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Crying Babies – Transcript of Lozada-de Venecia wiretapped conversation

The plot thickens in the NBN-ZTE issue.
While the Senate interrogates witnesses in the corruption-laden National Broadband Network project, a video appeared on YouTube supposedly containing the wiretapped conversation between NBN-ZTE “star witness” Jun Lozada and Congressman Joey de Venecia.
The conversation, laced with profanities from both parties, dealt with the supposed bribery in the NBN deal and discussed another potential kickback with regard to the “Chinese embassy thing.”
The Inquirer reported that de Venecia did not deny it was his voice talking about a $130-million kickback allegedly demanded by former Commission on Elections Chairman Benjamin Abalos. He claims it was Abalos who probably masterminded the release of the wiretapped conversation on YouTube.
Listen to the alleged Jun Lozada- Joey de Venecia conversation and read the transcript after the jump.

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