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Power Balance, Scalar Energy, Quantum Pendants — SCAM?

You have probably witnessed a demo of how a seemingly innocent bracelet or pendant have made someone stronger. Perhaps you yourself have participated in that Endurance and Flexibility Body Test.

Astonished by what you saw, you wonder: do these Power Balance wrist bands, EFX bracelets, and Scalar Quantum Energy Pendants really produce that effect?

We found several reasons below to convince us that they DO NOT. Read on.

“Magical” Wristbands, Bracelets and Scalar Pendants

First, what is Power Balance? Power Balance is a popular brand of wrist bands and bracelets supposedly using “holographic technology” designed to “work with your body’s natural energy field.” Manufacturers claim that wearing the wrist band and similar “magnetic bracelets” can produce tremendous increases in the strength, power and flexibility of a person.

Scalar Quantum Energy Pendants claim the same. It is marketed as coming from “natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level… producing scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s biofield [and] helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body.”


Power Balance admits fraud in their claims

But then again, these baseless claims are exactly the reasons why in Australia, Power Balance had to issue a corrective statement after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) ordered the company to run this official statement and offer customers a full refund:

In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility.

We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims and therefore we engaged in misleading conduct in breach of s52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

If you feel you have been misled by our promotions, we wish to unreservedly apologise and offer a full refund.

– Official Power Balance statement in their Australia website

In short, Power Balance is saying: We’re not sure that it works! Uh-oh!

A pricey wrist band that sells for $30 in the US (around P1,000 to P2,000 in the Philippines) and pendants marketed at US$80 that have no scientific basis if they work? Whoa.

Australian customers are now being offered an unconditional full refund. I wonder if and when the US will follow suit. Would Philippine Power Balance dealers follow next? We’ll see.

Fake or Not?

Right now, you’re probably thinking: “But they tested the product on me and it did make me strong! While wearing the wrist band and pendant, they can’t make me go off-balance no matter how hard they tried! These products can’t be fake!”

Oh yes, they can. Several researches have already concluded that Power Balance wrist bands, bracelets and similar products do not produce any significant increases in a person’s strength or power.

NBA players and soccer players in the US singing praises for Power Balance are paid endorsers of the company. Their job is to promote the product. But until now, there is no scientific proof showing the wrist bands and bracelets had tremendous effect on the performance of Shaq or quarterback Matthew Stafford.

What then explains why people were “stronger” in the body tests? Three things:

  1. Order effect;
  2. Placebo effect; and
  3. Applied Kinesiology

Order Effect

A University of Wisconsin research explains that the “Order Effect” may in part be the reason why some people become stronger or more flexible. The Order Effect claims that on the second or latter attempts, people get more familiar with an activity. People therefore can prepare better and can learn how to surpass the previous feat. Note that Power Balance tests almost always start without the wrist band or pendant. The “special” product is given to you only on the second try, but since you already know what you’re supposed to do, you tend to outdo your previous performance.

Another example: you’ve probably done the exercise where you bend your body forward and you try to touch the floor with your fingers without your knees bending. At first you won’t be able to reach the floor, but after trying it for the second or third time, you’ll be closer and even be able to touch the floor. That’s the Order Effect.

Placebo Effect

The second reason why the body tests seem to be successful may be due to the Placebo Effect, defined by Wikipedia as “the tendency of any medication or treatment to exhibit results simply because the recipient believes that it will work.” That’s regardless whether the medicine or treatment has already been proven scientifically to be effective. Power Balance wrist bands and Scalar Quantum Energy Pendants can produce the same thing. As long as people believe they are real, the placebo can take effect.

The same theme is highlighted in the popular Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret. Other people call the concept, Power of Positive Thinking. In the Philippines, we remember it because of an energy capsule’s catchy TV ad slogan: What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve. You don’t need an expensive wrist band to achieve the placebo effect. Anything will do — as long as you believe…

Applied Kinesiology

The most plausible explanation why the Power Balance body tests appear “amazingly” successful is simply the use of Applied Kinesiology, or the use of manual muscle-strength testing for medical diagnosis.

Here’s how the “Power Balance magic” is done:

In the Endurance body test, a person is asked to stand with one leg up and arms fully stretched sidewards. In the first test (without the Power Balance wrist band), the pressure applied to the arm is directed outside the person’s center of gravity, as if the person is being pulled away. Naturally, the person falls off balance.

On the second attempt of the same test — now with the person holding the “special” wrist band or pendant — the arm is being pressed down towards the body, meaning, the direction of the pressure is towards the person’s center of gravity. Now, even without any special gadget or anything, the person won’t fall even though more pressure is applied.

It’s funny how science can easily explain why Power Balance wrist bands, EFX bracelets, and Scalar Pendants do not work. And yet these brands continue to sell their expensive products despite an admission that science does not come into play in any of their claims.

For a more detailed “unmasking” of the secrets of the Power Balance products, watch these YouTube videos.




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19 thoughts on “Power Balance, Scalar Energy, Quantum Pendants — SCAM?”

  1. Raul Ceniza says:


    That is the problem with you people. You make lighting fast decisions. You think you are the most intelligent person on earth. If you consider energy devices as a scam. Think twice because it really do exist. President Fidel Ramos, President Gloria Arroyo, General Avelino Razon, Senator Panfilo Lacson, Mayor Duterte of Davao, Senator Manny Villar, Senator Loren Legarda are wearing Quantum Pendants. You can not fool these people.

    I have made a research on this things for years and yet in less than a minute, you dismiss them as a Scam. I am no quack. I am a license doctor that has seen the beauty of energy healing. Healing without taking any drugs,is the best way of healing.

    If you think that our present technology has discovered everything. Think twice. We will never improve if you have close minds. The world is still full of mysteries that remains to be unveiled and definitely, I know you will never be at the forefront because, obviously you think that this world can not be improved. I say this to you, natural healing energies do exist and all we have to do is tap this healthy energies, to improve our life.

    If you understood what I wrote, I mentioned that it is not Scalar Energy. It is different, it is more amazing than scalar energy that is why I simply call them Healing Energy, energy that is invisible and but is definitely felt. This is unknown energy and to expect that an existing machine can measure this energy is a fool.

  2. Renjames123 says:

    @560abf04e5057cd210de779f0b18b5d4:disqus You are fooling yourself… :D

    1. raul says:

      Am I fooling myself?amaZing Demo – ZING Card

      Live Demo of Zing Card instantly making Living Water

    2. Raul E. Ceniza says:


              Natural Wellness Energies abounds around us. These are emitted naturally in multiple forms of energy waves by plants and rocks. 

             FRESH AIR, EARLY MORNING SUNLIGHT and SPRING WATER are undeniable proof that Natural Wellness Energies exists.

                   NATURAL WELLNESS ENERGIES floats in AIR, travels with LIGHT and are absorbed by WATER. It is the main reason why Light, Air and Water in the Mountains with plenty of trees, water and exposed rocks have wonderful positive effects to our body. High concentration of Wellness Energies have Relaxing, Invigorating and Healing effects.

      All matters emit their own type of positive or negative energy. Plants and Rocks that emits High Levels of Wellness Energy were  carefully selected, processed and designed to synergistically emit the Optimum Level of Wellness Energies.

                   This processed matter is embedded into the ZING Card and produces the healthiest possible concentration of Wellness Energy.





      Fresh Air / Early Morning Air / Energized Air or Ionized Air.


      Fresh Sunlight / Early Morning Sunlight / Energized Light /

      Ionized Light or Anion Light.


      Spring Water / Fresh Water / Natural Water / Energized Water / Ionized Water / Living Water or Healing Water.

  3. Vincestacio says:

    some people they belive…but for me its not worted…coz depends…every human has a capacity of energy..lets say a chargable battery..if u charge they gonna work again for the main time but is not for a long hours…and after that they are useless bcoz u know y…charge them and use them again and means they deadcells now…what if it happens to u..thats y just believe to ur sefl and believe to the one who made u…amen…

  4. Mugen says:

    What I noticed is that those who do experience positive effects from the pendant are those who are familiar with “chi”, meditation, and other subtle forms of energy. If you do not meditate or study chi then you will never understand or believe in the power of negative ions. If you are not familiar with chackras and aura then you do not understand the unseen forces that govern life. Bio energy, chackras, chi, aura, or whatever you want to call it exists. If you aren’t familiar with those sciences than don’t comment on the pendant.

    1. Ojas Devam says:


  5. juan delacruz says:

    You are right!! lets not make lightning fast decisions. These products may possibly be effective but with our present science and technology it is impossible to produce a solid scientific evidence.
    So for now, it is more likely a hoax than true. This needs more time and study for us to come into conclusions. Also, being endorsed by famous personalities is far from establishing a scientific fact.
    But why are people now using and making money out of this? Furthermore, these kind of products are distributed using the controversial MLM/Networking business model.
    Is it right for people to pay premium for this not yet proven product claims?
    Should this be accepted as an alternative to medication, surgery and other treatments as what most distributors of these suggest?
    Isn’t it dangerous for people to try exceed limitations of their ability because of confidence on this products?

    what can you say about this?

  6. Akira seung says:

    If you are looking
    for a natural way to promote holistic wellness within your body, then a
    scalar energy pendant may be
    just the thing for you. Visit

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