Best Performing Stock Markets in the World – 2010

Top Stock Exchanges in the WorldIn 2009, we reported the Top Performing Stock Markets in the world. In that list, Sri Lanka’s Colombo Stock Exchange led the pack, locking in a 125% overall return in just one year. Yup, 125% — which means if you invested in the Sri Lankan stock market, you would have earned more than double your money within one year.

In 2010, Sri Lanka’s astounding performance continued. It again ranked number 1 in the list of the best performing stocks in the world. It registered a 96.0% full-year return, again almost doubling investments in one year.

If for example, you invested $100,000 in the Colombo Stock Exchange at the start of 2009, this amount is now worth $441,000 at the end of 2010. That’s a lot of money earned in just two years.

Other Asian stock markets performed a lot better compared to other equity markets worldwide. Tehran Stock Exchange (Iran) is No. 2 in the list with 68.2% return, Indonesia Exchange is 5th with 46.1%, Thailand Stock Exchange is 6th with 40.6% while the Philippine Stock Exchange is ranked 8th with 37.6% return.

The Top 10 Best Performing Stock Markets in 2010 below.

  1. Colombo Stock Exchange (SRI LANKA) – 96.0%
  2. Tehran Stock Exchange (IRAN) – 68.2%
  3. Lima Stock Exchange (PERU) – 65.0%
  4. Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (ARGENTINA) – 48.8%
  5. Indonesia Stock Exchange (INDONESIA) – 46.1%
  6. Thailand Stock Exchange (THAILAND) – 40.6%
  7. Santiago Stock Exchange (CHILE) – 38.2%
  8. Philippine Stock Exchange (PHILIPPINES) – 37.6%
  9. Colombia Stock Exchange (COLOMBIA) – 33.6%
  10. NASDAQ OMX Nordic Copenhagen (DENMARK) – 31.2%

Despite the absence of US stock markets in the list, American exchanges such as NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) remain to be the largest in the world in terms of market capitalization.

Top 10 Largest Stock Exchanges in 2010, in terms of market capitalization

  1. NYSE Euronext (US) – US $13.394 billion market capitalization
  2. NASDAQ OMX (US) – US $3.889 billion
  3. Tokyo Stock Exchange Group (JAPAN) – US $3.828 billion
  4. London Stock Exchange Group (UK) – US $3.613 billion
  5. NYSE Euronext (EUROPE) – US $2.930 billion
  6. Shanghai Stock Exchange (CHINA) – US $2.716 billion
  7. Hong Kong Exchanges (CHINA) – US $2.711 billion
  8. TMX Group (CANADA) – US $2.170 billion
  9. Bombay SE (INDIA) – US $1.632 billion
  10. National Stock Exchange India (INDIA) – US $1.597 billion

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Source: World Federation of Exchanges

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  3. Please double check the market capitalization of top 10 largest stock exchanges. Should it not be trillion USD, not billion?

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