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United Kingdom (UK) online jobs scam

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) advised job applicants intending to apply for a job in the United Kingdom to be wary of online offers that can supposedly send them to UK using only a student visa.

It was reported that the modus operandi of scammers is to send an email to UK job applicants with an invitation to meet in a Makati, Philippines office for a “face-to-face” interview. Those who “passed” the interview will then be asked to pay US$625 as processing or consultancy fee.

In exchange for a supposedly guaranteed 2-year multiple entry student visa, the applicant will also need to pay 2,750 pounds. They are also given a chance to pay only 750 pounds, with the balance payable once they have found a job in the UK.

Again, be warned. This is a SCAM.

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205 thoughts on “United Kingdom (UK) online jobs scam”

  1. len says:

    and heres the appointment letter that I cannot understand.


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    1. len says:

      anong klaseng appointment and confirmation letter ito..Nakakadudada.

  2. NIX DY says:

    HELLO PO ASK KO LANG PO KUNG SCAM PO BA ANG RADISSON BLU EDWARDIAN GRAFTON HOTEL ANG SENDER PO marami po clang hiring ask ko lang po kung totoo po ba ito kc some of my friend po hiningan na po ng requirements salamat po and GOD BLESS

  3. Johnny Bill says:

    Friend, I can tell you straight away that you did the right thing by turning them down…. Myself and many others we have been fooled by them.
    Let me explain how:
    First they make you work an unpaid trial, after that they say that you will get 20 pounds for 1000 leaflets, the truth is you will never get the money!!!!
    Serious warning to all customers and potential employees, avoid them !!!!

    I worked for them for a couple of days, when I felt like I would be cheated, I’ve stopped and claimed the payment, guess what… I’m still waiting for it ….
    Here is their trick, first they say that you need to fill a form so that they can pay but it might take up to 6-8 weeks, after 2 months , no answer , called them… they said , sorry we lost the form, you need to fill a new one and wait for another 2 months !!! I never received any other form , and from that time anytime I tried to contact them they never answer my queries, it is more than obvious that they will never pay me and I’m not..
    the only one tricked…..

    Avoid them, that’s why they keep looking for people because nobody stays there ,
    you work 8 hours to deliver 1000 leaflets for 20 pounds that you will never get.
    On top you have spent travel expenses that you will also never get.
    Now, one question should have risen , how comes they charge customers 20 pounds/1000 delivered and that they pay the same amount to distributors? where is their profit? very simple they don’t pay the staff, they give you no contract, it is a so called self-employed position, you’ll never get the money……
    I can tell you something, they will go down, and I will spend all my efforts to warn everyone so that they fool no one anymore ….
    by the way , they turned their reviews off …. there is a reason why > all negatives …

    Do yourself a favour and avoid them!

  4. Arnold Hatague says:


  5. Kimberly Descalsota says:

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  7. Valeri Suthar says:

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  8. Carlene Roarty says:

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  9. Gordo Vargas says:

    May apply po ako pa u.k ang name ng agency nia LM TRAVEL SERVICE LIMITED ang email add nila eh tanong kolang kung scam to.kasi hinihingian ako ng 300pounds for my document process..ilang linggo kona to inaalam sa net.may contract naman po binigay skin may pirma ng lawyer at employer q…ang sahod eh 3275 pounds a month plus 200pounds allowance weekly..anu kaya gagawin ko..tutuloy qba o nd…kasi kinausap q employer KO kung scam sila nd naman daw.

    1. Ivy Villar Gacutan says:

      Hello Gordo Vargas,

      nag apply din ako jan.. yung employer ko si Nicole Sandra Mccabe.. She ask me na makipagcoordinate sa agency which is LM Travel Service Limited din,, Ganun din offer nila sakin.. tas nag ask din sila sakin na mag pay ng 300 pounds.. Nalaman mo ba kung scam sila? Kasi interesado talaga ako sana,natatakot lang ako baka fraud sila. tnx and God bless

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