Yahoo rejects Microsoft bid; Google to buy CNET?

Too cheap.
That’s basically Yahoo!‘s response to Microsoft‘s unsolicited offer of $44.6 billion. Media reports are abound that Yahoo! is set to reject the world’s largest software maker’s acquisition bid.
According to an insider, the board decided that Microsoft’s $31-a-share offer “massively undervalues” Yahoo!. The company is unlikely to consider any offer below $40 per share, the insider said.
That obviously means Yahoo! is interested in accepting a bid offer, as long as the price is right.
It still is all about the money, baby.
Google to acquire CNET?
And what’s this?
Google is rumored to be eyeing tech news provider CNET as its latest acquisition. Nothing is finalized or confirmed, but the rumor is enough to bump up the CNET stock by 7% to $8.09 on February 8.
Is it happening or not? Ironically, the answer cannot simply be Googled.

8 thoughts on “Yahoo rejects Microsoft bid; Google to buy CNET?”

  1. “Is it happening or not? Ironically, the answer cannot simply be Googled.”
    That last line made me laugh. Very witty ending to a simple and informative post.
    More power!

  2. David |

    Yahoo wants more money from Microsoft but the big question is will the share holder from Microsoft side agree to giving more for the big. If, after the take over of Yahoo, Microsoft could make Yahoo profitable then Microsoft could become even more of a threat to Google. Microsoft could become even more powerful then what it is today.

  3. Googles power is undeniably extraordinary in strength. I think they can buy Honda or Samsung or Oil companies in Saudi Arabia. CNET will be acquired if google offers slot to officials of the current CNET networks, Inc. CBS Interactive who now owns the company should think million times before saying “YES”.
    Thank you

  4. Gregory Salameh

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