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FAQ on Greece’s Debt Crisis — explained in simple terms

If you only have a minute to try to understand what’s going on in Greece and in the European Union (EU), here’s a summary for you:

The Greek government has accumulated a lot of debt in the past years and is now unable to pay its creditors. Leaders of the EU, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been trying in the past weeks to work out a payment plan to prevent Greece from defaulting on its loans. They are also trying to keep Greece from leaving the EU and dumping the Euro currency. However, Greek leaders are not inclined to accept the terms of the proposed payment plan because, for them, the new bailout plan would inflict more harm than good to its citizens. The Greek Prime Minister has instead called for a public referendum on July 5 to let the Greeks decide whether or not to accept the bailout plan.

Now, if you want more details about the Greek debt crisis, scroll down for a comprehensive but easy-to-understand FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the financial chaos currently gripping Greece and the EU.

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Beware! Cebu Pacific (CEB)’s raffle promo is fake

Making the rounds recently in social media is a “Free Tickets Raffle” supposedly sponsored by Cebu Pacific, allegedly in a bid by the airline to “apologize for the situation at NAIA Terminal 3 on December 25, 2014.”

Be aware that this promotion is fake and is not an official promotion of Cebu Pacific.

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Results of Bank Stress Tests and 3rd Quarter Earnings Update

We’ve got new Special Stock Reports brimming with useful information about the Philippine stock marke and designed to equip you with advanced knowledge and skills that can help you become a successful stock investor.

Take a look at the following special reports from PinoyInvestor, a stock subscription service that delivers analysis and recommendations of eight (8) stock brokerage companies in the Philippines.

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Credit rating upgrade: Philippines now 2 notches above junk

Another credit ratings agency affirmed yesterday the country’s investment grade status by upgrading the Philippines’ sovereign credit rating one more notch.

Moody’s Investor Services, one of the three largest credit ratings agencies in the world, now rates the Philippines a Baa2 — signifying “adequate capacity to meet financial obligations although there still exists adverse conditions that could lead to a weakened capacity to meet financial commitments”.

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Refunds for Eton’s First Homes Makati buyers?

One of our most popular articles on real estate, 7 Useful Tips when Buying a Condo Unit, cited the “reputation of the developer” as one of the key factors to consider before deciding to buy a residential property.

In that article, we wrote:

“For condos that are still in pre-selling stage, the reputation of the developer matters a lot because it ultimately determines whether the condo building will be completed. There have been cases of condo projects in the past that halted construction because the developer ran out of money. In such a case, it would be difficult to get your money back.”

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