BMS Bank declares bank holiday

Several PMT Forum members have shared that they received a message from the staff of BMS Bank that the bank is currently on a bank holiday. I personally tried calling the Pasig main branch and two other branches to confirm the news but my calls went unanswered.

If this is true, BMS Bank will be added to the growing list of Philippine banks that have been closed or gone bankrupt. (See PDIC closes 9 more rural banks and Guide for Legacy depositors: How to claim money from PDIC)

Join the discussion about BMS Bank here: BMS Bank on bank holiday

If you want to contact the BMS Bank branches, here are their address and telephone number:

  • Head Office: 12 C. Raymundo Avenue, Rosario, Pasig City / (02) 6424524
  • Pasig: 3 Urbano Velasco St., Pinagbuhatan, pasig City / (02) 4685663
  • Cainta: 3 Felix Avenue, Karangalan Village, Cainta, Rizal / (02) 6476462
  • Taytay: Sitio Ilog-Pugad, National Rd., Brgy. San Juan, Taytay, Rizal / (02) 6608801
  • Antipolo: 100-A QSB Building, Mayamot Sumulong Hi-way, Antipolo City / (02) 6825247
  • Binangonan: 492 National Hi-way, Calumpang, Binangonan, Rizal / (02) 6523435
  • Bacoor: Brgy. Niog, Aguinaldo Hi-way, Bacoor, Cavite / (046) 4172734
  • Imus: Anabu I-C, Aguinaldo Hi-way, Imus, Cavite / (046) 4712033
  • Dasmarinas: Km. 27 Salitran, Aguinaldo Hi-way, Dasmariñas, Cavite / (046) 4165191
  • San Pedro: Gr. Flr. RDR Complex National Rd cor. Maharlika St., San Pedro, Laguna / (02) 5204361
  • Sta. Rosa: Barangay Labas, Sta. Rosa, Laguna / (049) 8376437
  • Biñan: 187 A. Bonifacio St., Canlalay, Biñan, Laguna / (049) 5133211
  • Calamba: 10 National Hi-way, Bucal, Calamba, Laguna / (049) 5455658

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88 thoughts on “BMS Bank declares bank holiday”

  1. It is really important to choose what bank you will put your savings. Don’t put
    more than P500,000 in one bank, this is the maximum amount of money insured by the PDIC.
    Open a bank account to those which are well established such as BPI, Metrobank and BDo.

  2. Bakit walang balita tungkol sa BMS Bank sa media at mga online newspapers up to
    this time?

    Totoo kaya yung balita from BMS staff na may ongoing negotiations daw nagaganap
    between BMS owners, BSP and, believe it or not, a new investor?

  3. I have been searching for news re BMS bank but this is the only news I saw. I have 3M in that bank and am waiting for it to either close or an alleged new investor come in.

    I saw with my eyes last week a couple of retired old people get the shock of their
    life when they received the news that their 5M deposit could not be withdrawn.

    There was also another retired old couple who were not able to get their 20M
    deposit. But a week prior to that, this same couple just deposited 2M in the
    same branch.

    It is rumored also that Michael Genuino (president) has already left the country
    as well as Dante Santos. The Bank Managers we talked to felt so bad because
    they could not contact them anymore at its like they were left to fend for

    There are a number of off-book investors there who have no entry in the bank and
    who will lose millions if the bank closes. They are watching this very intently
    as they will engage in legal tussle with the directors and/stockholders or prepare
    other actions.

    The Bank Managers have a lot of explaining to do since they were asking for more
    money from depositors despite having inside knowledge that the banks funds are
    drying up.

    Moreso, with the bank directors and stockholders who have a number of related
    companies dealing with the bank, of which they re the controlling stockholders.

    What the BSP will do will be a test of their resolve. If they even have any.
    Just last december, this same bank raffled off 500,000 prize in their christmas
    party. Wow, such a generous bank!

  4. i am depositor of this bank. Can we get all our acts together? Can we communicate with each other through this blog or by any other means so we can update each other.Its unfortunate that this Bank is going through this crisis.

  5. I called up BSP and I was advised that there are still ongoing meetings/discussions between BMS and the Central Bank; at the same time that the bank records are also being examined. They said that they cannot divulge anything at this point but that we may have news about the bank’s status within the week.

  6. Ms Ara/antdr

    Friend of mine also called up BSP and said that there is an on going investigation already. Maybe they are trying to sell this bank to a commercial bank. I heard from them that there are already a number of complaints with them.

    Its unfortunate that this happened and hopefully it will be resolved soon as other investors will file complaint soon and they have more big deposits i heard. Our deposits pale in comparison.

  7. Its good I came across this site. I am also a depositor of the bank and found
    out too late. Lets make this blog a common site for us. Hope you guys can invite
    others to join and update us about this. The Bank Managers are doing their
    rounds of consolng their clients and pretending they do not know. They claim
    that Ms. Marilou Genuino was the one who told them that the bank is going on
    a thrift bank status thats why they should get more investors. Thats a story.
    Well find out in a week. I have relatives at BSP and will find out more.

  8. Greatly appreciate all the info. I have also an account with the bank and so far, this site is the only source I have about the issue. I hope BMS resolves whatever problems they have and release an official statement soon.

  9. It’s been over a week now since BMS declared a bank holiday. I hope the story going around (and being peddled by BMS staff) that there’s an ongoing negotiation with BSP to allow another investor to come in is really true although I’m not counting on that. The more likely outcome is, God forbid, a PDIC takeover and depositors should prepare to wait till thy kingdom come to get back their hard-earned money.

    I would be very happy to be proven wrong.

  10. BMS Rural Bank is now officially under PDIC control effective today. Please
    contact PDIC for more details on the claims process.

  11. Is this final? I thought, the Bank is undergoing rehabilitation and auditing. So sad for depositors like us who trusted these people.

  12. I called up BSP and PDIC and there is no official statement on the status of BMS, except on it being on bank holiday…..Accordingly, it is only BSP who can and will issue an official statement/announcement regarding its closure.

  13. hi, i am a homeowner of a subd, project of BMS bank and Nueva Montana Homebuilders, we lived in cavite, which this site located, we live this place almost 2 years, until now no improvement at all. hope u can update us!

  14. Yes. Just called up a BSP friend and said that the Monetary Board will issue
    a Resolution closing the bank. PDIC and BSP are going to the bank tomorrow for
    start of turnover. Just hope the ‘investors’ have entered their deposits properly.

    To iah, what subdivision are you in? It is said that the foray into real estate was
    the reason why the bank’s funds dried up – nalugi daw. Dont know if its true.

  15. raffy, BMS EXECUTIVE VILLAGE ang nakuha ko, we get this subd last 2007 pa, located at general tria cavite, they promise us ever since, stop operation na sila dito, dami nila problema sa pag-ibig, maybe sa lot yata, sabi nila nasanla daw to sa DBP. baka may makatulong samin kung anong pwedeng gawin. thanks!

  16. I heard also from the BSP that they are investigating them. Dont know if this is true. I was advised to eventually file my claim with the PDIC — years!
    BMS is probably reading this blog site as they want to know what cases to avoid.
    So Iah, I suggest you compile all your receipts paid and let me know if you have
    compiled it already and I will advise you on your next step, as relayed to me
    by my friends at HLURB.

  17. thanks for the great info!

    i also have some deposit in the bank this is really sad, i’ve been saving the money and i plan to withdraw soon to buy a small property, but because of this event, i am very saddened. 🙁

    is there a law on how long a bank can declare a bank holiday? does anybody have an idea how long it would take to claim money from PDIC if ever the bank closes?

  18. Start of calvary for BMS depositors now that PDIC has taken over control of
    BMS Bank. Our only hope at this point is to call the attention of President-elect
    Noynoy Aquino to our plight.

  19. to raffy: i already compiled my receipts, last monday, nagpunta nadin neighbor ko sa HLURB, actually 1 year na yata namin sinumbong ito sa HLURB, kaya lang nag-uusap lang kami. as usual, BMS promise to us.

    to BMS: aba, inasa nyo pa sa next president.

    hope may makatulong satin!

  20. A BMS staff has already told me that the bank is already closed and BSP and PDIC are taking over. What we need to do now is to assist and help everyone (in this same predicament) through this blog.

  21. ara, dont know if there is a solution, kami nga almost 2 years na kami sa subdivision, project ng bms.. until now no improvement at all! if nalugi sila, mas lugi tayo. pera natin ang nilustay nila. anybody can help us!

  22. I understand from the PDIC that there will be a meeting with PDIC at the BMS bank
    premises on June 2. Or I do not know if this is the date for the filing of the
    claims. Please get in touch with your respective PDIC representatives (they are now
    at the Head Office collating the files) to confirm. DOnt be left out.

    Bakit President elect? WTF

    Make sure your original documents are complete and 2 valid Identification cards
    drivers and passports and photocopy these documents maybe 3x. I think we will
    surrender the originals to the PDIC pipol. The xerox is for your receiving copies
    and you will need to bring the people named in the bank passbook (personal appearance
    po ang kailangan) SO kung naka and/or ang account ninyo – dalawa kayong pupunta.
    Again, please confirm first with PDIC pipol

    Go and double check your documents – sana walang mga erasures eto at may pirma

    As far as Iah is concerned, you should file a case with HLURB not just a complaint
    letter. Contact your local lawyer for that, lalo na pag mortgaged sa bank ang
    lot mo – pag walang HLURB certification of approval to loan = void ang mortgage and
    should not affect you.

  23. lets seek nbi help , see google dante santos and marilou genuino, dati na me kaso sa citibank, bakit na allowed ng BSP mag open ng bank in the name of bms rural bank, mga estafador talaga mga tao na ito, the pres. anak ni marilou genuino pinatakas na ng bansa, this arrogant marilou genuino pinagmamalaki na kamag anak siya ni Genuino ng PAGCOR, who is very close naman to the first gentleman, mike arroyo…are we seeing something here, bakit na allowed na bigla sila mag stop operation, even central bank was caught in surprise, dahil its bms who without notice to BSP stop operation last week……or are going to media…lets all combine forces……God speed.

  24. I remember that there is this ret. general who is a depositor/ client of the bank. Maybe he can help us or can provide us reports about dante santos and marilou genuino.Problem is, I cant recall the name of the ret. general. His surname is foreign sounding.

  25. ara, maybe its ret general browner. he is also the owner of our subd. maybe he invest to BMS bank, hope he can help us!

  26. raffy, yon na siguro ang next step namin to file a case, actualy that our idea, but the HLURB personel told us if pwede mapag-usapan, humarap naman sila samin, ang problem namin monthly kami nagpay sa bms ng 1k electric bill, but we notice this month hindi pala sila nagpay ng bill namin, umabot na ng 80k+, saan naman namin hagilapin yan. baka kasi putulan na kami ng kuryente. hope may taga media na tutulong satin.

  27. Yes, wag na kayong makiusap re subdivision ninyo at malamang naitago na ang
    pera na yan. They would be paying off lawyers than you. Also, there is a
    meeting (daw) tomorrow at 10AM sa BMS or somewhere near called by PDIC to
    talk to the depositors – please confirm this so you will know direct from
    PDIC what you need. Failure to file within the proper period will result in NO

    I also saw the case with citibank when I googled their names – I also wonder how
    the BSP can allow these two to be the operational bosses of a rural bank when they have a history of deceitful practices. Their employer, Citibank, filed an estafa case against them

  28. Hindi ba all depositors of a failed bank are given two years to file their claim, accordig to the PDIC website? Bakit failure to file claim will result in non-payment?

  29. Now is the time that we need to call the attention of President-elect Noynoy Aquino and
    his incoming administration. Coincidence ba na nagsara ang BMS – malakas daw ang owner nito sa
    isang high-ranking PAGCOR official na alam ng lahat na malapit na malapit din sa First
    Couple – barely a month before a new administration takes over? Walang ba kayong naaamoy?

  30. I would not want to be caught in the “intriguing” comments of Noynoyhelpus and the others, but I too am wondering why until now that BMS is officially closed, there is no news about the bank closure(or is there?)…among other things…..

  31. I understand this was a voluntary closure on the part of the BMS management. It
    was caused by ‘their inability to service their depositors’. Kung baga, inunahan
    na nila bago pa lumaki ang sunog. Ok din at least gumagalaw na.

    For those who do not know, PDIC has already taken over. Bank was closed by the BSP
    two days ago.May 25, 2010

  32. To all Cainta branch depositors, meron open forum with PDIC reps on Monday, May 31 sa may covered court a few distance from the branch. Bring your documents, have it photocopied na.

    On June 2 to 9 (from 8 am to 5 pm) ay filing na of claims. Sa mga di reach ang cut-off at sa PDIC na mag-file ng claim.

    Pero bakit wala man lang audting period ang BMS? Bakit ang bilis ng lahat? Di ba sa isang closed bank ay dapat i-audit muna ang mga book to knowe the root of its bankruptcy. Ganoon noon sa Manila Bank in 1987.

    To all co-depositors please let us update each other. Dito ay magkaisa tayo for the good of all.

  33. pano kaya kami, e subdivision yong samin, gusto nalang din namin bayaran nalang kami sa equity at inhouse payment namin, para makahanap na ng ibang malilipatan, baka pwede tayo matulungan ng media, mas madali kasi ang action pag may media. God help us!

  34. sa lahat ng naloko ng bms…lets all join forces together for legislative action on the part of bsp why people with cases of estafa like dante santos and marilou genuino be allowed to open or operate bank …maybe this eye opener for the incoming administration protectionan naman mga depositors, at anu ginawa ng auditing team ng bsp, they should know na wala na pera bms they should have made action earlier,kesa sila pa naunahan ng bms magsara bsp wake upp……pano na kami mga me hard earned money…why no media blitz kasi nga….mapapahiya bsp sa nangyari….nautakan sila ng mga estafador na santos at mga genuino na ito, even bsp …according to insider was caught in surprise….kaya kahihiyan nila ito, kaya me news blackout…….grrrrrr…………..

  35. There is a six monthperiod to audit. BSP should do something about these people – tama
    sila. bakit mga estafador ay may kakayahang maging controlling officer ng isang banko.
    Kausap ko mga ibang tao kanina sa PDIC called meeting at nakita pa daw sila Genuino kids
    nasa Resort World.. ang saya naman.

    Root cause of all this? You dont need to be a rocket scientist to know that the root
    cause are the following:

    1. Top heavy salaries.
    2. Failed Investments (see comment of Iah)- dito ata ang pinaka malaking factor
    dahil may 2 subdivisions sila that are not making good.
    Also, they invested in a lot of other unrelated companies at the same time puro
    naka SUV lahat ng KIDS! Ayus!
    3. Foreseeable failure to default/collection problems

  36. Rafft, what happened sa PDIC meeting you had this morning? Please update us here. I am scheduled to have mine next week.I will update you all here.

  37. I was present at the PDIC Forum and distribution of claim forms for BMS Head
    Office depositors this morning:

    Overheard the following statements:

    “BMS was already having trouble as early as middle of last year.”

    “BMS employees – mnay of whom are newly hired – were not so cooperative when PDIC
    took over on May 25.”

    “Several boxes presumed to contain sensitive bank documents were carted out of the
    main office last weekend.”

    “PDIC cannot guarantee a definite timetable for claims saying it will depend on BMS
    records and individual case to case conditions.”

    “There are about 6,000 depositors of BMS according to one old lady (not sure if
    this figure is for the main office alone or for all BMS branches.”

    “Many retired generals and politicians have deposits with BMS.”

    Depositors of BMS Main Office can submit their claim forms starting June 3 (Thurs)
    up to June 9 (Wednesday) at the Dona Juana Covered Court just across the main
    office of BMS Bank in Pasig. After June 9, they can proceed to the PDIC offices
    in Makati.

  38. Yes, the following statements I heard were from ADB retirees

    whom Malou Genuinio was close to. I heard she emailed them something because
    of what happened. She was driven to the airport by an in-law and her mother (daw)
    and she was allegedly going there for a vacation. But some chinese depositors (who
    were very angry since anak anakan daw nila si Malou) said she left because she was
    receiving death threats. (Feasible).

    ABD group members (40 plus) comprised about 200M deposit, could be. Galit ng Galit
    dahil retirement nila iyon at tumanggap pa daw ng pera maski May 14 na. Hindi man
    lang na konsyensya.

    Sila Dante Santos andito pa daw at hinahanap nila

  39. The Cainta branch depositors had its briefing this am. it is important that we read all the directions contained in the form. The claim forms plus the date of filing were given.

    I’ve noticed that those who were present are small depositors. Siguro the big ones were given tip by the higher management to withdraw their accounts as early as January. The big amount of withdrawals is the reason why the bank sank further.

    I can see from the eyes of the depositors that they were really saddened by the turn of events (after enjoying the good rates and nice and personalized service). I hope everything will turn out good for all of us.

  40. Before the Legacy Bank Scandal took place, PDIC ably performed its duty in giving back depositors their money within 1 to 2 months. This time, I hope we all get back our hard-earned money without much delay. To PDIC’s credit, I would say that they acted fast this time (giving out the claim forms and schedule for filing of claims).

    The start of a new administration under President Noynoy Aquino also gives me much hope that we’ll get better service and treatment from PDIC this time around.

    I also hope and pray that all turns out well for all of us – BMS depositors.

  41. Hi…I was one of the Branch Accountant of BMS Bank we back 1999, during my time the bank was in good operation, but I was sadden today when I heard the news about BMS Bank….

  42. i agree with all those who believe the genuino’s and santoses should answer for this scam! they took away our money! worse, the bsp allowed these people to profit from us despite their bad record. e mga estafador pala ang mga yan pero binigyan pa rin ng lisensya. hinayaan pang magkaroon ng playground ang mga anak nila! if raffy is right, gusto kong pumunta ng resorts world para sapakin ang genuino kids at para gasgasin ang mga suv nila.

    anyway, i did a little investigation: ang mga genuino, taga-cavite, sa place ng subdivision nina iah. sa bayan lang raw sila, real street. ang mga santos naman taga 21 tirad pass, ayala heights in qc, according to a disclosure document na nahanap ko sa google. ewan ko kung updated yun at kung nasa pilipinas pa sila. and the wife of dante santos is a teacher in ateneo college, benilda santos. gusto ko ngang malaman kung nagtuturo pa sya at kung paano nya ie-explain ang pagnanakaw ng pamilya nya. these are important information if we are pursuing a case against them. sana merong mag-start kasi sasali ako. not just because of my money but esp para matuto ang mga manlolokong katulad nila.

  43. campaigner your right, kailangan sa l5th congress lets combine forces and bring this up for legislative investigation patawag bsp official…marami ng nagdusa mga depositor sa mga bigla pagsasara ng mga banko, di lang namemedia masyado, malou genuino arrived may l6 sa san francisco calif. according to our contact sa u.s immigration ,talaga intention nila manloko ng tao me mga record na mga yan..umpisahan nyo at ilobby natin sa kongreso sobra na ito, dami buhay sinisira ng mga banko na ina allowed mag operate ng bsp, knowing me mga audit team lagi sila, pano nalusutan sila nito….genunio, santoses na yan…ipa wanted natin…umpisahan nyo..mag file tayo class suit, but importante iayos talaga patakbo ng bsp, ipatawag sila sa kongreso…Paging new administration…..

  44. That is all so true what you are saying. These kind of people should be dealt with the full force of the law. They are the worst kind of criminals; as they are pretending to be stewards of people’s deposits , yet they literally run away with the depositors’ money. Some BSP auditors may be in cahoots with the banks for how can they pass these audits? And it is just really too much, mahiya naman sana sila, para que nandyan pa sila? And why the news blackout regarding BMS closure? How can depositors claim from PDIC if they are not even aware of the status of the banks? If not for these blogs, we absolutely know nothing about BMS status.

  45. Yes Ara, that is the Benilda Santos that I am talking about. Dating Dean pa ata sya e, tsk, tsk, tsk.

    I agree Angel, good idea to send this matter to Congress.

  46. Mabuti na lang at may Pinoy Money Talk na blog. You will notice that there’s really a news blackout about the closure of BMS. Coincidence lang ba talaga that BMS would close shop in
    the last few weeks of the current administration? Bakit nagpunta kaagad sa Americs
    si Marilou Genuino just a few days after the May 10 elections when it was already
    apparent that the Noynoy will be our country’s next President?

    We should let the incoming administration be aware of what’s going on even at this
    stage. Heads should roll. Imagine using PDIC’s fund (considered as a public fund)
    to concoct these shenanigans. Part two ba ito ng Legacy Bank scam ni Celso
    delos Angeles na kung saan ay maraming claimants pa rin ang hindi nababayaran
    dahil halos kapos na diumano ang pondo ng PDIC?

  47. Ms. Malou called some of her neighbors to apologize – its a roaming line and probably
    shes in U.S. or HK. But shell be back, its hard to stay there nowadays. Belinda Santos?
    Are they still together with Dante santos.

    There are retired generals that are waiting tracing the whereabouts of Malou because
    they were not notified that the bank was to close or notified a few weeks na lang.

    A lot of investors were caught with their pants down, they were not entered into the
    books of the bank, lalo na ang mga tao na nakay Malou ang passbooks pa – hindi naayos ng

    They should be held answerable for this as they probably have a connivance with
    the PDIC and BSP.

  48. Is it true that there were big depositors who are raising hell because they were victimized and tricked by the Santos-Genuino evil collaboration? Marilou Genuino apologizing to her neighbors? A plain and simple apology for causing us mental anguish? Girl, she must be out of her mind? She deserved to pay for this literally and figuratively!

  49. Raffy, by the way, where are you getting these first hand information? Like — she apologized to her neighbors; she will be back; she is in Hk or US.

    What she needs to know right now is the truth that she has caused her clients so much pain. And the fault of all clients, (like you and me) is that she trusted her so well!



  51. hi there!! i also have my time deposit at BMS i was so shocked about what happened.. yesterday i went to the bank ‘supposedly to claim the interest but then i was so shocked that the bank was closed. I haven’t received any notice from the bank.. What will happen now?
    can we still get our money? i really regret to deposit my money at BMS. Guys please inform me on how to claim our deposits.. don’t have any idea… i have been banking for several years but this is my first time to experience this kind of bank trouble….
    please update me… i tried to contact one of the manager of bms taytay but i didn’t get any answer.
    here is my email add
    thank you!!!

  52. We have to follow up it to the PDIC and they said that the process will take 6 months
    before we can get our money back. They will mailed the check in our home address.

  53. One PDIC staff at BMS main office told me to follow up claims after October 2010. If
    the Rural bank of Paranaque would be our basis as to the timetable of getting our claims,
    I estimate that January 2011 would be the earliest time for depositors to get their
    money back. Hopefully, President Noynoy will take notice of our plight and tell PDIC
    people to move faster.

    Presidente Noy – ikaw ang aming pag-asa!

  54. Paano kaya makararating ang problemang ito, ng PDIC kay Pres. Noy Aquino.Kasi mukhang hirap na ang PDIC na makabayad sa mga insured money ng BMS bank.As long na di pa nila nauumpisahan ang mga bayarin nila na nakapending sa kanilang departamento.

  55. Kailangan makarating muna ito kay DOF Sec. Cesar Purisima. Trabaho ng PDIC bayaran ang mga depositors ng insured bank once bankrupt na ang bank. kasi yan ang reason kung bakit sila created.According to a former BMS manager, audit pa rin ng PDIC ang mga BMS accounts.

  56. Tama ka,para na silang tape recorder na sumasagot ng under stringent verification pa until now ang mga papers claim ng mga depositors.We tried to get a chance to talk with Mr. Jose Nograles,but we failed.
    What do you think the best thing to do to settle this problem ASAP.
    At the moments,since we are retired & no monthly income anymore,we are in difficulties to wait without any definite time table to get our money back.
    I am willing to cooperate to other depositors,to go to the highest authority regarding this matter.

  57. i did try to contact the Pdic no. today but i keep on getting busy tone?
    did they changed their phone no? is their an assurance that we can still get our money back?
    Im planning to go there next mon to follow up my claim. Ill inform you my co depositor of Bms bank on what will the pdic will tell me.
    im hoping to get a positive feedback from them.

  58. Talked also to PDIC. Our claims are still with the evaluation group. It could take one to two months to go to processing and another one to two months to go to payments. However, it could take 3 to 5 months each depending on the paperwork.

    Mukang may nakitang mga anomalya sa loans i.e. you borrowed 100K but it was listed a different amount.

    SO maybe they will double check all. Not sure about the deposits though, no word.
    PDIC has different numbers check the website.May mga nakaaalam ng bankruptcy ng bms ngayon lang. Maybe they are the OFWs, they were taking it real hard at BMS offices daw when they went there lately. May PDIC personnel pa sa C. Raymundo

  59. Last week galing kami ng PDIC,sabi nila tapos na ang stringent verification nila sa mga claims ng depositors.Any problem with the bank & BSP. depositors money still insured in PDIC.
    They promise us,that this week we can received a letter or checks payment.Hope this is not only promises to be broken.

  60. Hope you are right. Will PDIC. You can actually check the status of your account. There are three departments – evaluation, processing and payment. Pag wala pa sa processing its stll at evaluation. Sa processing tumatagal. Even if it is in payment department – nakapila ito dahil marami ding binabayaran na previous failed banks. But lets hope for the best.

  61. Tama ang kutob namin,na puede nilang ipangako kahit bukas.just to shot up our mouth.Walang dumating kahit isang note o message na nagsasabi ng status ng claims namin.Feeling namin ay may problema o curruption sa matter na ito.Cause we believe in PDIC insurance. that’s why we put our money in the bank,so they need action to find out at once who made a mistakes.BUT PDIC need to pay first all the depositors,cause this is now their responsibility.To pay or back the depositors money.

  62. to all of my co depositor @ bms bank
    pls continue to post for updates for our claims.
    i called the pdic last fri they told me the same stuff.

  63. To be realistic about it, expect your checks or the first ones (if you have many) to be sent to you by May.The PDIC is not entirely at fault.Magulo ang records ng bank daw.

    Kindly update this site if our claims or any of your claims are finished with the evaluation.
    Like I said, when you call up PDIC to verify, they will actually note in their computer where your claim is. If it is still in evaluation or claims processing. Sa huli pa ang payment (dito it can stay for 1 to 3 months)

  64. Whose fault is not important.but to solve the main cause or processing views of depositors is their main task to settle at once. if they are efficient enough in their work.We believe that all employee & pdic heads are clever & professional to handle this matter not too long time.but we need solution.
    Magulo man ang record ng bms,for sure di naman aabutin ng taon ang pagco correct ng lahat. Maliban na lang kung may gusto silang coveran na malaking taong involved.

  65. what happened na to the malou genuino at dante santos? bakit wala pa rin news reg them??? di man lang sila na-police or anything?? may mga kasalanan mga yan…they should have been qustioned….matataas mga sweldo mga yan dun + mga anak nila….may mga property condo sila sa the fort si malou sa belaggio si santos sa rob ….yung anak na babae si michhele meron pa sa serendra…sila nagpapasarap ngayon tayo hirap na hirap…..may bahay yan sa tagaytay yung mga anak na babae ni dante santos simula nag bms may mga bahay na bago…..DUN SA KANILA PUMUNTA PERA NATIN! pati yung kinakaltas sa mga employees nilagay sa CO-OP nila nawala rin…may mga shares pa yan sa Anvaya cove yun mga yan kakarmahin…

  66. For info:

    I received all of my 5 claims today . The cheques are dated November 9 , 2010.
    Kaya lang binawas lahat payment of premyo advanced by BMS bank.

  67. Is your check (single check) worth higher than 100K or lower? I received a notice to provide affidavit of ownership with circumstance.

    To amanda, yung pera natin napunta nga sa kanila – you left out a detail. they own a subdivision in Cavite – napunta din sa kanila dun yun

  68. mabuti nman nareceived nyo na sa akin wala pa din.
    sana makuha ko na din
    anong branch po ng bms bank un nakakuha na ng claims?
    sa akin po kc wala p ako nareceived
    bms taytay un sa akin…


  69. Made follow up with PDIC. Some of our checks are in transit, while others are lined up for payment.
    May malalaki kami na single account na pinapaexecute ng affidavit of ownership

  70. malapit sa sonias alam ko si malou may property sa bellagio the fort dun yata sya ngayon yung anak nyang babae may property sa serendra yung mga anak ni dante santos may mga bagong bahay….dapat i question at i hold ang mga yon habang di pa nakukuha ng mga depositors pera natin…..sila nagpapa kasasa tapos tayo hirap makuha money natin na pinakinabangan nila!!!!

  71. finally nakuha ko na yung check ko.
    sobrang pahirapan bago makuha
    gagawin ka pinball.
    ang rude ng mga employees ng pdic

    lalo na un sa inquiry na babae na may bangs
    na kamukha ni madam auring

  72. Isa ako sa mga nakakuha na ng cheke,matagal na ang paghihintay pag nareceived mo pa ay napakalaki ng kaltas.akala ko ay pag 500.thousand ang isang bankbook ay 500.thousand din ang insurance nito na makukuha. Unfortunately almost 400.thousand na ang nababawas sa total amount na dapat kong makuha.
    Plus pa iyong sa tagal ng paghihintay ay notice lang pala na kailangang manotaryo publiko ang ipinadadala nilang letter, na kailangan pa ding gastusan at asikasuhing mabuti.
    Sabi nila ay puede pa itong mahabol o makuha after na maibenta ang properties ng banko.pero di ko alam kung paano ang prosseso ng paghahabol na ito.
    I need advise from someone, who knows how to do this matter.
    Thank you in advance sa makakatulong sa akin regarding this matter.

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