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How to invest in SDA – Special Deposit Accounts

What alternatives do you have if you have extra money which you won’t need in the near future and which you want to place in a safe investment?

Well, the easiest choice is to put it in a bank’s savings account. A savings account is highly liquid — meaning you can withdraw your money anytime you want. It is also safe because deposits up to P250,000 are covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation.

If you want higher interest rate than a savings account, you may opt for a time deposit. Here you park your money for a certain period of time and, in return, the bank offers you an interest rate relatively higher than what your regular savings account will get. Like a savings account, time deposits are covered by the PDIC up to P250,000 per depositor.

Now, what if you still want a higher interest rate but are not willing to take additional risk? That’s when you can try investing in Special Deposit Accounts or SDAs.

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