Widgetbucks’ advertisers don’t like traffic from the Philippines

It’s official. Traffic and clicks on Widgetbucks ads coming from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Egypt, and Romania are not credited and will not be paid.

That’s according to a post in the official blog of Widgetbucks:

What are the non-paying countries or regions?

We are finding that advertisers are not willing to buy traffic from Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Egypt, and Romania.

It’s really important to mention this is an advertiser decision regarding the value of that traffic, NOT WidgetBucks’ decision. We repeat: this is an advertiser decision regarding the value of that traffic, NOT WidgetBucks’ decision. I emphasize this because publishers, for whatever reason, will undoubtedly and incorrectly draw the conclusion it is solely WidgetBucks’ decision.

Apparently, Widgetbucks’ advertisers prefer traffic coming from countries that will quickly represent a better CPM (cost per thousand impressions), such as the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, India, and Japan.

Clicks and traffic from Taiwan, parts of the Middle East, and parts of South America are paid, but the rate is not as much as those from the previously mentioned countries.

Well, that’s the price the Philippines and other countries have to pay for not having a market attractive to online advertisers.

Google Adsense clicks from the Philippines, for example, are paid less compared to clicks from the US, Canada, Australia, or parts of Europe. Also, eBay and PayPal took years before they finally offered their services in the Philippines. It won’t come as a surprise then if it will also take Widgetbucks’ advertisers some time before they start targeting the Philippine audience. That is, if they will actually decide to target it at all.

Alas, websites whose main traffic comes from the Philippines should look for other ways to monetize their site because, obviously, they won’t earn much or probably won’t earn at all from Widgetbucks.

22 thoughts on “Widgetbucks’ advertisers don’t like traffic from the Philippines”

  1. puede pala widgetbucks sa site ko eh
    kase top countries ko:

    1. USA
    2. RP
    3. Canada

    kaya lng tinatamad aq mag sign up eh,
    punong puno na kase ng kung ano ano ung blog ko
    lalo pang babagal ang loading time nun

    1. Kung galing sa US ang traffic mo, pwedeng-pwede yan sa Widgetbucks. Pero kung concerned ka sa dami ng ads sa blog mo, try mo trial experiment ng bawat ad networks tapos assess mo kung sino dun ang mas malaki ang kinikita mo tapos yun na gamitin mo sa site mo.

  2. I always had this impression that people don’t prefer us because of political controversies and being a third world country.

    Too bad for WidgetBucks publishers like me 😐

    1. For online advertisers, it’s actually more about the attractiveness of our online market. How many Filipinos have access to the internet? Not a lot. How many of them make online purchases? Very, very few.

      Unless we can develop our online market to be as attractive as the US or Canadian or UK online market, the Philippine market will always be the least preferred choice for online advertisers.

  3. Buti nalang may reserve akong alternative.. Di rin pwede ung widgetbucks sa site ko… walang dayuhan na bumibisita 😛

    RSS feed advertisement ang ibig ko sabihin… Bagay to kay Marhgil dami nya subscribers.

    1. JC, kung sa Pinas nga nanggagaling ang karamihan ng traffic sa site mo, naku malabo nga na malaki ang kitain mo sa Widgetbucks. Hintayin na lang natin na i-target ang Pilipinas ng advertisers ng Widgetbucks (pero yun ay kung dumating nga ang panahon na yun).

      1. ok, thanks.. another question, is it the same with adsense that you can put the code on multiple sites or blogs that you own? or is it just one site per account?

        1. You can use Adsense in your other sites/blogs too. There’s no one-account-per-site rule. Make sure, however, that your account is not used on a site that was previously banned by Adsense because that might trigger a ban on your Adsense account too.

        2. Forgive me sir if i got you confused with my last question (i’m not that good in english kasi ^_^) but I was actually referring to Widgetbucks, can I put one widgetbucks account on multiple web sites the same way that I can do it with Adsense.

        3. Oops, sensya na Pasko kasi nung nag-post ako medyo high pa ako nun. LOL.

          I don’t remember any Widgetbucks rule that forbids placing the ads on a variety of sites, so I’d say yes it’s ok to use widgetbucks on any site as long as the site meets their terms of service, that is, the sites are not pornographic in nature, not a non-english site, and not ad-only.

  4. tama nga we have to test pa ung pheedo, but i think kailangan talaga maraming visitor para kumita sa mga advertisement, kung blogging lang talaga ung habol, ung revenue extra trophy nalang un…

    thanks kuya for the informations…

    1. Exactly. If your purpose in blogging is to earn, then find ways to increase your site traffic because the more visitors you have, the more income you can get. But if you blog just because you want to blog, focus on the content because that is how you’ll become a popular, authoritative blogger. As you said, earning money will just ultimately follow especially if you already have lots of posts and lots of visitors.

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