Scams and Scam Updates

Lessons from the Aman Future Group scam

Aman Futures Group. For the 15,000-or-so Filipinos who are just beginning to accept the fact that they have lost their hard-earned money, these three words are now synonymous with “nightmare.” Indeed, their current plight is a frightening one they wish they have never gotten themselves into. But what can they do now?

Beware of thieves at McDonald’s, KFC, 7-Eleven, etc.

We recently received a forwarded email showing videos of thieves caught on camera stealing at a McDonald’s restaurant, a 7-Eleven store and a condominium unit. We share these videos here to warn you to be more alert so that you won’t be a victim to these scumbags.

United Nations (UN) jobs scam

Just this week, one of our colleagues almost fell victim to another one of those scam job offers. This time, though, the job position is not a nanny but a high-paying and lucrative post at the United Nations in New York. The job ad was forwarded to him by a friend who saw the advertisement …

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Another Western Union scam

A few minutes ago, I received a weird email from a friend. It was his valid email address but the content sounded fishy. It went like this: Western Union scam email Greetings, How are you doing today? I need you to help me out of this devastating situation that I got my self into, I …

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