Link UnionBank EON or credit card with PayPal

As of October 2007, the previous “Send-Only” PayPal Philippines accounts have been upgraded to “Send-Receive-Withdraw” status, meaning, PayPal users in the Philippines can now send, receive AND withdraw PayPal funds.

With this feature, can now directly withdraw Paypal funds to your bank account, credit card or debit card.

If you will be using your Unionbank account to transact in Paypal, you will have to link your Unionbank account first and enroll in Paypal’s Expanded Use program so that you can ultimately make a direct withdrawal using Unionbank.

Take note that aside from UnionBank’s credit cards, you can also use its debit cards EON Visa Electron and eWallet Card to enroll in PayPal.

Here are steps to guide you in using your UnionBank card to (1) attach to your PayPal account; and (2) enroll in PayPal’s Expanded Use Program.

How to attach your UnionBank card in PayPal

1. Log in to your PayPal account, go to “Credit Cards” section, and input required information about your UnionBank Debit or Credit card.

2. You will have to enter the full 16-character card number and CVV number of your UnionBank card. For the “Billing Address,” use the address of record at UnionBank. If you are not sure which one this is, for users of EON and eWallet Cards, log in to UnionBank Internet Banking site and locate the Billing Address in the “Profile” page. If you are using a UnionBank Visa Credit Card, use the address that appears in your monthly statement.

3. Once your enrollment is complete, you can now use PayPal to purchase online with a limit of $100. To lift this Sending Limit, you will have to enroll in the Expanded Use Program.

Use your UnionBank card to enroll in PayPal Expanded Use Program

The Expanded Use Program will enable you to use PayPal to purchase products online without limit.

1. Login to your PayPal account and go to the “Credit Cards” section.

2. Select the UnionBank card that you previously attached and choose “Enroll for Expanded Use.” PayPal will charge you $1.95 but don’t worry because this will be credited back to you upon your first PayPal transaction.

3. To complete your enrollment, you will need to enter the 4-digit Expanded Use Number in the “Complete Expanded Use” section.

Where to find 4-digit Expanded Use Number?

If you used a UnionBank Visa Credit Card, you can find the 4-digit Expanded Use Number in your next monthly paper statement or by viewing your Visa Transaction History online.

If you used EON or eWallet debit card, you need to contact UnionBank Customer Service Call Center at 84-186 (if it doesn’t work, use 841-8600) and ask the customer service agent to provide you with the 4-digit PayPal Expanded Use (EXPUSE) code. You may need to tell the agent the exact date you applied for the Expanded Use (EXPUSE) code.

Once you have successfully entered the Expanded Use Number, you will receive a confirmation message that the Sending Limit has been lifted.

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38 thoughts on “Link UnionBank EON or credit card with PayPal”

  1. where in the world can i get my paypal’s expanded use number when this were the only statements generated by eon cyberaccount transaction history

    date transaction tran id debit balance
    07052007 visa sg 840 sub204107 1.00 5999.00
    07052007 visa sg 840 sub204232 91.12 5907.88
    07052007 visa-ebay
    ca us840 sub207234 1.00 5906.88

    please help me in this one. anyone?? the example in the website is very much different from the actual result generated in eon’s statement of account…

    email me

    anyone has the same problem as me???

  2. nag apply napo ako ng eon card saka naka online banking napo ako.. Pero diko parin ma enrol sa paypal website at drin ako maka purchse sa ibang site na may logo na visa.. pano po bato ano po bha gagawin koh dito?

    saka ilang days po bah hintayin para maka register sa paypal.. its already my 8th day simula nung na kuha ko yung card.. please reply ASAP.. =D

  3. ako rin, ganon din, pag apply ko sa paypal, denied daw yung card.. tinawagan ko yung customer care nila, sabi nila d pa daw na verify yung visa ko, tsaka pupuntahan ko daw at e check sa bank kng na forward na nila sa cebu.. mga ilang days ko pa po malaman if na verify na yung visa account ko sa EON? thanks

  4. has this been solved yet? the eon problem with the 4-digit thing. ako have enrolled my eon last january hanggang ngayon hindi ko parin mahanap yung code na yun. sinong naka solve na nitonr prob na ito?

  5. Hello,

    To all Philippine paypal account holders who are using their EON’s as their card and cant find their EXPANDED USE…….. You can solve this issue by calling Unionbank Customer service. Their number can be found at the back of your eon. Hope this helps. Thanks

  6. Archie, Kristoperson is right. You need to contact UnionBank to get the EXPUSE number. For eWallet or EON cardholders, the Expanded Use Numbers are not anymore provided in the UnionBank online banking site. UnionBank’s customer support number can be found in the article above.

  7. After signing up online, I was greeted by the following message:

    Application Received!

    Thank you for sending your Visa Electron Application Form.

    Your EON VISA Electron Kit will be available to you in 5 working days.

    To Claim your EON VISA Electron Kit from the branch selected

    1. Make a personal appearance

    2. Prepare your valid Identification Card(s)

    * You must have at least one (1) of these: Current Driver’s License, Passport, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID, Major Credit Cards, Permit to Carry Firearms or

    # at least two (2) of these: Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card, Social Security System (SSS)/Government Service Insurance System Card, Company ID, Postal ID, Current School ID (for students only)3. A printed version of your EON VISA Electron Online Application form is waiting for you to be signed.

    I went to pick up my card at the stated branch and date, and brought my Passport, according to their requirement in order to obtain the card. I was told that I need at least TWO (2) IDs, which was clearly not the case as shown above. I tried providing them with a Citibank VISA Credit Card, and again it was rejected (even though they state that ANY MAJOR Credit Card as part of #1 requirement).

    So there you have it. Two primary source of identification shot down just like that (it’s their “new” rule, accordingly – Funny, for a big establishment such as a bank, they sure took their sweet time in NOT updating their site pages to reflect this so-called new rules!). I decided not to pursue the card anymore, and they can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    Just use a credit card with Paypal Philippines, and wait for a BETTER Bank which will offer a BETTER Debit card, minus all the hassles of using that EON card. Oh, and btw, GOOD LUCK in trying their call center hotline number as well.. lol..

    • Weird. My friend presented his company ID and an EXPIRED driver’s license. He was asked to provide another ID due to the expiration of his license and he gave his Citibank credit card. They accepted it and released his EON card.

      This is in Valero 2 (Makati) branch. Which branch did you claim your card?

  8. @Danny, that surely was annoying. I too can’t understand why these companies can’t take some time to update the info on their sites. Look at the Discussion Boards section in the UnionBank site. The last message was posted over a year ago, while the latest “Chat with our CEO” link on the left sidebar was for 2004. C’mon! Either you update those pages or you remove them. Tsk, tsk…

  9. Hmnnn, my experience was different. I applied last week for an EON card online then waited for 5 days as instructed before calling the bank. And sure enough, it was already there when I called.

    I picked it up on that day, and asked the clerk(and the manager)about the PayPal EXPUSE number. They seem to be ignorant about PayPal. So I had to explain what it was. The manager said she haven’t heard anything about Paypal or the EXPUSE number, but if I wanted to activate my card online I can do it immediately at the ATM outside the bank. I did as told and yes, there was this option in the “Other Transactions” to activate the card online.

    That afternoon I tried to log in online but was not able to. All I got was a message “Pls. enter a valid card number” or something like that. I tried again the following day. This time I was able to log in to my EON online but PayPal still wouldn’t recognize it when I tried adding it on my account. I then called 84-186 and inquired how long does it usually take to enable a new account online. The customer support said it takes 4 days before the account becomes fully activated. So that was it, today was the 4th day and I again tried adding the card to my Paypal account and surprise!… my card was accepted!!! It also instantly deducted Php88.50 from my EON as payment for the expanded use.

    After a few minutes I received two emails from PayPal that my EXPUSE number will be available online in about 4-5 days… So now I’m waiting again and hopefully in about 4 days I’ll be Paypal verified…

    • I also applied for my EON card online and after one week, I was able to claim my card yesterday. They told me the account will be activated the next day (that’s today). So today, I enrolled my EON card for online banking, and after registration, I got a message that said I can start banking online after two business days. Afterwards, I tried adding my EON card to my Paypal account and just like everyone else here, my card was denied.

      So I guess I need to wait for my account to be fully activated (two days more) before adding it on my Paypal card list.

  10. Hi! I am also using EON Visa Electron to withdraw my fund from PayPal. My transfer is already complete and I just need to wait for 3 more banking days in order for me to withdraw my money from ATM.

    Completing the process really needs time. In fact, it takes me almost 3 weeks from applying for EON card at the internet to Paypal’s verification of my EON account.

    But I do not have any complain. I’ve been a PayPal member for exactly one year and now, I am really happy that there is at least one bank that supports PayPal.

    The need for extra IDs to get my EON and the 3 weeks waiting period is no big deal to me because the benefits of being able to receive and withdraw through Paypal is really helpful.

  11. Freelance TV Ad producer, in my case I simply used 8400 as the EXPUSE number and it worked. Others, however, are saying it did not for them. Read more here: UnionBank EON users can access PayPal EXPUSE Number online

    Merry Jazz, good to hear that. From what I heard, aside from UnionBank, Equitable PCI Bank’s debit card can also be used to receive PayPal funds. Credit cards of most banks, of course, can also be used. Some other methods to receive Paypal withdrawals are discussed here: How to withdraw funds from PayPal Philippines

  12. Its been good news for me, my online banking function was activated moments ago… ang sasaya ko. pwede na akong magtransfer from paypal to EON card.
    It’s true that after 48 hours of onlife application for online banking it will be activated.

  13. I just got my account verified through my EON card (card is new btw), after putting in the Expanded Use Code. However, after making a withdrawal of $2,500 for the first time, I learned after one day that Paypal had restricted my account giving me LIMITED ACCESS explaining in the email that they suspected an “unusual activity” and required for me to submit a coule of ID’s and bank etc etc…

    WTF? What did I do?

  14. Hmm sinubukan ko ilagay yun BDO debit mastercard ko pero hindi daw sya pwede…meron ba kayo alam na iba pa Bank na pwede tanggapin ng paypal?

  15. Hi. I use Paypal to receive my salary twice a month from my online job. My credit card is neither visa nor mastercard so I’m having a hard time with my account. I would just like to ask if the BPI express cash with the Mastercard Electron Logo could be used to verify my account? I just thought of the Visa Electron (which I think is electronic) and I wnder if the BPI electron is valid as well. Thanks.

    • @ryan as I know pwede ka mg add/edit to put your bank account. Just go to your profile in paypal. Same tau wla rin credit card. Im new user

  16. hindi ko po makita yung billing address ko. Eon card po gamit ko pero di ko alam kung asan yung billing address. Naglog in n ko sa eon pero wala nman don. Pls help. Ty

  17. It looks like wonderful submit, on the other hand it just 1 side of the medal. Good reading in any case, I often appreciated excellent brain teaser and solid amount of pleasant information.


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