SkyBroadband internet trial review

James Ryan Jonas

After more than a month of posting hibernation, I’m finally back online. I recently moved to a condo at The Fort and, although I have already applied for an internet connection weeks ago, until now PLDT has not contacted me for an update. I followed up my application two weeks ago and PLDT told me my internet application is still being processed. If their slow processing is an indication of how slow my internet connection will be, then I think I’m better off looking for a new internet service provider.

I could have opted for the wifi internet plans of Globe, Smart, and Sun but unfortunately wireless signal is bad in our location because of a large column in the building that blocks signals making it difficult sometimes to even make a simple cellphone call. Fixed wired internet, therefore, is my only option.

Good customer service

The good thing is when I applied for a cable connection with SkyCable, the technical people who installed my cable were ready when I asked if I could try out Sky’s Broadband internet offering. First let me commend SkyCable for an unexpectedly good customer service. When I applied, they gave me a date when their people would come. I told them I prefer the morning sked so I won’t have to wait several hours and waste time.

SM delivery problems

I got annoyed three weeks ago when I bought a cabinet from SM Department Store. SM gave me a delivery date and I told them I preferred that the unit be delivered in the morning. They said they cannot guarantee the time. “Our delivery times are from 8 am to 5 pm,” the SM staff told me several times, which means I will have to wait from 8 am until 5 pm.

True enough, I waited from 8 am until 5 pm! On said delivery date, I did not leave the house in the morning waiting for the delivery to arrive. At 1 pm, I called them several times to follow up because I don’t want to waste more time. I kept getting an assurance the delivery was “on the way.” The part that they got right was that their delivery time is until 5 pm because the delivery did arrive at 4:45 pm! Sucks! Entire day wasted on waiting. I could have asked our guards to accept the delivery on my behalf but unfortunately the guards said the condo policy restricts them from accepting big, expensive purchases.

SkyBroadband internet trial

Anyway, this post is not really about SM. Going back to the SkyCable guys, I was surprised when they were in my unit by 8:30 in the morning. After a few minutes of installation, cable was working well.

I remembered that SkyCable did offer in the past a trial run for their SkyBroadband internet so I asked if I can avail of the trial for me to see if I want to get a connection. They made a cellphone call to some agent in charge of our location and then informed me that the internet trial can be installed upon approval within 1 hour. That’s what good customer service is about. No need for me to visit a SkyCable office, no need to fill out forms, no need to wait days or weeks. Within 1 hour, my SkyBroadband trial is up and running. They told me that the trial is good for 15 days and on the 10th day, a customer service representative will call me to ask if I want to continue subscribing or not.

SpeedTest check

Now I hope I’m not beginning to sound like I’m recommending for SkyCable and SkyBroadband. I’m not doing that. In the first place, today is just the third day of my internet trial run and I cannot say for certain if Sky is indeed better compared to the current broadband offerings. In the last two days, though, connection has been fast and reliable. But then again, it’s always like that especially during the trial run right? I searched for SkyBroadband reviews online and found mostly negative comments. Common complaint was the fast connection during the trial period that will drastically drop to a minimum once you fully subscribe to them.

Using, I checked that my download speed today was 1.42 mbps. The plan I was trying out was offering up to 1.5 mbps so Sky is definitely trying to make a good impression during this trial run. I remember my previous SmartBro wifi plan offered up to 1 mbps but my connection’s average speed was stuck at 150-200 mbps.

I have no high hopes SkyBroadband’s high-speed internet will continue once I fully subscribe so I’ll update this post in the future so you can also see whether SkyBroadband, unlike PLDT or Smart, can indeed live up to their promise. If similar to what we’ve read before that SkyBroadband is just good at the start, then expect an additional negative review posted here.

Update (October 2012): Review — SmartBro vs. SkyBroadband internet

James Ryan Jonas teaches business management, investments, and entrepreneurship at the University of the Philippines (UP). He is also the Executive Director of UP Provident Fund Inc., managing and investing P3.2 Billion ($56.4 Million) worth of retirement funds on behalf of thousands of UP employees.