Are you a scam victim? Where to report scammers in the Philippines

Don’t be duped by scammers in the Philippines! Report them to the authorities and send them to jail!

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has repeatedly warned the public against falling for “get-rich-quick” scams.

On its website (, the SEC reported that more and more financial scams have recently emerged, targeting potential investors who want to earn absurdly high returns on their money.

How to check if you’re talking to a scammer

According to the SEC, if a person contacted you and offered a seemingly high interest on your “investment” after a short period of time, protect yourself by asking for the following information.

  1. Name of the person and the company making the offer;
  2. Address of the person and the company;
  3. Landline numbers of the person and the company (mobile phone numbers are difficult to trace); and
  4. SEC registration of the company stating they are eligible to take investments

If the person refused to give those information, better not to continue dealing with them. There’s a high chance the company and the investment program being offered are fraud.

Other tell-tale signs of a scam

Some additional things to remember to help protect yourself from financial scams.

  1. Investment houses and financing companies with quasi-banking (QB) license and with SEC registered securities are the only ones allowed to offer investment instruments to more than 19 investors. If anyone or any company is marketing a financial investment to the public, that is, to more than 19 people and they do not have the approved license from the SEC, then it’s most likely a scam.
  2. An SEC company registration in itself DOES NOT automatically grant authority to sell investment instruments such as securities, bonds, commercial papers, etc. Check the list of companies published by the SEC that are authorized to accept investments from the public.
  3. Only SEC registered persons (brokers/dealers/salesmen) may offer or sell registered securities to the public. Ask what their SEC registration number or Broker’s / Salesman License Number is and double-check this with the SEC.
  4. Don’t fall for people who give you promissory notes or post-dated checks as proof of your interest earnings. These notes or checks may turn out to be fake or un-funded. Scammers typically use this trick to lure you to invest and to show that they are supposedly genuine and paying.

Where to report scammers

If you encounter any company or person that may be guilty of the above, report them to the:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Enforcement and Investor Protection Department

Telephone Number: (+632) 818-5704


You may also contact the Philippine NBI:

  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

Telephone Number: (+632) 532-8231 to 532-8238


Don’t let scammers scam you. Protect yourself and know what to do.

330 thoughts on “Are you a scam victim? Where to report scammers in the Philippines”

  1. I want to report the scammer in the name of Rickne Jacala, the CEO/Owner of the investment scam and Coin De Oro. He promised to give us 45% interest and weekly pay-out on our investment but until now he never fulfill his promises. The hard earned money that we invest were not return until now.

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    Office Lagon Daet Camarines Norte
    Landmark ay along san vincente high way of Bel air resort and restaurant
    Number nya po 09956404227

  3. I want to report Johnrey Pagaling Nazi if it’s his real name but he sent me seaman’s passbook and other id’s with this name. He is a seller on carousell particularly an iphone 7 plus seller. He told me to pay on bdo online banking using paymaya biller and after that, I can no longer contact him.

    1. Hi. Victim of this as well, I think its a stolen identity. can I have your number for us to get in contact to file a formal complaint? Thank you

  4. I am Vincent Saldo, was victim of scammed in the Philippine regarding trading worth 5000 pesos to Jhonrel Delmonte. My phone number is 09065452550 and many of has also were victims.

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  6. Paki Report po yong PAYSBOOK hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa nakuha ang signup at login at logout ko ,, sabi nila na makukuha daw pero hindi pala kailangan pala mag invite,,

    paki report po itong company!

  7. please report this company
    Paysbook and Paycheck it is investment company in the Philippines.
    they invite all poor Filipinos and they have no return invest

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