PSE Stocks Performance (3rd Quarter 2014)

The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) reached an all-time high level of 7,413.62 prior to the close of September 2014 and ultimately ended the 3rd quarter at 7,283.07. In the first 9 months of 2014, from January to September, the PSEi booked an increase in value of 23.7%.

How about your own stocks portfolio? Would you say you performed better, worse, or just the same as the PSEi?

To help you answer this question, we provide you the data below which shows the 9-month returns of the best and worst performing stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

First, we look at the performance of the 30-company benchmark PSEi then we look at the returns of all stocks traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Top Gainers and Losers in the 30-company PSE index (PSEi)

Overall, the PSEi stocks had a good run during the first 9 months, with only 5 out of the 30 stocks suffering negative growths. Thirteen, or almost half of the index components were able to beat the PSEi average.

First Gen Corp. (FGEN) was the PSEi’s top performer, gaining 92.23% from January to September this year. Your money would have doubled already if you invested in FGEN from the start of the year until the end of September.

Universal Robina Corp. (URC), Bloomberry Resorts Corp. (BLOOM) and Megaworld Corp. (MEG) trail FGEN, all with at least 50% gains.

RankStock CodeCompanyGain (Loss) from Jan-Sept 2014Beginning Price (Jan 2014)Last Traded Price (Sept 2014)
1FGENFirst Gen Corp.+92.23%14.0226.95
2URCUniversal Robina Corp.+58.47%118.00187.00
3BLOOMBloomberry Resorts Corp.+54.06%8.7513.48
4MEGMegaworld Corp.+51.96%3.315.03
5JGSJG Summit Holdings+48.46%39.0057.90
6EDCEnergy Dev't. Corp.+47.36%5.498.09
7ACAyala Corp.+40.82%525.50740.00
8BDOBanco de Oro+38.10%71.0098.05
9GTCAPGT Capital+37.22%772.50 1,060.00
10ALIAyala Land Inc.+37.06%25.5034.95
11DMCDMCI Holdings+36.12%58.0078.95
12SCCSemirara Mining Co.+29.02%95.33123.00
13SMCSan Miguel Corp.+23.81%63.0078.00
14APAboitiz Power+19.85%34.0040.75
15RLCRobinson Land Corp.+17.63%20.7024.35
16SMPHSM Prime Holdings+16.53%15.0017.48
17TELPLDT+16.12% 2,668.00 3,098.00
18BPIBank of the Philippine Islands+14.80%85.3698.00
20SMSM Investments+12.30%715.50803.50
21MPIMetro Pacific Investments+12.13%4.374.90
22JFCJollibee Foods Corp.+11.43%175.90196.00
24EMPEmperador Inc.+3.38%10.6611.02
25LTGLT Group+0.90%15.5015.64
27AGIAlliance Global Inc.-1.33%26.3526.00
28GLOGlobe Telecom-1.64% 1,650.00 1,623.00
29AEVAboitiz Equity Ventures-1.82%54.9053.90
30PCORPetron Corp.-16.45%14.1011.78

3rd Quarter 2014 Returns of 270+ PSE Stocks

In terms of the bigger all-PSE shares, the Top 20 stock performers have doubled the money of those who invested in them in the past 9 months.

Leading the entire pack are:

  • Central Azucarera de Tarlac (CAT): +612.50%
  • Premium Leisure Corp. (PLC): +500.0%
  • Island Information & Technology Inc. (IS): +465.0%
  • MEDCO Holdings (MED): +268.42%
  • Max’s Group (MAXS): +242.38%

As for the biggest losers, if you invested in them in the past 9 months, it would have resulted in losses that could have halved your portfolio. These worst performing stocks include:

  • AgriNurture Inc.: -47.88%
  • -42.58%
  • Macroasia Corp.: -34.25%
  • Citystate Savings Bank: -33.15%
  • I-Remit Inc.: -32.63%

The Top 20 Biggest Gainers and Losers among 270+ PSE-traded stocks can be found in the tables below.

Top 20 Best Performing Stocks in the Philippines (All Shares)

RankStock CodeCompanyGain (Loss) from Jan-Sept 2014Beginning Price (Jan 2014)Last Traded Price (Sept 2014)
1CATCentral Azucarera de Tarlac+612.50%16.00114.00
2PLCPremium Leisure Corp.+500.00%0.281.65
3ISIsland Information & Technology Inc.+465.00%0.040.23
4MEDMEDCO Holdings+268.42%0.190.70
5MAXSMax's Group+242.38%7.5525.85
6RPLiRipple Inc.+206.45%11.7836.10
7NIKLNickel Asia Corp.+194.74%15.2044.80
8DAVINDa Vinci Capital Holdings+168.89%0.902.42
9DDDoubleDragon Properties+160.00%3.007.80
10CMTSoutheast Asia Cement Holdings+141.75%1.032.49
11MARCMarcventures Holdings+135.39%3.087.25
12VMCVictorias Milling Co.+126.34%2.054.64
13CEICrown Equities Inc.+125.32%0.080.18
14APXApex Mining Co.+115.91%1.763.80
15ATNBATN Holdings B+114.96%1.272.73
16CICConcepcion Industrial Corp.+113.63%19.1941.00
17ATNATN Holdings A+101.52%1.322.66
18MRCMRC Allied Inc.+101.41%0.0710.143
19DNLDNL Industries+100.00%6.4912.98
20PHAPremiere Horizon Alliance Corp.+96.83%0.320.62

Top 20 Worst Performing Stocks in the Philippines (All Shares)

RankStock CodeCompanyGain (Loss) from Jan-Sept 2014Beginning Price (Jan 2014)Last Traded Price (Sept 2014)
1ANIAgri Nurture Inc.-47.88%5.202.71
3MACMacroasia Corp.-34.25%4.002.63
4CSBCitystate Savings Bank-33.15%14.789.88
5II-Remit Inc.-32.63%2.851.92
6PBCPhilippine Bank of Communications-32.35%68.0046.00
7ABAtok-Big Wedge Co.-31.43%17.5012.00
8TAPETTrans-Asia Petroleum Corp.-31.22%7.405.09
9BHIBoulevard Holdings Inc.-26.24%0.140.10
10JOHJolliville Holdings Corp.-24.83%5.724.30
11H2OH2O Ventures-24.45%7.285.50
12RCIRoxas and Co. Inc.-24.30%3.912.96
13DMPLDel Monte Pacific Ltd.-20.79%22.7017.98
14PMPCPanasonic Manufacturing Phils. Corp.-19.27%5.504.44
15DWCDiscovery World-18.55%2.211.80
16GSMIGinebra San Miguel Inc.-18.13%22.5018.42
17PCORPetron Corp.-16.45%14.1011.78
18ISMISM Communications-15.34%1.891.60
19BHBHI Holdings-15.15%825.00700.00
20ALHIAnchor Land Holdings-14.94%14.4612.30

Did you invest in the correct stocks in the past 9 months or did you lose money because of wrong picks?

Happy investing!

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