Initial Public Offering

Xurpas IPO in November 2014

Another company is planning to conduct its maiden share sale this November, joining the likes of Rustan’s consumer retailer SSI Group, property developer Pro-Friends, and semiconductor firm Phoenix Semiconductor Philippines Corp. that have all announced their Initial Public Offering or IPO before the end of the year.

Concepcion Industrial Corp.: Initial Public Offering (IPO)

More and more companies have recently signified interest to conduct an initial public offering (IPO),  taking advantage of the current upbeat outlook on the Philippines brought about by investment-grade credit rating upgrades and stable economic environment. An initial public offering or IPO is a way for a company to raise capital, conducted through the issuance …

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Asia United Bank (AUB): Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The Rebisco-owned bank, Asia United Bank (AUB), will be the second bank and the second company this year to have an initial public offering (IPO). The bank recently announced that it will be offering more than 88 million shares to the public for the first time, priced at P95 per share.

D&L Industries (DNL) stock fizzles after IPO

Those expecting to make a huge profit from the initial public offering of D&L Industries (stock code: DNL) might have to wait longer, after the DNL stock fizzled in the local stock market weeks after its IPO.

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