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What is Google Adsense’s “interest-based advertising”?

A week ago, Google Adsense sent publishers an email informing them of the upcoming launch of interest-based advertising and what changes must be implemented in the site’s Privacy Policy.

What is “interest-based advertising”?

It is basically a way for Google advertisers to reach more targeted users by showing ads based on the interests of a site visitor. If a user, for example, watches a lot of music videos on YouTube and visits primarily entertainment sites, Adsense will show more entertainment-related ads to that user, regardless of the site that user is in.

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Google Adsense team makes mistakes too

What do you do if you received an email from Google Adsense telling you that your site violated Adsense policies and that your account may be disabled in the future?

That’s exactly the email I got from them last week so you can imagine my panic at the thought of losing an income source.

Adsense’s email states:

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Google scraps Adsense Referrals units in some countries

Bad news for Google Adsense publishers located outside North America, Latin America, or Japan: you cannot earn commissions anymore if you refer someone to the Google Adsense program.

Google announced that it is retiring its Referrals units that promote Adsense. The company cited that it did not perform as expected in regions outside the three mentioned.

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