Don't travel to Thailand right now

A friend of mine from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) told me to forward the message to all concerned to postpone any travel to Thailand because of the current chaos and unrest occurring in the country.
Apparently, thousands of people are stranded in Thailand right now because protesters shut down the country’s main airport.
This recent incident is already a major escalation of the four-month campaign of protesters to oust the prime minister.
The Inquirer reported that a Cebu Pacific Bangkok-Manila flight returned to the Philippines without any booked passengers. According to a Cebu Pacific representative, none of the passengers were able to reach the airport.
Anyway, if you don’t have a necessary or urgent reason to go to Thailand, then don’t.
If you want to contact the Philippine embassy in Bangkok, here’s the telephone number: +662 2590139 to 40.
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Image Source: Yahoo News and Associated Press

6 thoughts on “Don't travel to Thailand right now”

  1. Let’s pray that everything normalizes soon as my wife is already in Bangkok since Monday for a convention. Her flight home is on the 29th and I hope and pray that the airport will be open already by then.

  2. we have an office in thailand and our guys say that it’s peaceful in thailand despite media reports. may mga protesters pero the atmosphere is like edsa 1 na nasa kalsada lang mga tao, nagkakainan, nagbibigay ng food sa police, etc.

  3. I have just finished a 15 minute conversation with my suppliers from Bangkok. My supplier told me that she lives near the protest areas and she’s able to drive freely. The place is very peaceful. just like Manila where the rest of the world thinks is very dangerous, Bangkok is actually a very peaceful place.

  4. Would anyone who has been a aspect of the program from the beginning mind sending me copies on the prior letters? I am signed up now but unfortunately did not hear of this until now. Many, many thanks in advance.

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