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Monthly Archives: September 2017

The “BW Resources” stock manipulation scandal

Here’s a story of a company whose stock price rose a staggering 18,025% in one year — from P0.80 in October 1998 to P145.00 in October 1999 — and its consequent crash that almost put the Philippine stock market into collapse. Who is Dante Tan and

PSEi reaches new all-time high (Sept 2017)

UPDATE: On September 15, 2017, the PSEi reached another record high. It closed at 8,180.85 points, up +0.44% from the previous all-time high level. This is now the latest all-time high of the PSEi so far. Philippine stocks ended today with another record, as the Philippine

3 Tips How to Solve your Credit Card Problem

A P30,000 credit card debt that ballooned to almost P1 million because of interest charges? About this post: credit card debt, credit card debt philippines, credit card number sample philippines, credit card cases in the philippines, credit card forum philippines

7 Facts about the PSE You Probably Didn’t Know

At present, the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) has trading floors both in Ayala, Makati and in Ortigas, Pasig City. This is about to change soon. But first, more info about these two stock exchange locations. The Makati trading floor is located at the PSE Plaza inside Ayala

How much money needed to begin investing in stocks?

What is the minimum amount needed to begin investing in the stock market? This surely is one of the most common questions newbie investors would like to know. The short answer: the minimum amount needed is dependent on the PSE Board Lot, which determines the

If I buy stocks during EX-DATE, will I receive dividends?

Here’s one common question from first-time stock investors who have heard about dividends to be distributed by a certain company: If I buy stocks during the announced EX-DATE, am I eligible to receive dividends from the company? About this post: best american funds mutual funds