down to pennies they say we can’t withdraw until their values go up to what the outside exchanges have!
    From top to bottom are David Morris – President, Henry J. Banayat – Founder and Head Developer in the Philippines, Gail Storm VP, Erline Martin COO and dozens of Regional Reps all over the world. There is a remote office now in Las Vegas and another somewhere in Iowa but they have not given its exact location or address.
    Pass the word about these guys and their scamming Bitshares Ecosystem. Henry the Scammer, their God and all his followers are nothing but common criminals using a new Bitshares Blockchain application to rip off thousands of people !
    Don’t be fooled and join this so called business. Ask any member if what I say here is not true! Now how do they get away with this? First the Bitshares system allows them to monitor and control your Exchange account thru permissions and Crytofresh.com and their own application “Portal” now called your CDAP. Also thru their Discord chat and forums. No staff give out their real names or contact information either. So as they recruit and ask you to recruit there is no way anyone can get paid and its all so they can take your real bitcoin and bits!
    The BBB and FBI need to be alerted on these guys if they haven’t been already to see how they continue to use the excuse that they are building a business and its ok for them to do it off the backs of thousands of people!


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