9 thoughts on “BPI Trade launches new online stock trading website”

  1. the problem i countered lately in bpi securities new online system is that when you transfer fund, it takes 1 day to reflect from your purchasing power..i’ve ask the broker about this, he said its before of the new system.

  2. Thanks for this review. I’ve had the same love-hate relationship with BPI as well, and yes, I’ve stayed with them like a bad marriage because annulment is just too difficult to get 🙂

    Anyway, I find the snapshots to be VERY MUCH the same as FirstMetroSec’s that I swear I was looking at the FMS site! Did they just copy everything?

    Still, I’ll be trying (again) to use BPITrade…

  3. disqus_BIzrOP4Cvr

    hi, my account just got approved/activated. when i post an order, it always shows an error: 1007 Buy Limit Exceeded. What does this mean and how do i go about it?

  4. Hi there. 
    With regard to my bpi trade experience, it was really horrible and ridiculous. My bpi trade account was already activated. So i just need my bpi trade account number so that i can fund it through my bpiexpressonline account for me to start buying stocks already. So i sebt email to customer service and their reply was, they can’t send it through email for security Reasons. They told me that i need to call. So i called them a lot o times but it was busy always. I went to one o bpi branches. And i talked with the manager, and the manager has no idea about bpi trade and has nothing that he can do about it. So i emailed bpi trade and told them everything. All they told me was i just need to call again. I even gave to them my number for them to call me instead but they didn’t. 
    Very poor customer service and support of bpi trade. Now, i’ve already transferred to citiseconline. Bpi trade has really a very poor service and it really sucks!

  5. SO hindi po pwede mag peso cost averaging dito sa BPI Trade? Long term po kasi ang preffered ko not short term based sa nabasa ko day?week? and monthly mag eexpire un trade? tama po ba? (First timer po) pagpsensyahan kung mababawa ang katanungan

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