Lessons from the Aman Future Group scam

Aman Futures Group. For the 15,000-or-so Filipinos who are just beginning to accept the fact that they have lost their hard-earned money, these three words are now synonymous with “nightmare.” Indeed, their current plight is a frightening one they wish they have never gotten themselves into. But what can they do now?

12DailyPro update: Refunds to start soon

Remember 12DailyPro (12DP)? That high-yield autosurf investment program that offered 12% return on your investment after 12 days? If you were a former investor and you filed for a refund claim, you might get your money back if you are eligible for a refund.

12DailyPro update: StormPay to settle $11.7 million

Thomas Lennon, Court-appointed Receiver for the 12DailyPro (12DP) autosurf investment program, recently announced that the 12DP receivership estate will receive as much as $11,750,000 from the online payment processor StormPay. This is in accordance with the Settlement Agreement signed by both parties which also provides that StormPay’s claims against 12DP in excess of $16 million …

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(Pics) Wanted: Cyrus Hao of Royal Manchester Five (RMF) scam

The manhunt is on for 28-year-old Cyrus Yap Hao, said to be the president of Royal Manchester Five Trading Corp. (RMF), a foreign currency investment company that duped thousands of investors of money amounting to more than P2.1 billion (US$51 million).

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