Do women with bigger salaries depress their husbands?

PMT Forum member bullet asks the men: Does it bother you if your wife makes more money than you?

Here are some replies taken from that discussion thread.

tops5450 opines:

It doesn’t matter to me because the success of a man/husband, behind [it] is the woman/ wife. In any case you are not two different individuals anymore but one (as a Team). Overall, it is a win-win solution.

cool_78 coolly says:

If ever I have a wife that makes more than me, then I’ll be extremely happy. Sa bahay nalang ako…

vbignacio explains:

Kung masyado bossy ang misis na may malaking income, maybe. Pero kung wife pa din sya mag-behave, it doesn’t matter to me if ever mangyari sakin.

emeraldfire shares:

Ako, 11 years na kaming mag-asawa. Okay naman, kami pa din. Kahit na forever ata akong mas mataas ang sweldo, ako pa din ang housewife pag weekends. The thing is, I don’t flaunt it in his face, kasi it doesn’t matter. Yung ibang kilala ko, pinagmumukha nila sa asawa nila na mas malaki sweldo nila. Ayun, hiwalay na. Mas importante naman siguro yung stability ng marriage di ba, kaysa sa yabang.

What’s your take on this issue?

Post your opinions in the forum thread Can women with big salaries depress their husbands?

3 thoughts on “Do women with bigger salaries depress their husbands?”

  1. tama, ano ngayon kung mas malaki suweldo ni misis, ang inspirasyon naman niya is si hubby, kahit ano pa, pag hingi ni lalaki ng pang gimik bigay agad si misis, kaya okay lang yun.

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