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OFWs and immigrants are stupid and failures?

A controversial thread currently creating commotion in the PMT Forum asks: Are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and immigrants stupid and failures?

On one side, a poster argues:

Why do filipinos want to migrate to other countries when in fact they can do well in their profession and can retire comfortably also in the Philippines? Only stupid people who aren’t succesful in life find ways and excuses to migrate in another country. They keep on blaming the government, the country, when in fact they are the ones who are a failure.


Instead of putting up a business and becoming independent in the Philippines, [OFWs] would much rather work for somebody else. Think about just plain stupidity. Look at other nationalities, they are very entrepreneurship [sic]. Most of them started a business at a very young age.  OFWs and immigrants are stupid because all they do is give disgrace and dishonor to the Filipinos, the Philippines, and the Philippine Government.

Several members (OFWs and non-OFWs alike) have posted opposing responses.

What’s your take on the issue?

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20 thoughts on “OFWs and immigrants are stupid and failures?”

  1. elmot says:

    I think we should not make harsh statements for the basic truth is, we are not living under those OFW’s subjective experiences. We are all different. If they are not of the mold of mental framework as ours, then we should not push the issue of making them believe that we are right and they wrong…in this case, we are falling to the trap of being judgmental and upright… then we are all making ourselves the ones totally stupid.
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  2. brian says:

    it should be entrepreneurial, not entrepreneurship . . . stupid. hehe but you have a point.

  3. alexv says:

    It’s unfair to call Filipinos “stupid” just because they’re abroad. Most OFWs work for their families in RP so why call them stupid? They are committing to one thing: survivability. A selfish, irresponsible person is stupid, otherwise we’d all be stupid if we were all like that.

    Also, I don’t think stating your personal monetary worth is something to brag about. I’m a reporter in the Philippines and I’ve spoken to many successful Filipinos, both from here and abroad. None of them say how much they’re worth. What’s consistent about them is that they all say is how do you see yourself in the long-term? These successful Filipinos do not try to be successful people. What they do is to become significant not just for themselves but for their community.

    Anyway, good luck to ekimonk. No one should be made for your opinions but I pity that you don’t see yourself in the same situation as other hardworking Filipinos only trying to survive.

  4. Jay Castillo says:

    In my humble opinion, it would have been better if one really seeked to understand the plight of OFW’s first before coming out with such an irresponsible and derogatory remark, to say the least. There are millions of OFW’s out there and each have their own unique stories and circumstances. I too have been an OFW myself at certain points of my IT my career as I was stationed in Moscow for about 2 months and I also often have to go to Singapore. During those relatively short assignments overseas, I have learned a lot from the stories fellow Filipinos abroad shared with me. Even here in the Philippines, one just has to open their eyes and ears and listen to understand OFW’s. Maybe if the source of this controversy just did this and really tried to understand OFW’s, he would not have made those remarks in the first place. Just my two cents.
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  5. kayla says:

    i am on ofw working as a so sorry if we bring disgrace to our country because of our menial job.but i must say that after having been working here for quite some time,i have learned to appreciate all the hardworking filipinos all over the world who chose to do hardwork for their family than to steal aother people’s money like those heartless n greedy politicians in our govt.i am more thank honored to be identified with them than with those thieves in our is so sad that we are so proud of things that we should be ashamed of and so ashamed of things that we should be proud of like those honest hardworking filipinos around the world.

  6. mikhael says:


    Failure=$16 Billion dollars in remittances (2008) which is actually greater than foreign direct investment

    Failure=Preventing the wholesale collapse of the Philippine Economy

    Failure=Succeeding where there is no incompetent and corrupt government

    Failure=providing for their families while investing in their children’s future, funding human capital development in the country while at the same time fueling growing consumption, the only thing actually driving a significant portion of economic growth given anemic investment figures…

    The one who made the comment is either a superior SOB or just really out of touch with reality.

  7. Tyrone | Millionaire Acts says:

    Nice comment mikhael! Direct to the point!
    .-= Tyrone | Millionaire Acts´s latest blog ..Ragnarok Success Story =-.

  8. sweetgiftsphilippines says:

    Nice Comment……..

  9. OFW says:

    it is super rude to say that OFWs are failures and stupid. i agree with mikhael. if not for the remittances of OFWs, the Philippines economy would have drowned in debt by now.

  10. angel2679 says:

     others are stupid co’z they leave their families but if you stay in the phil. all the politicians in phil are thieves the business in phil is not that fine the government ask so many taxes and the brownout is very rampant plus the exturtion of other group and politicians the climate in some part of the island are so rude you can experience a typhoon in the middle of summer land slide, volcano eruption, flood and etc. but you have a point my mother is also an OFW and she not sending any thing for her familyshe worked for about 25 years in abroad but not helping her family back in the phil. and that is the stupid OFW right!!! 

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