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How to deal with plagiarists and content scrapers?

Plagiarism and content scraping have been a perennial problem for most bloggers.

Plagiarists are the “copy-and-paste” people who directly lift someone else’s content and who republish it as their own.

Actually, copying an entire article is not really wrong as long as the source is properly credited. But if a blog is a mere mashup or collection of someone else’s content — even if the source is credited — then that is already “scraping.”

In most cases, these scrapers use robots or automated systems that browse the RSS feed of one blog then repost the content on the scraper’s blog. Worse, these scrapers plaster the blog with Google Adsense ads which means they earn by stealing the content of other bloggers.

In their Inside Adsense blog, Google posted solutions to help address these issues.

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