Swine Flu in the Philippines: 1 dead

The Philippines now has one confirmed death of a woman inflicted with the A(H1N1) virus or Swine Flu.
According to an Inquirer report:
A 49-year-old woman from Metro Manila with Influenza A(H1N1) has died, the Department of Health (DoH) said Monday.
However, Health Secretary Francisco Duque said it could not be immediately confirmed if the woman, who also had heart disease, died due to the A(H1N1) virus.
According to the woman’s autopsy report, she died of “congestive heart failure and acute myocardial infraction aggravated by pneumonia,” Duque said.
Like in other countries, majority of deaths related to swine flu are those with pre-existing medical conditions. According to the DoH, people with medical conditions such as heart disease and asthma are at higher risk of A(H1N1).
A reminder to everyone: don’t panic, but be careful.
Read more about the symptoms, prevention measures and treatment against swine flu here.
A list of the early cases of swine flu in the Philippines is here.

12 thoughts on “Swine Flu in the Philippines: 1 dead”

  1. @ricojake, I think the current brouhaha brought about by swine flu is due to its novelty. Probably once the vaccine and medicines against A(H1N1) have been made public, people won’t concern themselves too much and will probably treat this like seasonal flu.
    @elmot, that’s what the experts are saying. Those with pre-existing medical conditions, especially heart or respiratory problems, are at high risk of contracting complications due to swine flu.
    @Tyrone, yup sad indeed. This case is also the first case of death related to swine flu in Asia. I personally hope this will be the last.

  2. we are so overwhelmed with swine flu that whenever someone dies, we blame swine flu. Let’s say this woman really has swine flu but it may not be the major reason of her death because this woman already has some medical problems.

  3. Credit Card Relief

    @Deo, the filipina had other health complications. AH1N1 wasn’t the major cause of death according to the DOH.

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa may namatay na sa swine flu na filipina
    kakatakot naman
    taga san? dito ba sa ph xa namatay?
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  5. Weblogger|CarloBlogg Online

    it seems like only those people with a previous health problems are at risk with Ah1n1. Kaya mas dobleng ingat dapat duon sa mga taong me health probs na. As for those na wala, reinforce lang with healthy, balanced diet para malakas ang resistensya 😀

  6. Ernesto Casilles

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