PinoyInvestor: Stock Picks, Broker Recommendations, Target Prices

PinoyInvestor Top Stock PicksInvesting in the stock market is not easy. It entails doing extensive research, choosing the right stock to trade, and buying and selling at the correct prices.

Your own broker may say BUY a stock, but what if the other brokers were already saying to SELL it? It would be nice to know the opinion of more than one stock broker.

You think a target stock price is overvalued, but how to check if your hunch is correct? It would be nice to know the opinion of more than one stock broker.

You’ve seen so-called stock gurus announce their “stock picks”, but how credible and reliable are they? It would be nice to know the opinion of brokers who are competent stock market analysts.

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What does “Buy, Sell, Hold” mean? Comparing Stockbroker and Analyst Ratings

Buy Sell Hold - Stock Trading

When issuing stock recommendations, brokers and analysts may use the same terminologies but may differ in the meaning of the recommendations.

For example, a “Buy” rating — as opposed to “Strong Buy” — may mean that the stock is “projected to increase in value in a longer-term duration”, while “Strong Buy” may mean that the stock will “appreciate in value in the next 12 months”.

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Stocks are falling: Is this the same as 2008 recession?

This feels like deja vu.

Markets fluctuating wildly due to rumors of another global recession, stock prices freefalling in unprecedented levels, wary investors holding on to paper losses while hoping everything will be all right — this looks like 2007-2008 all over again.

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Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility — a bad move?

Search engine giant Google recently announced it is purchasing Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc., the former Mobile Devices Division of Motorola, for $12.5 billion. According to Google, the move was meant to protect its Android operating software from intellectual property lawsuits.

But was it a good move?

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