Adsense stats different from Google Analytics?

If you were able to successfully link your Adsense and Analytics accounts, you would see by now relevant stats about Adsense on your Analytics account.

Among others, you will see:

  • which blog post brought the most ad clicks;
  • which site delivered the most referred users who clicked on the ads;
  • a comparison of your click-through rates (CTR), cost per impression (eCPM), and Adsense income

But one thing you will find weird sometimes is the difference of statistics on your Adsense account and on Analytics. For instance, Analytics may show a different number of ad clicks from that recorded on your Adsense account. Worse, your earnings on Adsense may be different from what is shown on Analytics.

Is this normal?

Don’t worry, it is. According to Google, it is possible to have significant discrepancies between the reports on Adsense and Analytics.

These can be explained by the following.

1. Analytics only tracks Adsense content ad units, meaning it does not show stats for Adsense link ads, search ads, and other Adsense ad products.

2. For reports to match, the Analytics code must be included on every webpage running Adsense for content ad units.

3. If a site visitor did not enable cookies on the browser, the Adsense stats won’t be recorded on Analytics.

4. Analytics counts a pageview only when the Google Analytics tracking code is executed by a user’s browser. For example, if the tracking code is at the bottom of the page and the user exits the page before the site fully loads, the tracking code will not be executed. In this case, AdSense might count a page impression but Analytics won’t count the pageview.

Your Adsense and Analytics accounts may sometimes present varying figures but at the end of the day, the final Earnings amount shown on your Adsense account is the thing that matters the most, right?

5 thoughts on “Adsense stats different from Google Analytics?”

  1. jhesqi - do online trading

    I also experience this with my own account. Different earnings in analytics and adsense. Different din yung page impressions. But ok pa din at least somehow may basis na and maybe some tweaking can be done on my website.

    1. Yup, very useful talaga ang info ng Adsense sa Analytics. Minsan nga lang mas mataas ang earnings ko sa Analytics kesa sa actual Adsense account. Sana ang totoong binabayaran sa atin kung alin yung mas mataas sa dalawa hehehe…

  2. Thanks for the explanation! I’ve been trying to find out why it didn’t match, and your reasons sound sensible.

    I suppose one way to counteract is to put the adsense tracking code in the header instead of the footer.

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