Did you lose money in FrancSwiss?

Earlier last week, a news reporter from a major TV channel emailed Pinoy Money Talk and asked if we can recommend people who would be willing to sit for an interview to talk about their losses in the online investment program FrancSwiss.

Our reply, at that time, was that it might be difficult to find those people because FrancSwiss is technically still not a scam because it has not stopped paying yet. Our opinion was that investors would not badmouth a program they think has not done anything wrong.

Fast forward several days later, and FrancSwiss was declared a Ponzi and a scam-waiting-to-unfold by the Philippine SEC, BSP, and media channels. No sooner than that, all FrancSwiss websites went down, the operators were nowhere to be found, and no investor received payment in the last few days.

FrancSwiss being officially declared a scam is now starting to sink in to most people. Investors have started telling their own FrancSwiss stories — including stories of financial losses, of distrust in the people who referred them to the program, and of deception, hopelessness, and confusion.

Here are some of these stories, taken from the Comments section of the article Is FrancSwiss a scam? and the HYIP: FrancSwiss discussion thread. True or not, these stories are surely something FrancSwiss investors can relate to.

Read on.

jny wrote:

Wow! I was misled. Honestly, when a friend invited me to invest, I wasn’t convinced but when i went online I believed it. At first, I was wondering why can’t we use a credit card to pay for it. What convinced me was they said they were able to encash and it’s happening everyday. I issued a check to someone else’s name. I most likely want to make bawi of it sana. Nasabi ko na lang, kilala ko naman siya, siguro hindi naman siya nagsisinungaling. Later did I know that hindi rin pala sila nakaka-encash.

Wow! Like me, biktima din pala sila. Nabawi nila investment nila, however, kasi may recruit sila. The e-points that they have can actually be used for new recruits. That is what they are trading to get their money back. For me who just relied on the interest, lost in no time.

This is truly my biggest learning. Whew! I never had ask them about it.

Just yesterday I sent an SMS [to my friends who invested] on what is their plans now. Well, a friend said, “groping in the dark.” Kawawa naman siya. Well, life is what we make it. It is indeed pitiful to focus on our mistakes to lead us to nowhere.

josie08 wrote:

[I invested] also but unfortunately [I did not expect this] to last for only two months and I lost my money. [The fact is] inutang ko pa ang pera with high interest. It’s sad to say but mahirap habulin naman ang upline and file a complain. Abala lang yan. [There’s] due process in court, matatagalan, at the same time, magkakasamaan lang kayo ng loob. WALA naman may gusto malugi. IT’S ALL OUR FAULT. Naghangad tayo. So wala na lang sisihan. The best thing to do, let’s start again and make the day worth for us.

Baon sa utang wrote:

Sana bumalik p ang FS… Di p nmin nbabawi ang ininvest nmin…

Mga hinay*pak na upline yan pinagtataguan na kmi..

coldfire wrote:

kami po nangutang pa para lang makapag-invest sa francswiss but pagkapasok (July 3) kinagabihan pinalabas sa tv patrol yung warning. ngayon kahit singko wala kaming nakuha, di ko alam san kami pupulutin ngayon, may utang pa kami. sana ‘wag magsuffer mga anak namin, i have a new born baby pa naman. ano po pwede namin gawin, may habol po ba kami sa francswiss o sa nagrecruit sa amin?

If you have your own FrancSwiss stories to share, post them in the Comments section below or in the HYIP: FrancSwiss thread. We’ll be reading.

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20 thoughts on “Did you lose money in FrancSwiss?”

  1. Bakit pinangu2tang ang iinvest? Hirap sa pinoy di naman kaya kinakaya parin.. If wala kau pantaya wag nalang sumali.. if may pantaya Go! but take the RISK!! Dapat alam nyo sinasalihan nyo, di ung pag nalugi kau hahanap kau ng masisisi nyo..! Di po ako member ng Francswiss, hayaan nalang natin sila sa mga kumita congrats! sa mga nalugi/mga late nag join sorry nalang… Ganyan talaga ang buhay! Ang bisniz pwede kumita at pwede malugi dapat po handa tayo..

  2. From the moment my friend invited me to invest in FrancSwiss last May 31, I bluntly told him, it’s a pure and simple scam. I knew the high risk involved. The was only one question I need to ask myself (or guess) and that’s… will it close in 23 days from the time I invested until the time I recover back my principal? My intuition or gut feel says not in 23 days yet. Within the hour of our meeting, I gave him cash. I invested a total of 100,000 pesos but got back USD 3,000 in cash (now in my commercial bank account). It was a “gamble” that paid-off for me, but when I gave my money, it was something thought-off as lost. I was simply prepared to lose it… just in case.

  3. when issues started, the web has to shut down to protect it from enormous entities playing the web thus investors’ interest stopped offline.of course for those who invested late,they can’t appreciate it because the site shut down to protect others accounts.if issues didn’t start then the interest continues. even if you remain to be a passive investor, your interest starts.how could that be?why, have you ever considered presentation for you to understand?i just hope that fs continues, let investors have their money back,by not merging into our sites.even if we do not scout, it counts.investors knew the high risk in the first place.


    Ma’am kaya po sila nangutang dahil yung mga uplines convinced them or said pretty things about FrancSwiss, not explaining to them in detail that it is a pure SCAM. Sulit.com.ph is becoming a SCAMMER’s haven, ang dami ADs dun na misleading, saying na INVESTMENT daw kuno ang FrancSwiss at iba pang HYIP. I have come across arrogant members like Pearldyoung, rollsroyce and a certain Huazelei. Walang pakialam sa downlines, basta maka-recruit lang. Bottomline – GAHAMAN and SWAPANG sa pera. Kung yung mga ininvest nila sa FrancSwiss, nilagay nila sa Mutual Funds, panigurado mas OK pa ang balik nun. 🙂

  5. Wala na kayong sinabi kundi NALUGI!SYEMPRE,dahil tinira kaagad and FS. Kung hindi naman, tuloy parin yan.Tama ang isang article dito.BAKIT KASI NANGUTANG PA KAYO PARA LANG MAKASALI? Ano pa… NAGOYO kayo? Eh bakit kayo NAGPAGOYO? Alanganin na pala kayo, sasali sali pa…Investment nga yan.HIGH RISK!Naiintindihan niyo ibig sabihin nito?Alang pinag iba sa stocks.Pwede kang kumita at pwedeng hindi.Sugal ang pag sali dito,kung malakas loob mo, sasali ka at dapat handa sa anumang pwedeng mangyari. Illegal? Ano na ba ang HINDI ILLEGAL dito sa ‘pinas? Eh simpleng pag jaywalking mo nga “illegal” na.Kaya tinira ito, SUPER RAMI na kasi kumikita at MARAMI NA ANG NAGKAKA INTEREST HUMUTHOT SA MGA EARNERS!Sa mga kumita, CONGRATS, sa mga hindi, PASENCYA na lang kayo. HUWAG NA KAYONG MAGSISI PA NG IBA. DESISYON NYO RIN NAMAN YAN.

  6. sir ryanrudolf,

    I-convince ka man ng iba nasa iyo na un if mag join ka! So ikaw din mag decide sa huli db?!
    Di naman kelangan magrecruit dahil interst lang kikita kn imagine 4.5% a day.. Actually maliit pa yan compare sa ibang HYIP, ung iba pa nga 12% and above un nga lang HIGH RISK!!
    Unahan lang sa game na ito, una kang pa2sok at una k ring lalabas..
    Yes ‘sana ung invest nila sa fs, nilagay nalang sana nila
    sa Mutual Funds’, kaso di nila un ginawa eh so take the risk!
    Ang point ko lang po wag isisi sa iba ang ginawa nilang desisyon.. 🙂

  7. Hay naku…barking at the wrong tree! Media/TV…yan ang dahilan….if the TV says Cayetano is good.. vote for him…the whole country votes ( remember Cayetano was on TV 100x a day before the election, now that its over – ala ka ng marinig sa kanya). If they say, FS it is a scam…it is a scam. If they say…bank so and so…is having a bank run…it will have a bank run…everybody will withdraw their money from that bank!

  8. Gusto ko lang i point out na maraming tao ang walang alam tungkol sa mga ganyan. Kakagat sila kasi akala nila easy money. Marami pa naman pyramids dito ah… ung iba, kunwari may producto para hindi halata na pyramid..

  9. Hay naku kung hindi tinira ng media ang francswiss, sana meron pa.. marami lang kasing inggit. Sa totoo lang nag-invest di ako ng Php 50,000 last june 14 lang, tapos nagka-aberya pa nun encash ko sana… ang ending di ko nabawi ang pera ko.. di pa naman alam ng asawa ko na nag-invest ako. Pero alam ko naman na ganyan talaga ang mga HYIP’s, sugal talaga yan … sometimes you win, sometimes you lose… that’s life… bawi na lang sa iba.. i heard nga pala na pinakawalan nila yun nahuli nila na si ely c.? wala daw silang masampa na kaso… tsk.. tsk.. pinag-perahan lang nila ang tao…. sana tigilan na ng media ang francswiss at mag-focus na lang sa mga pulitikong scum…. yun lang

  10. ilang pyramid scam na ba ang dinaanan ng Pinoy? di na talaga natuto kasi tamad magsikap, gusto na lang easy money. B*BO talaga ang karamihan sa atin…. alam na scam sige pa rin…..

  11. so possible pala na si ely nga yung kasama ni jaime poliquit. nakita ko silang meron kausap sa crowne plaza last week.. mukhang may raket na naman… ingat lang tayo mga igan kc inutang ko lang din ung nawala sa FS… upline ko dati kc yang c jaime sa TPG kya di ako nagkamaling sila nga ung grupo na un… ingat ingat na lang mga igan!

  12. alam mo mga kasama naka usap ko yong jimpol poliquit
    nakaka awa pala sya kc malaking pera ang nawawala sa kanya sa mga investment
    na sinalihan nya… at maraming tao din ang kanyang mga natulungan sa kanyang
    pera, hindi sya madamot pag may pera ta marunong sya magbahagi sa mga kinikita nya.
    yong mga tao na di nila kilala si mr. jaime jimpol poliquit.
    mabait po sya kung kilala nyo sya, ako nga nakalapit din sa kanya kahit bago palang
    ako naka kilala sa kanya… mabuhay kayo mr. jaime jimpol poliquit.
    patuloy lang kayo magtiwala sa ating Panginoong Dios sa langit.

    God bless and more power to you….

    ronald reyes

  13. maraming salamat sayo mr. jaime jimpol poliquit
    madali lang pala kita malapitan
    maraming salamat sayo sapag tulong mo sa aking kapatid
    na sa hospital..
    malaking halaga po yong mga natulong nyo sa kapatid ko sa orthopedic.
    di namin lubos akalain na mabait talaga kayo..
    alam namin na ang iyong maging matulungin sa kapwa mo.
    ang Dios nalang ang magbigay sayo ng ganti.
    ulit maraming maraming salamt sa inyong tulong na naibigay nyo sa amin.

    God bless….

    jonathan ramirez
    of davao city

  14. An investment is an operation where invested  capital is reasonably protected and produces an adequate return. Operations not meeting this definition can be labelled as speculation. 


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