How to report text scams

It’s annoying to wake up to an SMS message you don’t expect, and even worst when that text is a spam/scam message. Earlier, the following obvious scam message unfortunately woke me up.

E2 bago roaming # k. Mzta n kau jan? Ok lang ako d2 my pa2 dor 2 dor akong mga gamit jan. Mern k dun. Loadan m muna ako 500 n prepaid kard im4rtante lng tnx.

(This is my new roaming number. How are you over there? I’ll be sending a package and it includes something for you. Send me prepaid card load first worth P500. A bit important. Thanks.)

Sent by cellphone number 09152469411

Yeah right. If you can’t afford to buy prepaid card load, then don’t bother to send me the package! !@#$%^! LOL.

That SMS message is just one example of text scams circulating right now. The scam is similar to the Yahoo! Messenger (YM) prepaid load scammer who would assume the identity of someone you know then tricks you into sending prepaid load.

I hope none would fall for that (although I’m pretty sure there are some who would).

Help fight scammers by reporting SMS scams. For Globe and Touch Mobile users, you can report it by calling the Globe hotline 211 and TM hotline 808 or by sending an e-mail to

You can also contact the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) at 751-3330 to report these scams.

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  1. this was the email i received from smart before.

    Dear Pinay and Money,

    Thank you for sending us e-mail.

    We are sorry to hear that someone has been sending you malicious or offensive messages.

    Various types of these messages are being received by our subscribers. SMART has been constantly coordinating with National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to address the problem of malicious, offensive or threatening text messages that have victimized a growing number of SMART subscribers.

    If you continually receive such messages, you may personally file a formal complaint to NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) Head Office or any of its Regional Offices through their One-Stop Public Assistance Center. NTC can order us to deactivate the culprit’s line. Please make sure that you were able to save the number and the message of the one who sent you a hoax text message. If important, you may reach NTC at telephone numbers 436-7722, 926-7722 and 925-4651.

    The NTC in turn, will send a warning text message to the source. SMART assigned a special number 0919-2999999 for NTC to use when sending out warning messages. In the event that complainant continues to receive these hoax text messages from the same number despite warnings, the NTC may order SMART to deactivate the source of these messages.

    We hope to have been of help to you. Feel free to communicate with us again.


    Customer Care

    1. Thanks leela for the info. It’s just sad na parang deactivation lang ang pwedeng gawin ng NTC sa ganitong sitwasyon. Siguro kasi wala pang “harm” na nangyayari at wala pang kaso. In that case, siguro pwede kang magpasa-load ng P5 dun sa scammer tapos i-report mo at ipahuli siya. Dapat sa mga ganyang scammer, kinukulong!

    2. Someone sent me a message like this:
      To all Retailers! You earned _____(amount)/Free Load from Globe Advisory. Claim your _____(amount)/points
      Just Dial
      *100*1*09354024780*______(amount) *1*#

      Then Press

      Thank you po.

      1. Same here po…yan din po text sa akin ngayon..expired na daw points ng july 10; july 11 na ngayon..
        “Your Remaining 600 Rètailer pts will expire
        on JULY 10, 2020

        Convert your 600 pts.
        to L 0 A D

        Just Dial


        Then BUTTON CALL”

  2. These scammers should be jailed. But I can’t help but be irked at how some people can be so gullible. If someone falls for this very obvious cheap trick, then he/she probably deserves it.

  3. someone sent me the same message too, the number is 091557409874 ,me pang package ka la ka png load? someone report this cheap tricks.

  4. Kakainis talaga ang mga yan…there is no way for authorities to really trace these scammers especially that they are using prepaid sims.
    .-= elmot´s latest blog ..“Ang Ladlad will not Redound any Good of This Nation,” Look Who is Talking. =-.

  5. Awareness is the most important thing to avoid scams and deceptions. If people were inform not to entertain these kind of acts then these so called scams will die away.

    As long as there are no buyers the scams will stop.

  6. @leela, madali nga lang kasi talaga magpalit ng sim card kaya malakas ang loon nitong mga scammer kasi feeling nila nde sila mahuhuli.

    @chad, yup, i hope those who receive scam messages will report them to authorities. Who knows, sooner or later the police will act and catch these scammers.

    @elmot, I’m sure there are technologies that can detect the source of the message even if the sender is using a disposable prepaid SIM card. Unfortunately, the telecom networks don’t want to invest in these technologies since it’s just an expense and catching scammers is not a priority for them.

    @Francis, exactly. By posting these scams, I personally hope people would learn about them and ultimately not fall for these.

  7. marami talaga scammers ngayon,d2 sa Greece on going ang registration ng mga sim card (pre-paid or billing man)para madaling ma trace out ang whatever crime na pwede gawin using cellphone as a means.

  8. i knew somebody who got dupe of P75,000 just recently. same text. But somewhere along the text changing, they got hold of some info. So it seems real. Poor old woman, crying a river will not help her.

  9. I also got the same sms. Buti na lang aware na ako na may ganitong scam. I replied na I’ll will report the number to globe and ang sinagot lang sa akin is “sure”.

    Beware of this number —> 0906-501-9482

  10. TEXT SCAM from – +639163047497 or 09163047497

    Kumuzta na kau jan nxtweek na aq mgppdla ng pera sa WeStr Union, txt q nlang cnrol#, i2 nw roaming #q, dna aq makktx palud u to ng 500 na prepaid crd, etxt u pin# ng crd d2 tnx..I ms u bye??

  11. Hi if you have been receiving this kind of text messages, just report it to NTC so they can block the number. Tel no-926-7722. Thanks:)

    1. NTC won’t do anything. Reported recent text spam messages to NTC through their email (as advised by a GLOBE Customer Rep when I reported my text spam messages to GLOBE) and the reply I received was that they will “initially warn the said number”. Bunch of crap!

  12. TEXT SCAM from +639397890936

    LAST NOTICE: Pls follow-up your unclaimed prize,you are given chance up to 24 hrs only.Call immediately-Yuchengco Fndtn.

  13. fiesta cruze legacy

    TEXT SCAM from +639106159850

    NOTICE..FRM,GMA Foundation cel win as a 2nd,prizes.winner plz claim ur prize
    (700.50,000) pangkabuhayan handog ni Manny Cell rple. 2claim ur prize plz call now im Atty. Peter Javier Lopez, incharged of GMA FOUNDATION 2010!

    Scumbag labels himself as an Attorney! He doesn’t even know his basic english grammar!
    Attention DepEd, would you please help this desperate person learn better English before NBI and DOJ locks him up in jail?

  14. hi i would like to check if in case naka receive ako ng text from pinas to my dubai number. is there any chance na ma check kung saang place sa philippines galing ang message? hindi na active yung sim but check ko lang po sana if there’s any software or program yung smart or globe na ma track kahit yung location lang ng sender? thank you po!

  15. dito po ako s dubai at last june 2 nkareceive ako ng tetx n nanalo dw ako ng 850,000.oosana imbestigahan po ito ng NBI kung saan nanagagaling ang mga manloloko na iyan mag ingat sana kayo sa # na itp +639284658934 si atty tan dw +639214584623 sya naman si venus ayala na nagpakilalang Branch manager ng western union +639993795329 ssya naman si Zenaida P.Atienza sya daw yundg nasa COA commissinn of Audit ang RAMIL C. FLORES na syang nag claim ng pera sa western union sya dw yung representative.malaki yung nawala s akin dahil naniwla ako s kanila malaking pera yung naipadala ko at nkapangalan iyon ky RAMIL FLORES n naka adres s harison streey malate metro amnila sana matrace ito ng mga NBI kung sino ang nagmamay ari ng mga number n iyan at sana aksyunan nila s lalong madaling panahon.handog pasasalamat ni noynoy aquino charity foundation daw iyon at nanalo bw yung mobile # ko ng 850,000.00sana po aksyunan po ito ng mga awtoridad kasi bago lng ito nangyaro nung june 3 lang ako nkapadala ng pera s mga taong iyan.kpag kausap ko sila parang totoong totoo talaga

    1. concerned citizen

       I’m sorry kung ngyari sayo yan. Alam mo naman madami ng mabubulok sa impyerno ngayon. Nakareceive din ako ng ganyang text may atty. involve pa , pero hindi ako nagpadala kasi wala naman akong sinalian na raffle or whatever. I think the govt wont provide us prizes. Ridiculous yung mga text scams na mga ganyan, Don’t believe them. Random lang silang ngbibiktima. Wala na kasi silang maisip na pagkakakitaan kaya ngloloko sila.

  16. OK… I fell for this one and gave out 3,500php worth of load to someone who posed as my aunt. I got duped because my real aunt emailed me earlier in the week that she was gonna send some packages. I hope this scammer will eventually get his/her just desserts.
    Beware of this number: 09068328743

  17. beware of this:

    Congratulations!U have won 300k Pesos+Starex Van, ur Sim# as a homepartner last Nov.15,2010 for info:Call dis no:09325343261Dir:Zedee Tan of Phil:Com.Center

  18. text scam: sabi sa sister ko ito na yung bago kong number ng globe, padalhan ako ng 500 pesos kasi ibenta ko ng malaki halaga

    Nakakuha ng mahigit 2000 pesos.

    Sana may satellite para madetect at sanama sa criminal charges as bitay ang gumagawa ng scam na ito.
    Heto ang number 09062105816.
    salot sa lipunan.

    1. concerned citizen

       Sana your sister verified it first kung ikaw talaga yun. Let’s say nag email siya sayo, chatted with you sa ym, fb or whatever para hindi naging ganun yung outcome.

  19. eto, nangha-harrass nanghuhuli lang malamang kung magrereply ka o hindi, decided not to reply anyway…pero dapat malaman ang number nya baka may mabiktima pa.

    eto #0999-7588717

    1. concerned citizen

      I know what you’re going through. If your phone  can block unlisted numbers, enable mo na. Para marereceive mo lang sa calls is yung numbers na naka save lang sa phone mo. 

  20. just a few minutes ago I received this message: “kmusta n. ito n new roaming number k hnd n kc mg active yung dati k number. my ppdala ako pera nxtweek dyn ipalod u muna k ng 300 dyn, ala lngmpglodn dto. txbk.” and this is the number, 0916-1127407.

  21. Please HELP me STOP 2474 from
    sending text messages.

    Everyday they’re sending 4
    senseless messages, which are automatically deducted on my Smart account.


    2 months ago, I saw an ad
    from StarWorld (one of the largest cable tv shows based in HongKong) in our
    country, featuring downloadable music, games, wallpapers thru SMS (text).

    So I subscribed to it given
    the credibility of StarWorld.

    Later did I know that I felt
    I’m duped, I was barraged with text messages daily without the said downloads
    at all.

    All I get are nothing but plain
    deductions on my load.


    I am not really fond of
    downloads thru text messages, except for this one, ‘cause I have such high
    regard and trust for StarWorld.


    I hope this will be STOPPED
    as this will continue on to dupe more people. It’s really unfair. Thank you so
    much for reading my letter and hopefully, looked into this matter.


  23. I’ve started recording my text spam messages (loans, insurance, health care, other crap). And I noticed that most of the spammers are using Globe numbers. *makes you wonder*

    I’ve reported these messages to both Globe and NTC. No action.

    Is there really nothing that can be done to stop these marketers from spamming our lines? If we are out of the country and on roaming, are we not charged for these damn spam messages that we didn’t even ask for in the first place? What then?

  24. Scammer: 09393732544.
    “Musta na kau dyn e2 ang roaming no# q, mgp2dala nga pala aq ng pera sa lingo txtbk.

    Ayun pinatulan ko just to piss that person off.

  25. Scammer: 09393732544.
    “Musta na kau dyn e2 ang roaming no# q, mgp2dala nga pala aq ng pera sa lingo txtbk.

    Ayun pinatulan ko just to piss that person off.

  26. Scammer:09323870746
    “Musta na kayo dyan eto bago kong roaming txt nyo naman ako namimiss ko na kayo off ko ngayon papadala me package”
    then my bussines me discuss about sa load na 500, 920 pesos daw ang presyo sa canada ang benta dito hati tayo sa kita ayun napatulan ko and they know the name of my sister

    1. Musta na kayo dyan eto bago kong roaming txt nyo naman ako namimiss ko na kayo off ko ngayon papadala me package”..ganito din po sa akin..09165772687 number nya

  27. 09066431682 –  AYUN roaming thing din, then sinakyan namin until sa huli… sabi ko, “W8 mo load, nood muna ko ng Elmo’s World” haha

  28. Eto bago.
    +639202367131 – Gud p.m. Nagpaload ako knina kso nagkamali ako ng no. S iyo ko naipaload kung pwede balik mo s akin 30 smart ito slmt po.

    Smart sya, globe ako and sobrang magkalayo ung number nmin. So imposibleng na load nya ko. Tsk tsk. Magsisinungaling nlang nga, fail pa. 

  29. if you report the number to globe, tell them they have been sending multiple scams/spam messages. they’ll make a report, send warning messages and make them unable to register to unlimited promos. if more people report numbers (at least 3), they “temporarily disconnect” the number, but that just means they’re going to turn off the signal indefinitely. if at least three different people call with the same scammer number, they will then report it to the ntc and ask them to block the imei. kaya dapat masipag magreport.

    1. You just have received P300.00 Prepaid Credits to Redeem just dial
      Valid Until: 2019
      Trace No:1213469709

      Scam to right? Parang bago lang to ahh

    2. You just have received P300.00 Prepaid Credits to Redeem just dial
      Valid Until: 2020
      Trace No:1213469709

      Something is not right here

    3. 09753185543- to all retailer your earned 600 loadwallet. claim your 600/point now
      just dial:(2x)


      then press call:

      – HMMM PARANG SCAM TOH =-:\?

  30. I, along with my brother and mum, received a text message, which said:

    “Ma nabanga ung sinasakyan namin naki txt lang ako last txt n2 paloadan mo muna 2ng #09474578407 ng 300 smart yan emergency lng may sugat ako sa ulo.” – 09231147046

  31. Would anyone try to google Concord Pacific Investment Holdings, Inc. and make an analysis if this company and  it supposed scheme is legitimate or just a scam? See if you would get interested on this supposed million dollar company that has made moa with diffferent provinces as early as 2010 but until now, there  were no projects. . . . 

    1. Hi!

      I’ve been trying to look for any details of the company if they are legit. Can you give me any information please.

      1. concerned citizen

        Go DOLE (dept of labor and employment) and ask them a list for you to verify if that company is legit.

  32. Clifford_tagaro2000

    hi ako po c clifford tagaro, meron po nag nagtetext sa akin ganito po congratulations! your sim#, had won. (Php 780,000) 2nd Price winner draw last. dec/07/11/ to claim ur prize pls. call me now. i’m Atty, ALEX B. CRUZ (D’Auditor of Phil’sCharity foundation) per Dti-Ncr Permit # 2748 Series of 2011 ito yong cell # nya 09156716812 galing ang txt. 

    1. concerned citizen

      Madaming ganyang scams, try to avoid it nalang. Para hindi ka maging biktima. Yun lang advice ko.


    Scammer Numbers: 09239353159 / 09323561379″SunCellular:
    You’re the one Selected Postpaid Plan Given 50% Discount Billing, to get your 50% Discount Billing just forward 17-digits secret code to 2292. You will receive 17-digits secret code on next message.

    50 09323561379 9999

  34. please help me to know the person behind this number 09106080382 or 09106080370 same person behind these 2 numbers.. I am afraid because he gave threat to my boy friend . and an incidence happened last february 24 2012. theres a guy who hurt my boyfriend on his face. tnx.

    Congratulations! Ur Intn’l Globe Roaming Simcard# Won 2million pesos, During our anniversary handog pangkabuhayan Raffles draw! frm Central Bank of The Philippines call GOV. AMANDO M. TETANGCO JR.,TAGAPANGASIWA NG CENTRAL BANK, CONTACT # 09263222255, Call me now to avoid forefeiture. DTI-NCR PERMIT #0928.

    1. concerned citizen

       To be able to avoid it, you need to ignore those types of messages. Try changing your number. Painvestigate mo po to the local authorities.

  36. I JUST RECEIVED TEXT SCAM FROM +639168628503

    “Notice Frm:MANNY MANY PRIZES-UR Sim # – had won ‘Php850,000.00 2nd prize winner. Sponsored by: Mr. Manny . Pacquiao Pls! call me now im atty. Felipe L. Gozon. DTI/NCR prmt# 2168 Series of 2012:”

  37. Just received a text scam from +639065794604
    “Congratulations! Ur sim no. had won (P750,000) “HANDOG PANGKABUHAYAN” of (Noynoy) Aquino Charity Foundation  w/ Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Claim your Prize. Call me now! I’m Atty, CARLO D. PIMENTEL from BSP Dept. DTI-permit #6326 Series of 2012.

  38. 09062550488
    Congrats! you’re the one selected postpaid plan given 150 discount billing, to get your 150 discount billing just text 150 and send to 29062550488. Thank you Globe postpaid subscriber! 

  39.  sana gagawa ng law para sa lahat ng phone number ay dapat naka register sa NTC……    like singapore .   so walang sino ang gagawa ng kabulastogan.   at mamonetor para sa lahat ng crime……..     so wlang text scam ang magagawa dahil sa malalaman kung sino ang gagawa nito…… matagal na tong problema ng bansa natin,   wala man lang may nakapuna….    si meriam santiago sabi  lahat ng laptop IP address ay dapat iregister . whaaaaaa,  na una pa…sa cellphone….

    di ba tama?

  40. concerned citizen

    I just received this text from this number +639359818336…….Congratulation! U’r Sim# had won (Php.950,000.00) from:PHIL’S CHARITY FOUNDATION! Sponsored by: SAN MIGUEL BEER INC. To claim u’r prize! CAll me now! I’m Atty. Nicanor V. Fuentes. DTI-Per#0925 s’12

  41. concerned citizen

    just receive txt from 09363648354

    Congrats! you’re the one selected postpaid plan given 150 discount billing, to get your 150 discount billing just text 150 and send to 29362239774. Thank you Globe postpaid subscriber!

  42. Susan Michelle Christen

    I received a text from
    qzzd944yvh79_Hello, urgent_action_required. Please call at: 757-890-2717. Received from: Bnk0fAmerica. Sincerely, Protection Team.! K7565xjp639ksp
    I don’t bank at Bank if America or I may have been fooled.

    Vincent James Salazar. BDO Account number: 601853-907-24009-00.
    He will asked you to deposit to his bank account but will never deliver the goods. He always post ad on OLX. He also used sites like He was reported to PNP cybercrime group. His mobile (0975 2418124, 0915 9417265, and 0947 3732545). BEWARE.

  44. I’ve been receiving annoying scam text saying “Ma loadan mo ito na number ng 350 globe 09971090556. nandito na sa akin ang bayad ma.” – Sender 09971090556

    “Ma loadan mo ito na number bali 150 nandito na bayad sa akin.” – Sender 09267948301

    at ito pa.. “You have successfully earned 300 Load via LoadNegosyo PROMO! to redeem just dial *100*1*09263693744*600*1# valid until 12mindnight. Sender – 09650635333

    “You have successfully earned 350 Load via LoadNegosyo PROMO! to redeem just dial *100*1*09263693740*600*1# valid until 12mindnight. Sender – 09263691623

    “You have earned 600 Retailer Points. Claim your 600 Bonus LoadWallet.
    Just dial *100*1*09068876697*600*1# then Press CALL. Valid til Feb 19, 2018 Only. Sender – 09356771636

    at ang dami pa… so annoying to receive this messages in my retailer sim which is I personally used it to load my own number… grrrr!!!

    1. I have received same text message just recently from 0997-489-2508.. from Load Negosyo daw sabi nila -_- sana po mablock itong number na ito or makulong ang mga nang iiscam ng ganito

  45. I want to report this # 09977319414

    Be aware guys… ang bastos nya sana po malocate sya kung saan man sya naka tira.. help me po.. para mapahuli sila agad..

  46. “You have successfully earned 350 Load via LoadNegosyo PROMO! to redeem just dial *100*1*09262435047*600*1# valid till 2018. Sender – 09262435047

  47. Madonna Ng Palayan

    “RETAILERS ONLY! You have earned 550 |oadwallet. Claim your 550 Retailer Points.

    Just Dial(2x):


    Then press
    Trace No:0008801”

    I have replied to the person asking “if this was a scam” but he or she did not respond. Now I have a way of finding who owns a certain mobile number. I couldn’t find the sender number, +639050245571, owner so I checked who owns 09676140033 instead.. and I found out it has been used by a certain “vangie fantilagan” who is residing in marikina.

    I told the sender his or her actions may put vangie fantilagan in trouble if he or she will continue with this kind of messages.

  48. Madonna Ng Palayan

    “Maligayang kaarawan, VANGIE! Nawa’y mapuno ng saya at tagumpay ang taon na ito para sa’yo. Salamat sa 30 taon na patuloy na pagtangkilik, ka-Cebuana!”

    I received this text from cellphone number: 09175793610

    I am sure this was also the person who sent the text scam last time whose phone number was 09050245571.
    This person is so dumb to even call me vangie in his or her text scam.
    Please. You are a waste of space on Earth. Just die. LOL

  49. you can report them to your respective service providers for deactivation . be sure to save the scam messages for evidence . for GLOBE you can Submit a Spam Message Report via for SMART try calling their hotline *888 or send a tweet or screenshot to their Twitter account @SMARTCares

  50. i recently reported a scammer to globe and this is their reply . you may report this directly to NTC for proper action via landline 9267722 or email at or . i have no idea why both globe and smart website to report these tons and tons of scammers are down and not working. it seems profit is still the priority for these big companies.

  51. I received this message awhile ago from this sender +639363606921

    Your 600 RetailPòints
    earned last year will expire soon.
    Redèem 600 LòadWallèt

    Just Dial



    Valid til:
    JAN.31, 2020

    It might be scam or what. THANKS

    1. Kristoffer N Mendoza

      Ganyan din na tanggap ko:
      Your 600 RetailPòints
      earned last year will expire soon.
      Redèem 600 LòadWallèt

      Just Dial


      Then BUTTON CALL

      Valid til:
      JAN.31, 2020

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