Link UnionBank EON or credit card with PayPal

James Ryan Jonas

As of October 2007, the previous “Send-Only” PayPal Philippines accounts have been upgraded to “Send-Receive-Withdraw” status, meaning, PayPal users in the Philippines can now send, receive AND withdraw PayPal funds.

With this feature, can now directly withdraw Paypal funds to your bank account, credit card or debit card.

If you will be using your Unionbank account to transact in Paypal, you will have to link your Unionbank account first and enroll in Paypal’s Expanded Use program so that you can ultimately make a direct withdrawal using Unionbank.

Take note that aside from UnionBank’s credit cards, you can also use its debit cards EON Visa Electron and eWallet Card to enroll in PayPal.

Here are steps to guide you in using your UnionBank card to (1) attach to your PayPal account; and (2) enroll in PayPal’s Expanded Use Program.

How to attach your UnionBank card in PayPal

1. Log in to your PayPal account, go to “Credit Cards” section, and input required information about your UnionBank Debit or Credit card.

2. You will have to enter the full 16-character card number and CVV number of your UnionBank card. For the “Billing Address,” use the address of record at UnionBank. If you are not sure which one this is, for users of EON and eWallet Cards, log in to UnionBank Internet Banking site and locate the Billing Address in the “Profile” page. If you are using a UnionBank Visa Credit Card, use the address that appears in your monthly statement.

3. Once your enrollment is complete, you can now use PayPal to purchase online with a limit of $100. To lift this Sending Limit, you will have to enroll in the Expanded Use Program.

Use your UnionBank card to enroll in PayPal Expanded Use Program

The Expanded Use Program will enable you to use PayPal to purchase products online without limit.

1. Login to your PayPal account and go to the “Credit Cards” section.

2. Select the UnionBank card that you previously attached and choose “Enroll for Expanded Use.” PayPal will charge you $1.95 but don’t worry because this will be credited back to you upon your first PayPal transaction.

3. To complete your enrollment, you will need to enter the 4-digit Expanded Use Number in the “Complete Expanded Use” section.

Where to find 4-digit Expanded Use Number?

If you used a UnionBank Visa Credit Card, you can find the 4-digit Expanded Use Number in your next monthly paper statement or by viewing your Visa Transaction History online.

If you used EON or eWallet debit card, you need to contact UnionBank Customer Service Call Center at 84-186 (if it doesn’t work, use 841-8600) and ask the customer service agent to provide you with the 4-digit PayPal Expanded Use (EXPUSE) code. You may need to tell the agent the exact date you applied for the Expanded Use (EXPUSE) code.

Once you have successfully entered the Expanded Use Number, you will receive a confirmation message that the Sending Limit has been lifted.

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