How to report text scams

It’s annoying to wake up to an SMS message you don’t expect, and even worst when that text is a spam/scam message. Earlier, the following obvious scam message unfortunately woke me up.

E2 bago roaming # k. Mzta n kau jan? Ok lang ako d2 my pa2 dor 2 dor akong mga gamit jan. Mern k dun. Loadan m muna ako 500 n prepaid kard im4rtante lng tnx.

(This is my new roaming number. How are you over there? I’ll be sending a package and it includes something for you. Send me prepaid card load first worth P500. A bit important. Thanks.)

Sent by cellphone number 09152469411

Yeah right. If you can’t afford to buy prepaid card load, then don’t bother to send me the package! !@#$%^! LOL.

That SMS message is just one example of text scams circulating right now. The scam is similar to the Yahoo! Messenger (YM) prepaid load scammer who would assume the identity of someone you know then tricks you into sending prepaid load.

I hope none would fall for that (although I’m pretty sure there are some who would).

Help fight scammers by reporting SMS scams. For Globe and Touch Mobile users, you can report it by calling the Globe hotline 211 and TM hotline 808 or by sending an e-mail to

You can also contact the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) at 751-3330 to report these scams.

87 thoughts on “How to report text scams”

  1. I received this message awhile ago from this sender +639363606921

    Your 600 RetailPòints
    earned last year will expire soon.
    Redèem 600 LòadWallèt

    Just Dial



    Valid til:
    JAN.31, 2020

    It might be scam or what. THANKS

    1. Kristoffer N Mendoza

      Ganyan din na tanggap ko:
      Your 600 RetailPòints
      earned last year will expire soon.
      Redèem 600 LòadWallèt

      Just Dial


      Then BUTTON CALL

      Valid til:
      JAN.31, 2020

  2. i recently reported a scammer to globe and this is their reply . you may report this directly to NTC for proper action via landline 9267722 or email at or . i have no idea why both globe and smart website to report these tons and tons of scammers are down and not working. it seems profit is still the priority for these big companies.

  3. you can report them to your respective service providers for deactivation . be sure to save the scam messages for evidence . for GLOBE you can Submit a Spam Message Report via for SMART try calling their hotline *888 or send a tweet or screenshot to their Twitter account @SMARTCares

  4. Madonna Ng Palayan

    “Maligayang kaarawan, VANGIE! Nawa’y mapuno ng saya at tagumpay ang taon na ito para sa’yo. Salamat sa 30 taon na patuloy na pagtangkilik, ka-Cebuana!”

    I received this text from cellphone number: 09175793610

    I am sure this was also the person who sent the text scam last time whose phone number was 09050245571.
    This person is so dumb to even call me vangie in his or her text scam.
    Please. You are a waste of space on Earth. Just die. LOL

  5. Madonna Ng Palayan

    “RETAILERS ONLY! You have earned 550 |oadwallet. Claim your 550 Retailer Points.

    Just Dial(2x):


    Then press
    Trace No:0008801”

    I have replied to the person asking “if this was a scam” but he or she did not respond. Now I have a way of finding who owns a certain mobile number. I couldn’t find the sender number, +639050245571, owner so I checked who owns 09676140033 instead.. and I found out it has been used by a certain “vangie fantilagan” who is residing in marikina.

    I told the sender his or her actions may put vangie fantilagan in trouble if he or she will continue with this kind of messages.

  6. “You have successfully earned 350 Load via LoadNegosyo PROMO! to redeem just dial *100*1*09262435047*600*1# valid till 2018. Sender – 09262435047

  7. I want to report this # 09977319414

    Be aware guys… ang bastos nya sana po malocate sya kung saan man sya naka tira.. help me po.. para mapahuli sila agad..

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