Earn more money online with Google Adsense Referral ads

The enhanced Referrals 2.0 program of Google Adsense now gives publishers more flexibility in offering a variety of products and services that match a site’s niche, ranging from, say, Computers & Electronics to Cars & Automotive to Beauty & Personal Care.

But one particular thing that webmasters like the most about this program is the fact that they can actually endorse products and even direct site visitors to click on the ads and try the products.

That’s what we have been doing with Adsense’s Referral ads on this site. Last week, we optimized our referral ads and conspicuously placed them at the Top-Center portion of the page, also adding the come-on title “Google’s Freebies.”

The result? Today, our referral income alone has already fetched $71.00++, beating the $23-in -one-day record registered in October — and the day’s not over yet.

Make more money online using Google Adsense's Referrals Program.

Here are some tips to optimize referral ads on your site to help you earn more money.

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