philippine inflation rate

Philippine inflation rate slows down to 2.8%

Call it the “Arroyo legacy,” credit “Aquinomics,” or simply attribute it to good market fundamentals, but there are more and more reasons now to say that it is indeed more fun in the Philippines — compared to other countries.

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Philippines' inflation rate hits 11.4% — highest in 14 years!

Here’s one sad, bad news for all of us: the Philippines’ inflation rate in June 2008 jumped to 11.4% — the highest ever recorded in the last 14 years.
The figure was beyond the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines)’s forecast range of 10.4% to 11.2%.
It was the fastest pace in 14 years since May 1994 when inflation was recorded at 11.5%.

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