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(UPDATED Review) ShopBack rebates: Payment received!

Do you use Lazada, Zalora, Agoda, Sephora, Grab, Food Panda, HonestBee, or for your online shopping transactions?

Then you’d be glad to know that you can earn cash rebates when you shop with these online stores using the ShopBack program.

Can I really earn cash rebates?

The simple answer: Yes!

I’ve been a member of the cash rebate program for months now and the good news is, I’ve already withdrawn cash of more than P7,000+ — which proves it is legit. The cash was automatically deposited to my Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) savings account.

Including unpaid and pending earnings, I’ve now earned a total of P12,000+ cash rebates from ShopBack, as of April 2018, as seen in this screenshot below.

Shopback earnings rebates

Shopback rebates review

Shopback Earnings as of April 2018

Back in May 2017, here’s a screenshot of my account, showing total earnings of P7,181.84!

The payout of P4,271.38 was deposited directly to my BPI bank account after just a few days.

Shopback rebates review

Shopback Earnings as of May 2017

Here’s another screenshot of my account as of December 2016. As of that time, I’ve already earned a total of P3,854.57 (see “Total Earnings” bar below). I cashed out P1,162.10 and received the cash payout in my BPI savings account.

Earn Cash rebates when shopping online

Shopback Earnings as of December 2016

How does it work?

The cashback program has partnerships with online shopping and e-commerce websites such as Lazada, Zalora, Agoda, HonestBee, Food Panda, and dozens of other online retailers. When you purchase from these websites, Shopback earns affiliate income which they share with members like us as cash rebates.

The cash rebate is a certain percentage of the total transaction amount. For example, if you bought an item worth P1,000 from Lazada and the cash rebate rate is 8%, you’ll get P80 cash refund.

* (The cash rebate may vary depending on the promo, and it ranges from 4% to 12% of the transaction amount.)

How to start earning cash rebates

It’s actually a very simple process. If you want to earn your cash rebates right away, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign up for a cash rebate account here. It’s free and you can really earn money.
  2. Before you shop on the website of Lazada, Zalora, Agoda, HonestBee, etc., first you have to login to your Shopback account. From there, click the link to the online shopping store before you make any purchase. You MUST do this step, otherwise, your cash rebate won’t be credited to your account.
  3. After clicking the link on the Shopback website, you’ll be redirected to the actual website of Lazada,, Zalora, Agoda, etc. and then you can do your online shopping as per usual.
  4. Your cash rebate will then be credited to your account after a few days.

That’s it! Enjoy your cash rebates!

UPDATE April 2018: Here’s a list of active online shopping stores and websites with partnerships with Shopback where you can earn cash rebates.

Online Shopping WebsiteCash Rebate %
Ace Hardware9% max rebate
Air Asia Zest1%
Apple iTunes & App Store5% max rebate
Food Panda7%
Honest Bee6%
Lazada9% max rebate
Philippine Airlines0.50%
Qatar Airways1%
Robinsons Appliance Center9% max rebate
Robinsons Supermarket6%
Samsung4% max rebate
Sephora5% max rebate
SM Store9% max rebate
WalMart2% max rebate
Watsons6% max rebate
Zen Rooms15%

Click here to join the ShopBack cash rebate program for free to start earning money!

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4 thoughts on “(UPDATED Review) ShopBack rebates: Payment received!”

  1. Alan Rothwell says:

    Thanks for the information, will give it a try, especially with Agoda.

  2. Winston Lachica says:

    Nawala ang mga bonuses ko sa referral bali 850 lahat yun malapit na yun mg turn into redeemable dahil I have 329 cashback na na redeemable na? Nawala din sa summary yung mga bonuses ko. Ngayon ng acstionan to asap.

  3. Coinsmo says:

    Glad to have this. I didn’t know that this kind of offer excise. I am a frugal type of a person and I’m really happy to read this. Already sign up using your link. And I can save really a lot every time I buys something online. Thank you very much for sharing the information.

  4. Thrifty Business Entrepreneur says:

    This is what really makes things to help saving a lot of money. I hope it will really go for a long term. I will created a new one and signup to your link. Thank you.

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