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Pampanga local elections: Wacky world of politics

I rarely talk about politics in this blog but I can’t help but write one whenever I hear outrageous / weird / wacky news about politics and politicians.

Pampanga governor: Ed Panlilio, Lilia Pineda, Mark LapidJust a week ago, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) announced that in the recount of votes in the gubernatorial seat of Pampanga, losing candidate Lilia Pineda apparently won over proclaimed winner Ed Panlilio. The recount shows that Pineda received 190,729 votes while Panlilio got 188,718 votes.

What makes this more interesting, however, is that the number of votes of another losing candidate, third placer and then incumbent Mark Lapid, was 210,875 — which makes him the winner over the two!

Mark Lapid, based on the number of votes, was the real winner! Surprise!

According to the Comelec, Lapid — son of Lito Lapid, action star and senator (yes, he is Senator of the Republic of the Philippines!) — was not a party to the recount which means the number of votes he got was not changed.

And yet, according to the Comelec, he cannot assume the position because he did not file a petition for recount.

Ok, so let’s recap.

Comelec recounted the votes and discovered that Panlilio lost to Pineda. How that happened and whether Panlilio cheated his way to the governorship is a mystery.

The recount also shows that the individual number of votes gotten by Pineda and Panlilio were even lower than the votes received by Mark Lapid, the third placer.  Merely judging by the number of votes received, Mark Lapid should have won the race. But he is out of the picture because he is not part of the recount case.

Wow. Amazing turn of events. Only in the Philippines? Yes, only in the wacky world of politics in the Philippines.


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339 thoughts on “Pampanga local elections: Wacky world of politics”

  1. danny says:

    Wacky is an understatement. The word is even endearing in a sick sort of way.
    I prefer the adjectives Ruthless,
    Cutthroat and/or Machiavellian.

    It may sound stupid to us since we are basically outside the aquarium looking in
    through the glass of the media.

    Leaving personal opinions off the table, the best logical conclusion that we could
    derive is simply that “COMELEC cannot be trusted.”
    But since it is the only electoral body
    mandated by the Constitution to handle matters involving our Right of Suffrage,
    we as spectators have no alternate recourse but to continue to distrust it and/or
    complain to the non hearing and/or file an independent inquiry in a government
    body with oversight functions – which could take years rendering any relevant decision moot and academic. But that is the only productive recourse save an armed uprising.

    We rant and complain because they know that we cannot do anything.

  2. Diabetis says:

    Philippines has the most wildest form of politics all over the world.
    .-= Diabetis´s latest blog ..Diabetes Drug Related to Heart Disease =-.

  3. pendong says:

    …STUPID is the right word for that… and to think that they only finished resolving this case 3 months before the next election, wow, di kinaya…

  4. Harvz says:

    politics in the philippines is the most chaotic i’ve ever seen. they really spend billions for advertising that’s how it works. the more visible you are the more votes you get
    .-= Harvz´s latest blog ..Avoiding Slow Investments – part 3 =-.

  5. StrayArrow says:

    Hahahaha hands down politics in the Philippines is funny, weird, abnormal and anything you can think of…. thats why we are different…. hay..

  6. angeljme says:

    I’ve heard of this but didn’t know about the part regarding Lapid.
    That’s just plain stupidity.

    Comelec did a recount but since the winning party didn’t spend a dime for the recount, he won’t be declared winner. LOL

    Pera-pera lang talaga sa Pinas…

    However, it makes me think.

    1. What caused the wrong counting in the first place?
    2. It’s only counting for 1 province and yet it took almost 3yrs to finish?
    3. I heard Panlilio won’t vacate the seat. Why ever not?

    This really paints Panlilio a dark image.

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