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PayPal Philippines FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions related to PayPal Philippines and PayPal accounts in general.

Can I receive and send funds with my PayPal Philippines account? Your PayPal Philippines account is a limited, send-only PayPal account. You absolutely have NO ABILITY at the moment to receive any funds and you can send funds only after you have attached a valid credit card to your PayPal account. You can’t also fund your account. When making an online purchase using PayPal, PayPal will automatically charge your credit card with the transaction amount.

More explanation and discussion of these limited functions can be found in the Finally, PayPal Philippines is here! thread in the PMT Forum and the When purchasing online, which is better: send-only PayPal Philippines account or credit card? article.

Why does my PayPal account have only send capabilities? PayPal’s explanation: Due to the complexities of global finance, members in certain countries and regions need to meet criteria to fully utilize our system, but this is not a reflection on the customer. PayPal is constantly working to expand and improve services for our customers. We hope to expand our features for these countries and regions, but we cannot give a timetable for this expansion.

To expedite the offering of full PayPal services, the Philippines has a critical job of convincing PayPal that appropriate banking regulations and legislation related to money laundering, online fraud, and identity theft are in place and strictly implemented. Everyone is therefore compelled to act. PayPal Philippines customers, banks, legislators, and regulatory agencies, among others, must do their share to show PayPal that the country adheres to the accepted rules of global finance.

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