(SMART Telecom) Apple iPhone 6 Plans and Prices

James Ryan Jonas

Want to be the first in the Philippines to own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Pre-order with your preferred telecom network and get your unit as early as next week.

The new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are set to be released in the Philippines this Friday, November 14, but subscribers may already pre-order to be one of the few to get the first batches.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Plans and Prices in the Philippines

SMART Telecom – Subscription Plans and Prices

One-Time Cash-out for the iPhone handset (in PHP)

iPhone Plan 999iPhone Plan 1,799Data Plan 2,000Data Plan 3,000All-In Plan 1,200All-In Plan 1,800All-In Plan 2,500Prepaid
iPhone 6 16GB 19,200 (or 800/mo.) 10,800 6,000 FREE 21,400 16,900 11,700 36,700
iPhone 6 64GB25,200 (or 1,050/mo.)15,50012,0005,00026,00021,60016,40042,300
iPhone 6 128GB27,700 (or 1,154.17/mo.)26,30016,60010,00030,70026,20021,00048,000
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB25,200 (or 1,050/mo.)15,50012,0005,00026,00021,60016,40042,300
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB27,700 (or 1,154.17/mo.)20,10016,60010,00030,70026,20021,00048,000
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB32,300 (or 1,345.83/mo.)30,90021,30015,00035,40030,90025,70053,600

Benefits per Postpaid Plan

iPhone Plan 999iPhone Plan 1799
Calls40 mins (calls to all network)60 mins (calls to all network)
SMS100 (texts to all network)120 (texts to all network)
Mobile Surfing3.5GB w/ all month surfing8GB w/ all month surfing
OtherSpinnr.ph music streaming VIP PackageSpinnr.ph music streaming VIP Package
Data Plan 2000Data Plan 3000
Calls150 mins (calls to all network)240 mins (calls to all network)
SMS200 (texts to all network)300 (texts to all network)
Mobile Surfing10GB w/ all month surfing18GB w/ all month surfing
OtherSpinnr.ph music streaming VIP PackageSpinnr.ph music streaming VIP Package

How to read the iPhone 6 subscription plans table

All columns in the table above, except the “Prepaid” columns corresponds to a postpaid line subscription with Smart. The number in the subscription title is the monthly payment for the postpaid line. For example, “Data Plan 3,000” means your subscription payment is P3,000 per month.

In addition, you will have to pay a one-time cash payment depending on your chosen iPhone 6 unit and subscription plan.

For example, if you chose to get an iPhone 6 16GB with an “All In Plan 2,500”, you will have to make a one-time cash-out of P11,700 on top of your monthly subscription payment of P2,500 for your postpaid line.

Obviously, Prepaid users do not have to pay any monthly subscription but to get the iPhone 6, they will have to pay a one-time cash payment identified in the “Prepaid” column.

Smart Wipeout Promo

Existing subscribers of Smart who want to upgrade to the iPhone 6 can also avail of Wipeout promo.  Under Smart’s Wipeout promo, subscribers would be allowed to “wipe out” their existing contracts provided they have less than 20 months left on their contracts.

Discounts will be applied depending on the number of remaining months in the contract. Subscribers that avail of the wipeout promo also get free one-year handset insurance for repair and replacement of their iPhone 6 in case of accidental damage or loss.


* This post is for information purposes only and is not an endorsement or promotion for Smart or the iPhone. Please inquire with the telco provider for more detailed terms and conditions of the subscription.

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