Complete list of stocks traded in the PSE

James Ryan Jonas

Do you know that there are almost 300 stocks, representing 250+ companies, currently listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)?

If you’re wondering why the number of stocks and companies is not equal, that’s because some companies have more than one set of stocks being traded. Majority of stocks traded are common shares, but some companies have also issued Preferred Shares.

Even for common shares, some companies have issued more than one type. “Class A” shares, for instance, are exclusively available to Filipinos, while “Class B” shares are open to both Filipinos and foreigners.

Although there are hundreds of stocks listed in the PSE, only a few dozens are “liquid” or are being traded constantly. So if you’re looking to regularly buy and sell shares, choose stocks with a consistent amount of trading volume or you might end up with a stock that will not have a ready buyer when you’re ready to sell it.

For your reference, here’s a table of all stocks listed in the PSE, together with their stock codes and sector/sub-sector.

Complete List of Stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

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2Go Group (2GO) to Asia United Bank (AUB)

Company NameStock CodeSectorSub-sector
12GO Group, Inc.2GOServicesTransportation Services
2Asia Amalgamated Holdings CorporationAAAHolding FirmsHolding Firms
3Atok-Big Wedge Co., Inc.ABMining and OilMining
4AbaCore Capital Holdings, Inc.ABAHolding FirmsHolding Firms
5Allied Banking CorporationABCFinancialsBanks
6Asiabest Group International Inc.ABGIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
7ABS-CBN CorporationABSServicesMedia
8ABS-CBN Holdings CorporationABSPServicesMedia
9Ayala CorporationACHolding FirmsHolding Firms
10Acesite (Phils.) Hotel CorporationACEServicesHotel and Leisure
11Ayala Corporation Preferred "A"ACPAHolding FirmsHolding Firms
12Ayala Corporation Preferred "B"ACPBHolding FirmsHolding Firms
13Alsons Consolidated Resources, Inc.ACRIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
14Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.AEVHolding FirmsHolding Firms
15AG Finance, IncorporatedAGFFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
16Alliance Global Group, Inc.AGIHolding FirmsHolding Firms
17Arthaland CorporationALCOPropertyProperty
18Anchor Land Holdings, Inc.ALHIPropertyProperty
19Ayala Land, Inc.ALIPropertyProperty
20Alphaland CorporationALPHAPropertyProperty
21AgriNurture, Inc.ANIIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
22A. Soriano CorporationANSHolding FirmsHolding Firms
23Aboitiz Power CorporationAPIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
24APC Group, Inc.APCServicesOther Services
25Anglo Philippine Holdings CorporationAPOHolding FirmsHolding Firms
26Apex Mining Co., Inc.APXMining and OilMining
27Abra Mining and Industrial CorporationARMining and OilMining
28Araneta Properties, Inc.ARAPropertyProperty
29AsiaTrust Development Bank, Inc.ASIAFinancialsBanks
30Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development CorporationATMining and OilMining
31Asian Terminals, Inc.ATIServicesTransportation Services
32ATN Holdings, Inc. "A"ATNHolding FirmsHolding Firms
33ATN Holdings, Inc. "B"ATNBHolding FirmsHolding Firms
34Asia United Bank CorporationAUBFinancialsBanks

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Benguet Corp. (BC) to Cyber Bay Corp. (CYBR)

Company NameStock CodeSectorSub-sector
35Benguet Corporation "A"BCMining and OilMining
36Benguet Corporation "B"BCBMining and OilMining
37Berjaya Philippines Inc.BCORServicesCasinos and Gaming
38Benguet Corporation PreferredBCPMining and OilMining
39BDO Unibank, Inc.BDOFinancialsBanks
40Belle CorporationBELPropertyProperty
41BHI Holdings, Inc.BHHolding FirmsHolding Firms
42Boulevard Holdings, Inc.BHIServicesHotel and Leisure
43Bankard, Inc.BKDFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
44BDO Leasing and Finance, Inc.BLFIFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
45Bloomberry Resorts CorporationBLOOMServicesCasinos and Gaming
46Bogo Medellin Milling Company, Inc.BMMIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
47Bank of the Philippine IslandsBPIFinancialsBanks
48A Brown Company, Inc.BRNPropertyProperty
49Basic Energy CorporationBSCMining and OilOil
50Concrete Aggregates Corporation "A"CAIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
51Concrete Aggregates Corporation "B"CABIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
52Calata CorporationCALServicesRetail
53Central Azucarera de Tarlac, Inc.CATIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
54Cityland Development CorporationCDCPropertyProperty
55Cebu Air, Inc.CEBServicesTransportation Services
56Crown Equities, Inc.CEIPropertyProperty
57Centro Escolar UniversityCEUServicesEducation
58Cebu Holdings, IncorporatedCHIPropertyProperty
59China Banking CorporationCHIBFinancialsBanks
60Cirtek Holdings Philippines CorporationCHIPSIndustrialElectrical Components & Equipment
61Concepcion Industrial CorporationCICIndustrialElectrical Components & Equipment
62Chemical Industries of the Philippines, Inc.CIPIndustrialChemicals
63Southeast Asia Cement Holdings, Inc.CMTIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
64Coal Asia Holdings IncorporatedCOALMining and OilMining
65Chemrez Technologies, Inc.COATIndustrialChemicals
66COL Financial Group, Inc.COLFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
67Cosco Capital, Inc.COSCOHolding FirmsHolding Firms
68Century Properties Group, Inc.CPGPropertyProperty
69Century Peak Metals Holdings CorporationCPMMining and OilMining
70Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation "A"CPVPropertyProperty
71Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation "B"CPVBPropertyProperty
72Citystate Savings Bank, Inc.CSBFinancialsBanks
73Cyber Bay CorporationCYBRPropertyProperty

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Da Vinci Capital (DAVIN) to FilSyn Corp. (FYNB)

Company NameStock CodeSectorSub-sector
74Da Vinci Capital Holdings, Inc.DAVINIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
75DFNN, Inc.DFNNServicesInformation Technology
76Dizon Copper-Silver Mines, Inc.DIZMining and OilMining
77DMCI Holdings, Inc.DMCHolding FirmsHolding Firms
78DMCI Holdings, Inc. PreferredDMCPHolding FirmsHolding Firms
79Del Monte Pacific LimitedDMPLIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
80D&L Industries, Inc.DNLIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
81Discovery World CorporationDWCServicesHotel and Leisure
82EasyCall Communications Philippines, Inc.ECPServicesOther Services
83Energy Development CorporationEDCIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
84EEI CorporationEEIIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
85IP E-Game Ventures, Inc.EGServicesCasinos and Gaming
86Export and Industry Bank, Inc. "A"EIBAFinancialsBanks
87Export and Industry Bank, Inc. "B"EIBBFinancialsBanks
88Empire East Land Holdings, Inc.ELIPropertyProperty
89Emperador Inc.EMPIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
90Euro-Med Laboratories Phil., Inc.EUROIndustrialChemicals
91Ever-Gotesco Resources and Holdings, Inc.EVERPropertyProperty
92East West Banking CorporationEWFinancialsBanks
93First Abacus Financial Holdings CorporationFAFFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
94Fil-Estate CorporationFCHolding FirmsHolding Firms
95Filinvest Development CorporationFDCHolding FirmsHolding Firms
96Federal Resources Investment Group, Inc.FEDIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
97Far Eastern University, IncorporatedFEUServicesEducation
98Filipino Fund, Inc.FFIFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
99First Gen CorporationFGENIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
100First Gen Corp. Preferred Series FFGENFIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
101First Gen Corp. Preferred Series GFGENGIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
102F & J Prince Holdings Corporation "A"FJPHolding FirmsHolding Firms
103F & J Prince Holdings Corporation "B"FJPBHolding FirmsHolding Firms
104Filinvest Land, Inc.FLIPropertyProperty
105First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund, Inc.FMETFExchange Traded Fund (ETF)ETF-EQUITY
106Alliance Select Foods International, Inc.FOODIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
107First Philippine Holdings CorporationFPHIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
108First Philippine Holdings Corporation PreferredFPHPIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
109Forum Pacific, Inc.FPIHolding FirmsHolding Firms
110Filsyn Corporation "A"FYNIndustrialOther Industrials
111Filsyn Corporation "B"FYNBIndustrialOther Industrials

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GeoGrace Resources (GEO) to City & Land Developers (LAND) 

Company NameStock CodeSectorSub-sector
112GEOGRACE Resources Philippines, Inc.GEOMining and OilMining
113Global-Estate Resorts, Inc.GERIPropertyProperty
114Globe Telecom, Inc.GLOServicesTelecommunications
115Globe Telecom, Inc. Preferred Series AGLOPAServicesTelecommunications
116GMA Network, Inc.GMA7ServicesMedia
117GMA Holdings, Inc.GMAPServicesMedia
118Gotesco Land, Inc. "A"GOPropertyProperty
119Gotesco Land, Inc. "B"GOBPropertyProperty
120Grand Plaza Hotel CorporationGPHServicesHotel and Leisure
121Greenergy Holdings IncorporatedGREENIndustrialElectrical Components & Equipment
122Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.GSMIIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
123GT Capital Holdings, Inc.GTCAPHolding FirmsHolding Firms
124Calapan Ventures, Inc.H2OIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
125House of Investments, Inc.HIHolding FirmsHolding Firms
126Holcim Philippines, Inc.HLCMIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
1278990 Holdings, Inc.HOUSEPropertyProperty
128I-Remit, Inc.IFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
129International Container Terminal Services, Inc.ICTServicesTransportation Services
130Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc.IMIIndustrialElectrical Components & Equipment
131Imperial Resources, Inc. "A"IMPServicesInformation Technology
132Imperial Resources, Inc. "B"IMPBServicesInformation Technology
133Ionics, Inc.IONIndustrialElectrical Components & Equipment
134iPeople, inc.IPOServicesEducation
135IRC Properties, Inc.IRCPropertyProperty
136Island Information & Technology, Inc.ISServicesInformation Technology
137ISM Communications CorporationISMServicesInformation Technology
138Jollibee Foods CorporationJFCIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
139JG Summit Holdings, Inc.JGSHolding FirmsHolding Firms
140Jolliville Holdings CorporationJOHHolding FirmsHolding Firms
141Keppel Philippines Properties, Inc.KEPPropertyProperty
142Keppel Philippines Holdings, Inc. "A"KPHHolding FirmsHolding Firms
143Keppel Philippines Holdings, Inc. "B"KPHBHolding FirmsHolding Firms
144City & Land Developers, IncorporatedLANDPropertyProperty

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Lepanto Mining (LC) to Megawide Construction (MWIDE)

Company NameStock CodeSectorSub-sector
145Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company ALCMining and OilMining
146Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company BLCBMining and OilMining
147Liberty Flour Mills, Inc.LFMIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
148Liberty Telecoms Holdings, Inc.LIBServicesTelecommunications
149Lodestar Investment Holdings CorporationLIHCHolding FirmsHolding Firms
150LMG Chemicals CorporationLMGIndustrialChemicals
151Pacific Online Systems CorporationLOTOServicesCasinos and Gaming
152Lopez Holdings CorporationLPZHolding FirmsHolding Firms
153Leisure & Resorts World CorporationLRServicesCasinos and Gaming
154Lafarge Republic, Inc.LRIIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
155Leisure & Resorts World Corporation PreferredLRPServicesCasinos and Gaming
156Leisure & Resorts World Corporation WarrantsLRWServicesCasinos and Gaming
157Lorenzo Shipping CorporationLSCServicesTransportation Services
158LT Group, Inc.LTGHolding FirmsHolding Firms
159Manila Mining Corporation "A"MAMining and OilMining
160Manila Mining Corporation "B"MABMining and OilMining
161MacroAsia CorporationMACServicesTransportation Services
162Macay Holdings, Inc.MACAYFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
163Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities Corp. "A"MAHIndustrialChemicals
164Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities Corp. "B"MAHBIndustrialChemicals
165Marcventures Holdings, Inc.MARCMining and OilMining
166Manila Bulletin Publishing CorporationMBServicesMedia
167Manila Broadcasting CompanyMBCServicesMedia
168Metropolitan Bank & Trust CompanyMBTFinancialsBanks
169Marsteel Consolidated, Inc. "A"MCPropertyProperty
170Marsteel Consolidated, Inc. "B"MCBPropertyProperty
171Melco Crown (Philippines) Resorts CorporationMCPServicesCasinos and Gaming
172MEDCO Holdings, Inc.MEDFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
173Megaworld CorporationMEGPropertyProperty
174Megaworld Corporation Warrants 1MEGW1PropertyProperty
175Megaworld Corporation Warrants 2MEGW2PropertyProperty
176Manila Electric CompanyMERIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
177Manulife Financial CorporationMFCFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
178Makati Finance CorporationMFINSmall, Medium & Emerging Board Small, Medium & Emerging Board
179Millennium Global Holdings, Inc.MGServicesInformation Technology
180Mabuhay Holdings CorporationMHCHolding FirmsHolding Firms
181Minerales Industrias CorporationMICHolding FirmsHolding Firms
182Manila Jockey Club, Inc.MJCServicesCasinos and Gaming
183MJC Investments CorporationMJICHolding FirmsHolding Firms
184Metro Pacific Investments CorporationMPIHolding FirmsHolding Firms
185MRC Allied, Inc.MRCPropertyProperty
186Mabuhay Vinyl CorporationMVCIndustrialChemicals
187Manila Water Company, Inc.MWCIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
188Megawide Construction CorporationMWIDEIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services

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Nihao Inc. (NI) to Philex Petroleum Corp. (PXP) 

Company NameStock CodeSectorSub-sector
189NiHAO Mineral Resources International, Inc.NIMining and OilMining
190Nickel Asia CorporationNIKLMining and OilMining
191Now CorporationNOWServicesOther Services
192National Reinsurance Corporation of the PhilippinesNRCPFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
193NextStage, Inc.NXTServicesInformation Technology
194Omico CorporationOMMining and OilMining
195Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corporation "A"OPMMining and OilOil
196Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corporation "B"OPMBMining and OilOil
197Oriental Peninsula Resources Group, Inc.OREMining and OilMining
198The Philodrill CorporationOVMining and OilOil
199Pacifica, Inc.PAHolding FirmsHolding Firms
200PAL Holdings, Inc.PALServicesTransportation Services
201Paxys, Inc.PAXServicesOther Services
202Philippine Business BankPBBFinancialsBanks
203Philippine Bank of CommunicationsPBCFinancialsBanks
204Pancake House, Inc.PCKHIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
205Petron CorporationPCORIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
206PICOP Resources, Inc.PCPIndustrialOther Industrials
207PetroEnergy Resources CorporationPERCMining and OilOil
208San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc.PFIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
209San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. PreferredPFPIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
210Puregold Price Club, Inc.PGOLDServicesRetail
211Premiere Horizon Alliance CorporationPHAServicesCasinos and Gaming
212Philcomsat Holdings CorporationPHCServicesOther Services
213Philippine Estates CorporationPHESPropertyProperty
214Phinma CorporationPHNIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
215Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc.PIPIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
216Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines CorporationPMPCIndustrialElectrical Components & Equipment
217Primetown Property Group, Inc.PMTPropertyProperty
218Philippine National BankPNBFinancialsBanks
219Philippine National Construction CorporationPNCIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
220Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.PNXIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
221Prime Orion Philippines, Inc.POPIHolding FirmsHolding Firms
222Globalport 900, Inc.PORTServicesTransportation Services
223Pryce CorporationPPCIndustrialChemicals
224Petron CorporationPPREFIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
225Philippine Racing Club, Inc.PRCServicesCasinos and Gaming
226Prime Media Holdings, Inc.PRIMHolding FirmsHolding Firms
227Primex CorporationPRMXPropertyProperty
228Philippine Savings BankPSBFinancialsBanks
229The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc.PSEFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
230Philippine Trust CompanyPTCFinancialsBanks
231Philippine Telegraph and Telephone CorporationPTTServicesTelecommunications
232Philex Mining CorporationPXMining and OilMining
233Philex Petroleum CorporationPXPMining and OilOil

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Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCB) to Suntrust Home Developers (SUN) 

Company NameStock CodeSectorSub-sector
234Rizal Commercial Banking CorporationRCBFinancialsBanks
235Roxas and Company, Inc.RCIIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
236Republic Glass Holdings CorporationREGHolding FirmsHolding Firms
237RFM CorporationRFMIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
238Robinsons Land CorporationRLCPropertyProperty
239Philippine Realty and Holdings CorporationRLTPropertyProperty
240Rockwell Land CorporationROCKPropertyProperty
241Roxas Holdings, Inc.ROXIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
242iRipple, Inc.RPLSmall, Medium & Emerging Board Small, Medium & Emerging Board
243Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.RRHIServicesRetail
244Travellers International Hotel Group, Inc.RWMServicesCasinos and Gaming
245Semirara Mining CorporationSCCMining and OilMining
246Security Bank CorporationSECBFinancialsBanks
247Philippine Seven CorporationSEVNServicesRetail
248Swift Foods, Inc.SFIIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
249Swift Foods, Inc. PreferredSFIPIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
250Solid Group, Inc.SGIHolding FirmsHolding Firms
251Synergy Grid & Development Phils., Inc.SGPHolding FirmsHolding Firms
252Shang Properties, Inc.SHNGPropertyProperty
253Sinophil CorporationSINOHolding FirmsHolding Firms
254Sun Life Financial Inc.SLFFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
255Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.SLIPropertyProperty
256SM Investments CorporationSMHolding FirmsHolding Firms
257San Miguel CorporationSMCHolding FirmsHolding Firms
258San Miguel Corporation Preferred Series 2ASMC2AIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
259San Miguel Corporation Preferred Series 2BSMC2BIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
260San Miguel Corporation Preferred Series 1SMCP1IndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
261SM Prime Holdings, Inc.SMPHPropertyProperty
262South China Resources, Inc.SOCHolding FirmsHolding Firms
263SPC Power CorporationSPCIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
264Splash CorporationSPHIndustrialOther Industrials
265Seafront Resources CorporationSPMHolding FirmsHolding Firms
266Supercity Realty Development CorporationSRDCIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
267STI Education Systems Holdings, Inc.STIServicesEducation
268Steniel Manufacturing CorporationSTNIndustrialOther Industrials
269Starmalls, Inc.STRPropertyProperty
270Suntrust Home Developers, Inc.SUNPropertyProperty

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TKC Seel Corp (T) to Zeus Holdings (ZHI) 

Company NameStock CodeSectorSub-sector
271TKC Steel CorporationTIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
272Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development CorporationTAIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
273Transpacific Broadband Group Int`l. Inc.TBGIServicesInformation Technology
274Philippine Long Distance Telephone CompanyTELServicesTelecommunications
275Philippine Tobacco Flue-Curing & Redrying CorporationTFCPropertyProperty
276Top Frontier Investment Holdings, Inc.TFHIHolding FirmsHolding Firms
277Philippine Long Distance Telephone CompanyTLHHServicesTelecommunications
278Harbor Star Shipping Services, Inc.TUGSServicesTransportation Services
279Union Bank of the Philippines, Inc.UBPFinancialsBanks
280Unioil Resources & Holdings Company, Inc.UNIHolding FirmsHolding Firms
281United Paragon Mining CorporationUPMMining and OilMining
282Universal Robina CorporationURCIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
283Uniwide Holdings, Inc.UWPropertyProperty
284Vantage Equities, Inc.VFinancialsOther Financial Institutions
285Vitarich CorporationVITAIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
286Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc.VLLPropertyProperty
287Victorias Milling Company, Inc.VMCIndustrialFood, Beverage & Tobacco
288Vulcan Industrial & Mining CorporationVULIndustrialConstruction, Infrastructure & Allied Services
289Vivant CorporationVVTIndustrialElectricity, Energy, Power & Water
290PhilWeb CorporationWEBServicesInformation Technology
291Wellex Industries, IncorporatedWINHolding FirmsHolding Firms
292Waterfront Philippines, IncorporatedWPIServicesHotel and Leisure
293YEHEY! CorporationYEHEYServicesInformation Technology
294Zeus Holdings, Inc.ZHIHolding FirmsHolding Firms

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Source: Philippine Stock Exchange

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