San Miguel Brewery (SMB) bonds in the Philippines

In what is touted as the biggest corporate bond issue in the Philippines, beer company San Miguel Brewery, Inc. (SMB) successfully raised P38.8 billion or US$800 million during this week’s sale of its fixed-rate bonds.

SMB offered three types of bonds to the market:

  • 3-year bonds, paying interest coupon of  8.25% per annum
  • 5-year bonds, paying interest coupon of 8.875% per annum
  • 10-year bonds, paying interest coupon of 10.5% per annum

If you want to invest in these SMB Bonds, inquire with your bank, specifically the bank’s Trust Department or Trust Group.

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8 thoughts on “San Miguel Brewery (SMB) bonds in the Philippines”

    1. @ice_hot, actually during times of recession, people flock to bonds rather than stocks. You just have to check the issuer of the bond, whether they have a good reputation or not and the bond’s credit rating. Although as we have seen recently, credit ratings are not always 100% correct so aside from looking at the credit rating, make your own analysis as well.

      @Reel Advice, bond rates differ depending on the type. You just have to constantly watch out for bond offerings and look for the ones that are good investments.

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