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BPI Express Online: Detailed transaction history

Earlier this month, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) announced that users of its online banking facility will soon be able to see additional details of their transactions in their account history.

Today I logged in to my Express Online account and saw that BPI has already started implementing this. I’ve long waited for this one and even sent them last year a suggestion regarding this, so I’m glad they have finally adopted this.

BPI Express Online (EOL) now shows details of one’s transactions, such as account name and account number of recipients/senders of online fund transfers, branch where a deposit to your account was made, and BPI branch where an ATM withdrawal was made, among others.

These details are very handy for BPI account holders to double-check transactions in their account. I for instance do a lot of online fund transfers and I don’t always remember to whom and when I made a transaction.

Previously EOL’s transaction history barely provide any help, because only the date and transaction amount were shown. Now that account names and account numbers of funds transfer recipients are provided, I don’t have to guess anymore whether funds were sent to Mr. Benedict or to Ms. Lucia.

On its site, BPI also announced that details of one’s BPI auto and housing loan — including principal balance, remaining payment terms, last payment date, etc. — will soon be in EOL.

All I can say is kudos to BPI for these improvements in their online banking facility!

There still are some things, though, that I look forward to in BPI Express Online:

  • Ability to make fund transfers to another BPI account without having to pre-register that account in a BPI branch;
  • Easily send funds to accounts in other banks;
  • On-time delivery of email notice of activation/expiry of time deposits (Can you believe these email notices always arrive late, almost a month after the transaction was made?)

I’ve already sent them these suggestions before and I hope they will soon implement these new functions in their online banking website.

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25 thoughts on “BPI Express Online: Detailed transaction history”

  1. Anonymous says:

    my god. please help me. I’m trying to use my debit card on an online merchant. But it really iritates me, ksi it’s asking for an expiration date for the card? eh duh? all i know is walang exp date ang debit. Credit card lng alam ko meron. damn… KAINIS!!!!

  2. Emmy says:

    will you be able to see the transfer on your account? For example someone is sending you money from europe and it will take days before you receive it, but once tmthe sender confirmed the transfer will you see it right away on your account or you’ll only see it after a few days of processing the transfer from europe to Philippines?

    1. James | says:

      Hi Emmy, you can only see it once the amount transferred has been credited to your account.

  3. Abe Santos says:

    What does CCSU code mean? This code was in 2 transactions in my checking account.

  4. Ellen Mae Delos Santos says:

    hello. How can i view or access mu TRANSACTION HISTORY on my savings account?

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