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GMA7 acquisition: Manny Pangilinan vs. Ramon Ang — again?

Is this another case of “What Manny Pangilinan wants, Ramon Ang will also try to get”? This question emerges as reports regarding purported interest by Ramon Ang, president of conglomerate San Miguel Corporation (SMC), to acquire a 30% equity stake in GMA Network Inc. (GMA7)

Ramon Ang, not MVP, to buy Philippine Airlines (PAL)

It’s confirmed: Ramon Ang of San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is interested in acquiring a substantial interest in the country’s carrier Philippine Airlines. Ang himself confirmed this in a report by ABS-CBN News. San Miguel Corp. is said to be in the middle of due diligence

Manny Pangilinan to buy Philippine Airlines (PAL)?

Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) is on a buying spree. Through his holding firm Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPI), MVP acquired the following: telecommunication company PLDT in 1988; water concessionaire Maynilad in 2006; the Manila North Tollways in 2008; the Philippines’ largest mining company Philex in

PLDT-Digitel merger: Deal or no deal?

If PLDT will not get regulatory approval of the PLDT-Digitel merger by today, August 26, then the deal is over. About this post: pldt digitel merger, PLDT-Digitel merger, pldt digitel latest news, manny pangilinan plans for 2017 smart pldt, Now: PLDT to buy into digitel

Catholic Church sold Philex shares to Manny Pangilinan?

Did the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila unload more than 1 million shares of Philex Mining Corporation (PX) in April and May 2011 and sold them directly to Chairman and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP)? Documents from the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) seem to show

Is PLDT owned by foreigners?

The recent Supreme Court ruling ordering the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to look into the extent of foreign ownership in PLDT raises a very important question: Did the telecommunications giant violate the Philippine Constitution with regard to the maximum 40% foreign equity rule? In