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GRAB Discount Coupon and Promo Codes: GRABNOW4FREE

Do you want FREE Grab rides and discounted trips? We’ll show you below some of the ongoing promotions and discount offers of the car service Grab.

After Uber’s exit in Southeast Asia last April 2018, Grab has become the dominant ride-hailing app service in the region. So if you want to use Grab but are looking for a discount or promo code, you’ve come to the right place!

Use the PROMO CODE below to get free rides and discounted trips! For first time users, download the Grab app and sign up using this promo code to get up to P50.00 discount on your first ride: GRABNOW4FREE

You may also register by simply clicking this link: GRABNOW4FREE

How to sign up in Grab?

To use Grab, you will need to create an account. The process is easy! Click here to sign up — and get DISCOUNTED or FREE Grab rides! — using your cellphone number or Facebook account or Google account.

Just one click here and you’re good to go! Use this valid Grab Promo Code for free discounts: GRABNOW4FREE

Grab Special Discounts for Students, Elderly, and PWD

As mandated by the Philippine Government, the following qualified Grab users can avail of these Special Grab Discounts:

1. Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens (Grabbers who are 60 years old and above), with valid Senior Citizen IDs may apply for the special Senior Citizen discount to get 20% off their GrabCar and GrabShare rides. Sign up here: Grab Discount for Senior Citizens.

2. Persons with Disability (PWD)

Individuals with valid PWD IDs may apply for the PWD discount to get 20% off their GrabCar and GrabShare rides. Sign up here: Grab Discount for PWD.

3. Students

Students from pre-collegiate to collegiate levels (excluding Masters and PHDs) with valid Student IDs and current school Registration Forms may apply for the Student Discount to get 20% off their GrabCar and GrabShare rides. Sign up here: Grab Discount for Students.

FAQ on Grab’s Special Discounts

Are the Special Discounts for Senior Citizens, PWD, and Students valid for all of Grab’s services?

As per Grab’s rules, the Special Discount promo code is valid for GrabCar (Sedan, 6-Seater and Premium) and GrabShare rides only.

The promo codes are also valid for all cities with GrabCar and GrabShare: Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, and Pampanga.

Do the Special Discount promo codes expire?

The Senior Citizen and PWD special discount does NOT expire. However, the Student Discount is valid until December 31 every year and may be renewed as long as the student can submit valid requirements.

Can other passengers use the Special Discount promo code?

No. According to Grab, the promo code is only valid if the owner of the Special Discount promo code is one of the passengers. Other passengers may join the ride but the owner of the Special Discount code must be present. Otherwise, the driver will flag the ride as fraudulent. Passengers with bookings tagged as fraudulent will be penalized by Grab, specifically:

1st offense: Warning via a call and an SMS

2nd offense: Deactivation of the Special Discount promo code

Are passengers required to show ID to enjoy the Special Discount?

Yes, the Special Discounts promo codes will only be valid if the passenger presents his or her ID (Senior Citizens, PWD, or Student ID). Failure to comply will be considered fraudulent and the promo code owner will be penalized and the discount code may be deactivated.

List of Grab’s Promo Codes in the Philippines


Use the promo code GRABSURPRISE when taking GrabTaxi in Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, and Baguio. Three (3) Grabbers will get a chance to win P5,000 worth of promo codes when taking GrabTaxi. Promo code valid only from September 20 to 26, 2018 in Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, and Baguio only.


Get P100 discount on your GrabCar ride going to and from Forbes Town at The Fort BGC, Taguig on weekdays. Promo period from September 1-30, 2018.

* Although we try our best to regularly update the list, some promo codes may be valid for first-time users only or may have already expired. Grab’s terms and conditions apply on these promo codes.

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