Best Fisheries Technology Schools in the Philippines

James Ryan Jonas

As an archipelago, the Philippines is surrounded by numerous bodies of water which are undeniably a good source of income through fishing. The maintenance of these aquatic environments is primarily the job of a Fisheries Technologist.

Fisheries Technologist

In the Philippines, Fisheries Technologists execute the following main tasks, among others:

  • Facilitate the implementation of processes involving fisheries;
  • Build and manage aquatic equipment such as fish pens;
  • Plan and implement actions which allow for increases in the efficiency of fisheries, such as increasing hatching rates.

These responsibilities of a Fisheries Technologist make them valuable in the utilization, management, and sustainability of aquatic resources in the Philippines.

Fisheries Technologist Licensure Examination

The Fisheries Technologist Licensure Examination in the country is conducted once every year, usually in October. To be qualified as a test-taker, one must meet the following criteria:

  1. A Filipino Citizen;
  2. A graduate of a Fisheries Education course from a school recognized by the Philippines;
  3. A citizen of good moral character.

If the job piques your interest and you are considering to be a Registered Fisheries Technologist in the future, take note that the topics below are some of the ones included in the Fisheries Technologist Licensure Examination:

  • Farming of Aquatic Resources
  • Inland and Capture Fisheries
  • Post-Harvest Fisheries and the Technologies Used in Processing of Fish
  • Biology of Both Marine and Aquatic Life
  • Management of Resources in Fishing Businesses, Especially

To pass the Fisheries Technologist Board Exam, the examinee must have an overall score of 75% while scoring at least 60% in all of the five subtests. If the 75% overall score is attained but not the 60% score per subtest, the taker can have a removal exam for the subtests where he or she scored lower than 60%.

Best Fisheries Technologist Schools in the Philippines

You probably want to know which schools produce the highest number of graduates who pass the Fisheries Technologist board exam, right? Well, look no further for here they are.

The following data were compiled from previous Fisheries Technologist Licensure Examination to find out the schools with the highest Fisheries Technologist Board Exam passing rates. Hope you find this information useful!

Schools ranked by Fisheries Technologist Board Exam Passing Rates

RankSchoolPassing RateNumber of PassersTotal Number of Takers
1University of the Philippines Los Banos,?Los Banos100%401401
1University of the Philippines Diliman,?Quezon City100%132132
1Central Mindanao University,?Maramag100%6060
2University of Santo Tomas,?Manila97%335342
2Centro Escolar University,?Manila97%140143
2University of the Immaculate Conception,?Davao City97%7072
3Colegio de San Juan de Letran,?Manila94%1617
4Polytechnic University of the Philippines,?Manila92%302327
5Manila Tytana Colleges,?Pasay88%7888
5Batangas State University - Nasugbu,?Nasugbu88%2326
6Lourdes College,?Cagayan de Oro87%2731
7Benguet State University,?La Trinidad86%127147
8Cebu Doctors' University,?Mandaue City84%6375
9Adventist University of the Philippines,?Silang80%7695
9University of San Carlos,?Cebu City80%5670
9Philippine Women's University in Manila,?Manila80%2835
10University of the East,?Manila79%7291
11Batangas State University,?Batangas City76%3546

Note: The table above only ranks the passing rates of First-time takers; repeaters are not included in the passing rate. All figures are based on the four (4) previous Fisheries Technologist Licensure Examination, specifically the ones held in October during the years 2012, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Information Source: PRC Philippines (

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